Another Marie France Session

To avoid traffic these days, especially during the peak lunch period, traffic at Mid Valley was atrocious, and I meant this for every day, finding car park would be a pain; I have pushed most of my Marie France Bodyline treatments to 4pm.

3 hours treatment would lead me to finishing around 7pm, just in time for dinner and head home traffic-free!

But because each time I visited Marie France, they would put me on a weighing machine *dread*, a contraption I have not stepped on for two years at least *living in denial*, and recorded down my fat lost process (well, cellulite is fat, losing it is kinda like losing fat, and fat equals to weight); I have to watch what I eat during the day time.

Which meant I didn't ate the whole morning right up till my first 4pm scheduled treatment.

You know how it is right? I wanted the measurement to be precise!

And thank god, my weight measurement has been unchanging (phew, wait, or has it actually decreased? Well, as long it's not going over the 130 lb threshold I'm not concerned).

But goodness, might I tell you I was starving!!!

After the first treatment, I have already asked two therapists what there were to eat in MV and Gardens, tracing through my mind thinking about all the possibilities of food option. Not a good thought when you're doing treatments in a slimming centre wtf.

I guess they have kind of guessed from the rumblings of my tummy that I needed food, so they adjourned me to the waiting area where they served me some tea and asked me to help myself to some healthy organic biscuits.


In fact, such nice was the service at Marie France Bodyline, the therapists would almost serve you at every possible way they can.

Ask for a milo and they'll prepare it for you.

If you don't fancy milo, there's black tea, green tea or ginger tea. I mean ginger tea! How healthy is that?!

Ask for extra towels, to shower, to wash up, to use as pillow case while they perform treatments on the bed for you, they'll give you one, or two, or three.

Try doing that at other slimming centre, hmph, I did and there was definitely no milo.

marie france dressing

And ooh, I definitely love the interior of Mid Valley's Marie France. So victorian. *heart*


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  1. whoa~ U so slim also need slimming down? I tried London, Dr Nano, Beyond Beauty but Never MF!