Goal to Slim Down!


I took the plunge.

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I'm officially a weekly-visit-to-slimming-and-beauty-salon girl.

After many years of contemplation and internal struggle to fend this on my own against my own cellulite and stubborn unsightly fat, I decided it was time to screw meaningless hard-core, and probably wrong, if not illegal, way of dieting and discouraging work-out regime,

and seek for professional help guidance.

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It's never easy you know, staring into the mirror year after year and realize you no longer have the same youthful elastic skin you once possess, and remember how it used to glow without lotion!

It's even more painful to see, or even feel (eep!), the indecent contour along your thighs of those awful awful orange-peel and hard-to-burn cellulite developing mercilessly all the way up to your ass.


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Since when aging gracefully was easy? Those hollywood books talking about 50 is the new black should be sued, and so overrated.

So, with max optimism,


I went for my first session that consisted of two treatments (lasted for 3 hours) two days ago.


How did it go? Well we shall see won't we. :)

*cross all 10 fingers*

in case you're interested.

SMS For a free 60min slimming session (worth

type MFB
NICOLEKISS Name send to


9 kissed Nicole

  1. Don't go too slim if not no more hour glass figure.

  2. Have you tried working out in a gym? It really helps in losing those stubborn cellulites and tone up at the same time.

  3. My sis is working there. Maybe u can get special package if refer to me earlier. :)

  4. hey, i can help you "work out"...

  5. OMG u so slim d still need to go slimming center meh..??!

  6. You are already so slim. What are you trying to achieve? Don't become a bag of bones.

  7. Babe, you are already gorgeous and slim! Don't over-do it. I used to be anorexic, now I am nice and slim and it is only achievable by exercise. Yes I used to go to Marie France too but it did not work for me at least.

    You are beautiful the way you are, don't fall into the ridiculous trap of skinny is more. There is such a thing as too skinny!

  8. You know what Nic, only sohai will believe all these scams. Of course la you will slim down, by "cm" they will tell you in the first few sessions. They will say "Kg is not that important one la, shape is".

    Soon after you swiped your credit card for one RM5k program and after the trial sessions, they will bull you into buying some side products to boost the effect of physical therapy, for eg. coffee/pills/health bar or some shits. Otherwise, result is slow.

    Oh and when all shits crumble and you don't see much changes after 3 months, they blame your "metabolic rate". Worst thing is after your so-called "packages" ends. If you don't continue paying for another costly one, you might risk becoming double or even triple your size from before you even dip your pretty ass into this lair.

    Bounce before it's too late!

  9. omg....nicole you're indirectly saying that anyone else who's fatter than you should just die lol
    You're so slim already...okay i should seriously sliimmm down now