How I Got Molested by a Foot Fetish in London

Ok. Where do I even begin?

This is not your average daily encounter, definitely a first in all 15 of my travelling years.

In all honesty, have you ever really met one in your life?
Sure, I read about them in comics and maybe watched a documentary or two about it.
But I have never come across a human that would openly admit that he/she fantasises about feet.

And of all places, this incident took place in one of the most heavily guarded location in all of England: the Buckingham Palace.

It was one of those mornings where I'd spent my time going around London taking photos of iconic landmarks. This morning, I found myself setting up my tripod in front of the Buckingham Palace, patiently waiting for tourists to clear and clicking the shutter away when a balding Asian man around my age approached me.

He asked if he could conduct a survey with me and my first respond was to brush him off with a smile and went on with my photo-taking. He persisted, and insisted that it wouldn't take much of my time and it's not what I had thought.

Haven't I heard dozens of similar lines before? I did a virtual eye-roll before giving in. Maybe I'd just answer a few questions and get rid of him so I can go back to my photos. We sat down and he introduced himself, born in England to two Hong Kong parents, he did filmmaking as a hobby and he's doing a film about feet. It all started with some innocent questions like: "what do you think about feet?", "what do you think about walking barefoot in public area", "would you ever be comfortable walking barefoot in the public?", "what kind of place would you walk barefoot on?".

"Grass" I'd replied.

More questions and answers were exchanged. And when that's done, he suggested, if I was willing, that we could find a place nearby, like a park, where I could take off my shoes and lay my bare feet on the grass, and perhaps he could take some photos of my feet on the grass.

Incidentally, there's a park just across the Buckingham Palace, probably the reason why he was hunting there in the first place. He was really polite throughout the whole conversation that my danger radar just didn't go off. Now that I think back, he probably has practised this method of approach countless of times, and I could see why he chose me, seeing how I would be more receptive to his story of a creative background having come from a creative line myself.

I told him to wait till I was done with my photo session and he agreed; and boy did I take my time, I even told him he should look for someone else since I would still be occupied for a while; he insisted he would wait. It must've been more than half an hour before I wrapped things up. And off to the park we went.

We found a spot, took off my boots, and sat down on the grass as he whipped out his phone to take photos. Initially I wondered why he was using a phone instead of a proper filming equipment, that should have been a red flag, but then I remembered he did mention that this was a hobby, and I let pass.

Up untill this point, things were going fine, he finished taking his photos and showed me the photos he has taken of my feet on his phone, he even offered to show me photos of feet he has taken of other people.

Now this was where things got weird. I was still sitting on the grass with my bare feet out, and as I took his phone and starting flipping through the photos, he made the most bizarre request. He was sitting on the grass across from me, with both his hands outstretched towards one of my feet, and asked:" May I?" Suggesting he wanted to examine my foot.

I was distracted with looking at the photos that it didn't occur to me immediately how odd that request was and instinctively extended my foot out and he took it with both his hands, and started caressing my foot.

My whole body jerked stiff at this point, and before I could recover and realise what was happening, he took my other foot and started fondling that foot too! The shock was real, and I was still grasping with what was actually taking place as this guy fondled away at my foot. Foot fetish wasn't the first thing that popped into my mind at the time, but I know I was really uncomfortable and I wanted to get out there quick.

Almost immediately, while feigning nonchalance, I retracted my foot "casually" from his hands, and prepared myself to get up and wear my boots; all the while declaring that I had to get going.

When he begged me to stay for two more minutes so he could "look" at my foot; I began to panic (and yes, foot fetish was making its connection in my head). I continued to wear my boots and insisted I had to go. "2 more minutes, please, just 2 more minutes", he begged.

"I'm sorry, I had to be somewhere now"
"No, I really have to go, I want to take photos before the crowd comes in"
"Yes, I have to go now"

I persistedand finally, looking defeated, he bid his goodbye and we parted our ways.

So yea, there you have it. Having my feet fondled by a foot fetish is surely ranked 1 of the top 5 weirdest encounters in my book.

I'm usually someone who's pretty tolerant with weird things, this hasn't really shaken me other than the fact I'm really uncomfortable with the idea that this guy has photos of me in his phone. But it has broaden my view on people whom I might meet. As a measure of caution, I did request him to send me a photo he took of me from his email so at least I have a record of his email address, even if that meant I was revealing my own email address to him (my email address and FB has never been that private to begin with anyway).

And here's the photo:


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