Club Med Cherating: A Scenario

When I took my first footstep into Club Med Cherating, I didn't know what to expect.

clud med cherating swimming pool

All I heard was that it's a club resort whereby you pay an one-off fee and you get to enjoy the rest of your trip hassle-free, all your food and activities would be covered for.

entrance to club med

To be honest, I thought it was kind of dodgy, you know, to be engaged in silly activities like some motivational team work stuff most company trips would have.

morning greetings from GOs

But it was more than that.

yoga in the morning

Soon, I were to find out it's actually the perfect travelling escape! The Concept of Club Med is pure genius!

How is this so you ask?

Okay, first. Let me explain how Club Med works.

Every single person working on the resort is called Gracious Organizers (apart from staff like cleaners), short for GOs. Each of them, is your friend, confidante, server, entertainer and play guide.


And the guests, would be called GMs - Gracious Members.

Here at Club Med, you're not a guest, but a member to a club.

You pay a fee, and then everything since the day you check in till the day you check out will be covered for. You don't have to worry about spending more money.

Once you got your room keys, just keep your wallet in your room safe and enjoy your paradise by the beach.

suite bedroom

In Club Med Cherating, they offer free flow of cocktail and beer beverages during your entire stay throughout the day (I heard in Club Med Mauritius there's free-flow of champagne!), and there will be resort buffers on offer three times a day.

cherating club med buffet



There are two restaurants in Club Med Cherating: the main restaurant and the secondary located on the other beach.

dinner at the beach

You'll have access to the pool, or you can just hit the beach within steps from your room.

sunny beach

Every day, there's activities for you to explore. Be it playing trapeze like a circus talent,


or rock climbing,


or sailing,


or if you're young at heart, there will be the teen's room where you can fully explore your geeky side.

teenage leisure room

Computer games, guitar hero, real guitars, etc.

i am a teenager

guitar hero

me playing guitar hero


There's plenty more: Power walk or gym or yoga by the beach in the morning, etc.

Check me rocking this trampoline.

playing trampoline
I was shitting in my pants.

Though the only thing NOT FREE on the resort is the spa, which is a third party service to the resort so you would need to pay extra for that.

massage room

essential oil

Oh gosh I loved the Balinese massage.

Before I get way out of topic here, let me talk about the evening entertainment.

Every night, there will be performance, performed by none other than these very Gracious Organizers.

female club med GOs

It's insane. They work in the day time, bringing "members" everywhere, going on powerwalks and stuff, then they perform at night, a routine they scripted it themselves and which costumes they designed themselves.

GOs in costumes

Like where the heck did they find the time, were they supermen or something?!

(I heard they did they practice at night after everyone sleeps, like from 1am till 2:30am, that's crazy!)

So where does the brilliant concept I talked about come in?

Now, imagine this scenario.

You just broke up from a long term relationship.

You wanted to take a break. It's been forever since you went travelling on your own and you didn't know how to anymore. You hardly had any close single friend you could hang out or asked to travel with you because all those years you spent every waking hour with your good-for-nothing boyfriend.

Where could you go?

You're afraid. You're insecure about travelling alone. You didn't know how to rent your own car or take your own public transport, or order your own food in a foreign country.

Everything seemed scary and you seemed to be running out of choices in terms of travelling destination.

Then suddenly a place like this turned up. Club Med - A place where everyone was friendly, where everyone was your friend. You didn't have to worry what you would have to do after being single because there's tons of activities for you to do once you check in.


People feeling more pleased to bring you on your first rock-climb, or sailing, or even sit down with you just to talk about everything under the stars away with a cocktail, or two, or three.


A place where you meet gorgeous fun loving like-minded people. A place to take your mind off and be completely yourself, instead of feeling insecure on what would happen if you lose your wallet.


Then every night, there's party by the pool, to drink your life away and curse at your ex's name while you dance and grind with a new hot Swedish who can't wait to ravish you (this I'm just assuming, hey I got hit on by a good looking European during the trip, it can happen).

blue theme party crowd

Of course, this is just a scenario. It can apply to single ladies or bachelors around, or couples or even families. It's a concept that works all around.

