12 Hours Visit to Penang Airport

It was one of those crazy assignment I have to embark as a blogger, paying a visit to the Penang Airport for 12 hours and then fly back at night.

"What was I supposed to do there?" I wailed into my mobile when I first heard about it.

"Well, you're being sent there to experience and to shop." Came the reply.

"You mean, you're sending me on an assignment to fly somewhere to go on a shopping spree?"

shop till you fly

God I love my job.

That how I ended up at the airport at 8am this morning with a return ticket to Penang on my lap.

return tickets to penang

Now there's one thing I love flying domestic in KLIA is that inside the domestic departure area of KLIA, after check-in gate, you'd find yourself right in front of the possible ONLY Victoria Secret counter in the whole of Malaysia.

victoria secret

I literally did not walk further than 10 steps after the check-in that my shopping bug has bitten my hard, I already had three items in mind that I would bagged on the way back this morning, before departing!

On the flight, I eagerly awaited for my great day to begin while I indulged in my Dan Brown book which I bought in England.

dan brown da vincci code
Got it at sales for 50 pence. That's like RM2.50. You just got to love England.

Getting off the airport, I proceeded with the procedure of obtaining myself one of those security passes I was granted, so I can roam freely in and out of the terminal at will, duty free and all.

duty free shops

Now I have never shop at Penang Airport before, so I didn't know what to expect.

So imagine how surprised I was when I saw there were massage centre and business centre where you can access the internet.

massage chair

That would be nice, but I have work to do. I need to SHOP! :D

Other outlets around like Sembonia,
(being in a handbag obsession recently, I just couldn't resist starting my journey going through loads of bags)

sembonia sales

Which coincidentally I've brought the same bag with me.

my sembonia bag

Love Sembonia bags, not as much as Gucci, but for a brand that started out as a street fashion, they've evolved impressively into a mid-luxury brand as of today. With each bag costing over RM500 and beyond.

Same with Bonia.


I walked into the store and found myself standing front of a patent leather bag that cost more than a thousand ringgit!

patent leather bonia bag

The lady was so nice to offer me a staff price, though it could have been the security pass I was wearing that gave her the impression I was a staff at the airport.

bonia bag camwhore
without flash

pink bonia bag
with flash

Saw a baby blue purse which I almost bought, loving the color from the window display.
RM300. Reasonable.

baby blue bonia purse

So I asked the assistant to take it down for me to have a look.

baby blue purse
with flash

I didn't get it, deciding that the color wasn't for me afterall.

So waving goodbye to the very expensive patent leather red shiny Bonia bag, I adjourned to other shops.

bonia bag

Then suddenly I have to stop at this outlet called Fashion Gallery.

branded bags

Bizarre name but the sight made me heart stopped.

new arrivals coach

COACH!!! EEk!!

Okay. I officially SO LOVE this bag. And it's only RM1025! So much cheaper than the Coach retailed in KL!

lovely coach bag

Until the lady told me it was duty free price. My heart sank. (I'm only a domestic passenger, which meant I wasn't entitled to duty free)

I adore the bag so much! Just look at the color!

posing with coach bag

Then the lady suddenly offered, in whisper, to give me duty free price. In her words: I'll see what I can do.

Are all penang-nites SO NICE?!!!


I wanted to buy, but I have to control my spending! (Been spending a lot recently *shy*)

After what seems like eons of struggle, I decided I would give it a 3-hour thought about it, it literally took every strength in my body to carry myself out of the store.


Temptation is such a bad thing.

As I continue to browse along the rows of shops, I was planting seeds in my mind which items I should pick up today?

A fragrance? Some chocolate, oh definitely.

duty free shops

Some gadget padding? For my future's iPhone and baby's new iPad.


Well, I guess you'll just have to wait and see what I'll be buying.

Oh, I actually did buy something.

bodyshop purchase

Muahaha! Uber cheap Bodyshop shower gel, almost half the price compared to the ones sold outside. RM19.90 each! For Passion Fruit flavour!


3 kissed Nicole

  1. why are you only reading the da vinci code now? hehe

  2. Ohhh..i wish i can get a job like u =P

  3. Yes, that is pretty awesome to have this kind of job! :)