No Weight Change; But Tighter Butt?

Alright. 3 sessions done (at Marie France Bodyline if you don't already know).

And my weight remains.


At least that has to be good.

Since I'm not gaining weight.

Normally when I haven't been travelling for a while, I would gain a considerable 2-3kg before my next travel agenda. You could say that travelling is my only exercise, so I need to do a lot of it to keep fit :p what an excuse, lol.

me 2

But now it's maintaining so I'm happy, considering I haven't been controlling my diet these two weeks either.

Just eat when I'm hungry and eat whatever I like, rather than whatever I should be eating.

Just yesterday I gorged half a plate of Chilli's Cajun Club Sandwich. So sinful. Tsk.

But I really want this to work, so I'm going to start watching over my diet from today onwards and see if the next measurement (in a week's time) would have any changes at all.

HOWEVER! I think I might noticed a little changes in my cellulite formation.


Not sure if it's the recent regular treatment and massages (yes Marie France has massages catered for shaping and it's one of the best I've tried),


or it being permanent result, but my back thighs are getting slightly firmer these days. We'll just have to see for a few more treatments if this is going to be something long term. :D


Ai ya.. keep forgetting this section out.

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