Now imagine this. There are over 100 Club Med destinations around the world, from the 5 Triton (they ranked it by Triton instead of stars) in Mauritius to 3 Triton in Sahoro, Japan.

Check out Club Med Kani in Maldives.



Not just beaches, in Japan there's ski resort Club Med. Means you can ski all day long and might even find yourself a romance up in the snow mountain. So very "Eat, Pray, Love" style.

My recent trip to Club Med Cherating in Kuantan was to celebrate Club Med's 60th Birthday. I will talk about my stay there in the next post, which involves lots of good food and good themed parties. ;) Oh, and there's Michael Jackson, too.

That's about as much as I can share on my thoughts on Club Med in this post.

In fact, I want to plan a trip to Club Med Kani. Damn those water chalets are beautiful!


12 kissed Nicole

  1. hi nicole.

    the people who make up your room/prepare your food are called GE.
    the resort are called Village, and the manager of the resort is called chief (or village chief)
    Clubmed charating is a 2 hector of reserve green, making it very very natural, and non existence of pollution!
    they serve 4 star cuisine from over 8 countries.

    the drinks from the bar is inclusive if only u pay the 'inclusive charge' in the package. else u can only drink punch juice/mineral water from the bar although with inclusive package, it exclude hard liquor and certain wine.

    as for 2010, there is only 75 club med in the world.

    (you dont have to approve my comment, just to let u know more bout Club Méditerranée, and clubmed kani is my dream honeymoon spot)

  2. and i HATE the monkeys in cherating, they stole my shoe!!!

  3. Haha I worked in Club Med during my break before. Totally awesome!!!

    For couples with kids, don't can drop off your kids in the mini club and they GOs will arrange the activities for your kids.

    I miss Club Med!

  4. I've always loved Club Med! Used to go there every holidays when I was younger.
    But the photos you took looks like strangers to me now, as my last trip there was before it's renovation! Yikes!

    I miss Club Med! Reminds me of how I used to draw its logo in my "buku conteng" during school days. LOL

  5. thienthien6/8/10 12:43 AM

    This is really interesting. I want a vacation now. Are you going to write about how to become a member? How much is it?

  6. Nic, good reporting. Looking forward to more of your field reports.

  7. Wow, beautiful. Must make a trip there to Club Med Cherating. Alot of things to do.

  8. I just finished a stay at the Club Med Cherating.. and the "night party" pic you have confuses me since everywhere I turn there are so many kids. I feel like an intruder at a kids camp. Several activities for kids.. even tournaments include kids, so as an adult I feel kind of foolish entering and playing against a kid (ping pong, for example). There was Las Vegas night planned and I got excited thinking finally an event for adults... but it was overrun with several kids (they were very cute adorable kids, I'm not a kid hater), but just to have them around.. gambling on the tables.. a handful of them already fallen asleep on the sofas since their parents placed them there.. I can't "drink my life away" as you say... I feel silly drinking in this crowd. Nobody even danced in any other fashion except for chicken dance and "put your hands up"... great resort for ppl with families, for a childless couple - not so much.

  9. lainX: oh that's too bad. i guess it depends on your luck. i just came back from Bali Club Med and I can't think of a better place for couples. It was so relaxng and romantic and I had so many crazy fun, in the pool, at sea, and at the bar.

    I even started drinking at 10am till midnight. :p

    and we're planning to head back next year.

    I hope this doesn't turn you off from club med experience, maybe you can try another country's one. since msia one is only 3 tritons.

  10. hey Nicole,

    Im planning to go there this weekend with my family. I'm still doing research bout that.

    How much did u pay for that? is it expensive? My family is not member of club med yet, it will be my 1st time to club med. Need to pay fee to join the club?

  11. i'm another Club Med fan but I do not blog so detail. yours are more like promoting for Club Med.

    I went to Phuket Club Med, Bali Club Med, and in June i'm going to Maldives Club Med.

    here's my blog just for sharing. :)

  12. You are like a Club Med marketing person. Hehehe.

    I went to Club Med in Phuket, Bali and going soon in June to Maldives.

    Later on I hope I will go to Sahoro Japan for Club Med as well.

    here's my blog. just for sharing.