Semenggoh Orang Utan Wildlife Reserve

I did a quick visit to the Orang Utan reserve - Semenggoh during my short 4-day visit to Kuching.

posing with orang utan statue

Three years ago when I came to Kuching, I missed the chance of paying a visit to the Orang Utans and regretted, because the friends we were travelling went there and saw a HUGE orang utan bigger than the size of human, like the statue in the photo.

me and derek and bong and orang utan

group photo

So they claimed.

So this trip, with a new group of friends, I was determined to have a look at this giant size Orang Utan myself.

Many said that he didn't come out on every feeding time, and it's rare that he came out.

When we were at the entrance, a reserve ranger told me it's been two weeks since Ritchie the big came out.


gentle giant ritchie
That's Ritchie.

Ritchie looked like lion king from the pictures pasted outside the reserve.

After paying your entrance fee, you'd continue to drive for another 10 mins into the reserve where you would come into a parking lot area.

driving into the reserve

Parked your car and continue to walk another 5 minutes to the reserve.

entrance sign

There was two entrances, we first entered the one that looked most welcoming and, bless us,

we were SO lucky that as we stepped into the feeding deck,

A first Orang Utan climbed down in front of us to grab some food before climbing back up again.

orang utan appear

I know we were lucky because it's not every time one could spot the Orang Utan appear, even during feeding time, like the time I went back to Kuching for Project Alpha season 1 reunion shoot half a year later, we waited for ages and there wasn't even a sight of the beast.

Only some distant nests on the tree tops.

grab food

It came so close to us it was the golden photo opportunity.

spotted orang utan

Everyone was snapping away on their cameras before the little darling climbed briskly back up with all the food in its clutches.

orang utan on ropes

Though alas, no Ritchie the big man-sized ape.

I took quite a few golden shots of the endangered animals, breathless of the nearness of such wild life to me.

ape x

orang utan doing the move

step on poo

Do you know the DNA resemblance of Orang Utan is the closest to Human compared to any other apes.

orang utan resemblence

It's shocking to know because I've always thought Chimpanzee were the closest.

If you didn't spot a thing, you could try the second feeding zone which was the slight walk into the jungle.

to feeding area

If they can't come to you, go to them.

But if you're wearing high heels, forget about it. Just stay outside. Especially when it's raining or after rain. Your white pair of Charles & Keight heels would end up brown on your way in.

the walk to feeding area

I wanted to see Ritchie so maybe I have to walk to him. On with the trail.

There was a watch deck inside the second feeding zone where in the distance you would see a huge platform where fruits would be scattered all over to attract Orang Utans from the depths of the jungle.

Again we were lucky.

climbing down

scouring for food

orang utan climbing back up



There was no Ritchie.

ARGH! I want to see GIANT APE! *sudden instinct to look at baby sitting on my left*

On the way out, I saw a little naked doll lying on the bottom of a tree.

creepy naked doll

Ermm.. .Weird. I thought.

I was about to leave with a heavy heart, walking to car, I kept wishing if only I had come here three years ago with my friends. I could have spotted Ritchie with my own eyes.


But still determined, I asked Bong if there's a second feeding time we could visit again.

And there was! YES.

So after visited the Long House (next post), we came back in the evening just in time for the second feeding time of the day!


This time, we saw more Orang Utans.

and more photos opportunities.

Spotted a shocking mama and baby.

orang utan and coconut

mama and baby

Haha. The baby was hanging upside down when the mom picked up the fruit.

Spotted a greedy primate.

hungry orang utan

picking up more fruits

greedy orang utan

enough la

Haha! Greedy monkey! I mean ape.


Is that Ritchie?! The biggest ape at the reserve. Said to the bigger than the size of human when standing up?



feeding time for urang utan

Bloody hell. It's not.


Damn emo man.

Now I have to live with the rest of my life living in regret. *dramatic*

But hey, don't let that stop you from visiting Semenggoh.

different pose with semenggoh

If you ever do see Ritchie, tell him/her I have been wanting to meet him/her for a long time and he/she has a little fan in west Malaysia.

Walking on the way out of the feeding zone for the second time, I spotted something familiar on a tree.

baby tied on tree

WTF?! This naked baby doll was freaking me out!

How did it get from the floor to the tree, and a different tree at that!

creepy baby tied on tree

Was I being stalked?


6 kissed Nicole

  1. Ahahaha! The baby doll is so effing funny LOL

  2. Nicole, did u get chance to climb Gunung Ganding? U might see Rafflesia. Anyway, come to visit Kuching again k... :)))

  3. I have heard that a baby doll ghost haunts the forests of kuching! It follows the visitors home and lives in their houses! LOL

  4. ritchie is HUGE!!
    I saw him when i visited during the rainforest music fest. the ranger told us it was abt the durian season, so we might not see alot of the orang utan, but alas ritchie was there!

  5. I'm going there in Oct. f I see Ritchie, I'll send him your love. Any kisses from you to him?

  6. u went to Kuching????? awesomeeee :)