My Sunday and about Toning Up

Today is a great day having my mom and brother up in KL, something that has never happened for a long long time.

It's weird having your bf telling you how excited he was to have your mother up in town so he could take her around. I guess I'm just lucky he likes her. Or he's just lucky that I have such a great mom that's so likable. ^^

I brought them out for TAO buffet in Sunway Giza, which they loved.

I was just commenting on my Twitter today how difficult it was to persuade my mom to let me take her to enjoy a buffet meal with my brother, on my expense! When all she ever talked about, when it comes to food, was how amazing this buffet or that buffet was in KL and how long it has been since she last had one.

Such irony that as much as she didn't want me to spend on her, I wanted to spend as much as I possibly could on her! And wasn't a lot of chance for me to do that since she doesn't come up often, and we've ran out of places to go in Melaka on the occasion that I visit.

Oh speaking of which, two days ago I went to my second session at Marie France Bodyline.

in my kimono

Wanted to highlight that despite my previous post here was entitled 'Goal to Slim Down', these trips of mine to Marie France was more of toning up and getting rid of Cellulite rather than losing actual weight.

my leg

Of course it would definitely delight me if I could shed a few pounds alongside.

You know what they say about cellulite - extremely stubborn fat that creates orange peel on your skin, that despite how skinny you are, you can still have them, especially with age.

And I have orange peel. T_T

Which was why my treatments of the past two sessions consisted of an Ultra-Sound machine..

Ultra-sound is said to penetrate your skin via a sound wave to break down and burn your stubborn fat aka cellulite, a technique I've always strongly believed it but never tried.

According to them, after the treatment it can continue to burn fat up to 72 hours. Similar to how it feels when you go for an extreme jog and the fat will continue to melt away in the following days even though you've stopped jogging.

But that's just my analysis.

There's always been a few areas I'm concerned with my body.

Calves that's always too thick for my liking, an area that's ALMOST impossible to burn.

The more your jog, walk or even hike, the bigger that area will become actually!

I know. Because I tried.

After years of endless walking and backpacking and hiking (my youthful days), it was what formed my current unsightly thunder calves.

blur image

Which was why I was totally elated to have a Radio Frequency machine to do the job for me.

apparently I'm not supposed to be take photos of the machines. oops.

Can so totally burn fat.

I'm not doing all those hot and cold wrapping stuff because I don't really believe in them or in losing weight simply by going to slimming centers.

It's always all about you, you controlling your own diet, doing appropriate work out and etc.


But I definitely believe in modern technology and in letting these technology help me SHAPE my body.

Smaller more refined calves.

Tighter thighs.

Firmer butt.

Less sightings of stretch marks.

And definitely, hopefully, a HUGE reduction in cellulite.

Lastly, of course, I believed in doing mask. :p

mask on leg

Well, we perform mask on our faces, why not the rest of our body. It's only reasonable. To firm it up and to give nutrients.

It's a beauty treatment, isn't it? :D

peeled out mask

Anyway, Marie France asked if my readers would be interested for a workshop about slimming with Marie France; or would you prefer something like this sms package here?

SMS For a free 60min slimming session (worth

type MFB NICOLEKISS Name send to

(you can try it out, it's active)

But do let me know about having a workshop with me with Marie France at the end of my sessions in two months time. I don't know, to share about my experience and to talk about losing weight and shaping up all those. LOL. Girls stuff. Or guys, if you want.


3 kissed Nicole

  1. think it would be good to have a workshop and for those who attend the workshop, they get a free session? :)

  2. Great idea Nicole! I'd love to attend, but I live in the states, lol. :) Thanks though! I hope people take you up on your offer.

  3. Hi Nicole,
    Yeah!!I absolutely agree with Jean =)