One Third Way There

4 sessions visited.

8 sessions to go.

By now I've experienced and survived (jk!) several types of treatments.

body suit

I've been squeezed, punched (massage sort of punch la), slapped (on the thighs), pinched and 'cooked'.

chocolate mask
self-heating Chocolate Mask (quite comforting actually)

But of course, none of these treatments actually left me any real pain, just a tingle if not. Which was something I was really impressed with Marie France Bodyline. They make their customers feel relaxed, and really do take care of them well.

Unlike some other slimming centre I've visited over the past years, I was baked and really punched till big patches of bruises were formed on my thighs. Worse still, it was remarked as the 'normal' results from the treatment.

Every time I think back to those times, I've must've been crazy to pay good money to unprofessional beauty center to have myself physically injured. Though in my defense, being a virgin to salons, I thought it was normal.


Not only Marie France Bodyline has provided me the comfort and peace of mind, I could visit their centers with my favourite book and spend the rest of the treatment hours doing relaxed reading while they work on me.

cellulite serum
Cellulite serum - to rid of my cellulite

Good news though!

I think my thighs are actually getting smaller. Albeit not much changes, but I could already see the small bit of changes on my thighs in the mirror! It's the BEST achievement in my life! I can always lose weight but I can never lose the stubborn cellulite and thickness of my thighs (my mom said that it's in the gene), so you can imagine my thrills!!

I just hope that 12 sessions are enough for me.

chocolate mask on back thighs
Chocolate mask for back thighs.

Oh, the chocolate mask is only a good idea if the smell doesn't make you crave for chocolate! T___T
(but I do like the heating feature)


if you're keen to try. here's an SMS code for you to redeem a 60 mins free session worth RM380.

type MFB NICOLEKISS Name send to

My friend already went for it, I hope she found it effective for her.


5 kissed Nicole

  1. Look at them thighs...I love thick thighs....sigh...I only wish that fashion these days don't glorify sticks and bones...there's so much woman in a healthy set of thighs...

  2. why u cross arm over chest?

  3. eemmm
    isn't the first picture a bit distorted/weird?
    go easy with the photoshopping
    too obvious there :p
    waste and hips is a bit obvious that its been edited
    and one leg looks longer than the other lol

  4. anon: because my nipples are showing
    anon: that photo is unedited.

  5. show more please, u make men horny !