I was about to blog about something happy like my Club Med beach trip but now I am just FURIOUS!!!

This stooooopid TNB has just done it again!

Last month, they cut my apartment's power because of an unpaid bill. I was like WTF, I paid every month?! How is that possible?

After returning home from a trip to Redang, I found the house completely quiet, not even the usual buzzing sound from the fridge.

Switch on the fan, nothing. What?! Power's been cut?!

Call here call there, took forever to get through.

Finally got through, told me I didn't pay my bill for more than two months. I retorted it was impossible because I just paid in June!

Then they checked their system, and found out it was April that I didn't pay (April was more than two months till now).

What stupid system was this?! So they're telling me I've paid for May and June but not April?!

Hey do you know how to input into system or not?!

How can you skip a month and let the money that comes in pay for the following month instead of the unpaid month that comes before?! Brilliant.

It was friday evening and everything was closed and it was getting dark and we couldn't go back because the apartment was going to be too dark for us to even step inside. We didn't have torch or whatever, not even proper ventilation.

So running around town, we managed to locate an ATM (after several attempts at various ATMs) which we could do direct transfer to TNB account via cash to make the payment (do you know how troublesome that is?!).

Ok fine. Nevermine.

By 10pm, we finally got back to a house filled with lights and spinning fan.

Guess what?! Everything in the fridge was rotten as hell?!!! After being left in room temperature for three whole days, we have to throw out the vege, the eggs, four loaves of bread (frozen), meat, cheese, pratically everything that needs a cooling temperature to survive!

Even my very expensive foie gras which I bought from Paris that cost me RM120 for a small block. I'm sorry if you have never eaten foie gras and think that people who likes foie gras is a snob, just like you've never been to Paris and hate people who have been, tee hee (I'm talking about a person I really really hate here). I'm so sorry for you.

But DAMN YOU TNB! Pay me back my 21 euro Foie Gras!!!

I thought that was the end of it.

How wrong was I.
Should have known since I'm living in Malaysia. You think you can give your own country and its so very competent system a doubt and a break, they turn around and screw you upside down.

Just today, as I was preparing myself, slapping on some powder on my pale just wake up face, the door bell rang.

I walked out to find a TNB guy standing there, handing me a red paper slip.

I asked what it was. He said: "oh we're cutting your power".


Call TNB hotline and wanted to shoot them, only to have their said that I haven't paid my bill for... MAY?!!!


So this time apparently I've paid for June and July, and not paid for MAY?!

I can see that this is going to last forever. A never-ending idiotic tale.

Let me guess, next month they're going to cut my power telling me because I haven't paid for June but have paid for July and August? Right?

F*$& you!

I'm going to head over to TNB now with my not-so-friendly temper. Bye.


19 kissed Nicole

  1. i also nearly last now TNB owe me almost 1K ....F**** TNB

  2. Please F*** kao kao.


    I support you.

  3. If you had diligently paid your bills every single month, then this wouldn't have happened, right??

  4. You may want to consider paying via online banking. That should help especially when they say you don't pay.

    Just print the transaction and put it in their face!

  5. What go tell them off!

    And maybe you should keep all future receipts just in case...

  6. That's plain crazy! I guess even if you paid in advance until October, they would cut your line saying you didn't pay for November. How silly. Hope you solve this problem. Best of luck.

  7. tnb = tiu nia bu. HAHAHA.

  8. Hi Nicole,

    If they are unable to resolve your complain, you can make lodge your complain to the following website: for their poor quality service. This website is hosted by the Ministry of Energy,Green Technology and Water.

    I have another issue with our infamous and imbecile TM about their broadband service. Due to their lack of interest in resolving my issue, I've lodged my complaint to Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission at this website The next day, representatives from TM called to try to resolve the issue. And they called everyday for a week to update the status of the issue.

    Sadly, not many users know that there are other avenues for them to lodge their complain such as the websites that I mentioned above. I hope these websites would be able to help you as well as your readers who face similar problem such as yours. After all, we are consumers and they should treat us as Kings and Queens rather than we let them to beat us up.


  9. I think it's your own problem. You didn't pay bill every month.

  10. Could someone in there been busy stealing money from paid accounts? It has been happening since pre-computer days.

  11. hi anon 4:51pm: i guess u must be blind not reading about the part that she paid her bills every month.

  12. ya stupid Anon. read properly before you accuse her.

  13. The tunggakan will be added to the JUMLAH PERLU DIBAYAR. Does your bill has this? I don't understand..

  14. i dont get it how tnb bills work anymore. for now have one month via mailbox, one month via tnb personel who check the meter. must have something to do with the new arrangemet by TNB.

  15. Lola, you don't understand what i am saying.

    During pre-computer days, people often asked to pay bills that they had PAID months or even years ago. Some got stolen at the cashier whereby the staffs pocketed the money without recording the data. Some were like nicole's case, 'gap' missing payments.

    TNB can claim it's system error, but i am more inclined to believe they're internal thefts.

    Now you know why your parents or grandparents used to keep tonnes of receipts especially those government related bills. Go ask them.

  16. Unfortunately.. u re right.. it's Malaysia..

    SO.. GO KICK ASS!! and demand some compensation or rebate for such shoddy customer treatment!!

    Good Luck!

  17. Get Namewee to F*** TNB together with u. Sure he will support u on tat.

    Maybe he will create another new song for TNB.

  18. Just pay a little more than the norm la. Better be safe than sorry. That said, one could never 'win' over TNB to begin with. This is too minor to get all worked up with. *sympathize*