Duty Free Heaven - Harajuku and Victoria Secret!

Being a person who travels rather frequently, shopping in Duty Free has become one of my favourite past-time (literally, till boarding time arrives).

fragrance section

Walking through the rows of fragrances, thinking about the new fragrance you want on your man, or how he would thrill at the sight of a little goodie bag with his name on it when he comes to pick you up at the airport, or simply the idea of being surrounded by cheaper priced goods compare to outside where things are taxed.


But for me, it's more than that. Being also a fragrance freak (believe me, I lost count of the bottles of fragrances I have back home, 20? 30?), I love just so many brands of fragrances and how they would make me feel when I spray them on, shopping here it's more than my purse can bear.


Nina Ricci. Marc Jacobs (Flora! omg I love Flora, just love it). Davidoff (not on me). CK. Juicy Couture. DKNY. Victoria Secret. Issey Miyake. Anna Sui. Moschino. Ralph Lauren. Carolina Herrera. J. Lo. Versace..... it goes on forever.

And then my recent obsession...

harajuku perfumes

Harajuku Lovers.

So damn cute ok! There are five figures standing on the bottles, there can never be a cuter perfume bottle than this.

harajuku perfumes 2

I wanted to get the LOVE series. It's the hippie looking girl with yellow headband (two photos above), but I disliked the figure, it's so ugly. T_T

So I went to for the cutest girl instead. G series.

harajuku perfumes love series

It smelt like vanilla cupcake and I could totally imagine myself wearing it on a casual day to lure my bf to come bite me. :p LOL jk (though he might)

But because I already got one 100ml bottle of Davidoff for him (Rm256, CHEAP!),


I'd thought I get a much small bottle for myself. Don't really want to bust my budget.

harajuku perfumes 30ml 10ml

Despite the size. The one I got was only 10ml, where else the ones you saw on display were of 30ml. Mainly because most of the bottles were the girls instead of the actual perfume.

But I love it! Don't care!

Then you walked to the other side of the fragrance section, you'll come to the most intensive array of heaven display one can ONLY and ONLY find in airports.

The Chocolates duty free section.



It's like.. like... swimming through paradise, and the only thing separating you and them is a credit card.

indulge in chocolates

Okay. I'm talking like a Rebecca Bloomwood. Haha. No I'm not a shopaholic, but I want to be (like, who doesn't, if one can afford).

Chocolates in Duty Free are mostly imported, like Cadbury, which would be why they're normally more expensive than Cadbury bars sold in local supermarket, but they taste so much better! God knows due to the milk in Australia or UK or what.


I used to love Ferraro Roche when I was young, but somehow I grew out of it, or perhaps thanks to all my aunties from UK and cousins from Australia who always brought a dozen of them back for us as kids. I just didn't fancy them so much anymore.

My new crave, is this.

bueno chocolates

Yes yes. I can hear a few people sounding in agreement in the distance. Who doesn't like Kinder Bueno, they're the most delicious thing ever! I never knew hazelnut could taste so nice in a snack.

Anyway, enough duty free shopping. I'm utterly broke.

Happy. But broke.

But Happy.

It was time to board the plane and leave Penang Airport behind.

On the way to the boarding gate, don't forget to stop by Hot & Roll for a quick bite while you wait for your turn to board.

hot and roll

I learnt about this franchise a year ago and would always get one whenever I have a chance to.

I love the Savoury Crispy Chicken and Cheese flavour, without the chili sauce, just the mayo. Thanks.


hotnroll crispy\


Oh, and finally, I just took this photo last night when I got back home.

My winning purchase for the day!


Totaled up to RM700++. *gulp*

(noticed the Victoria Secret perfumes I said I would get on the way back? :D)


5 kissed Nicole

  1. Harajuku Perfumes are so cute :-)

  2. hihi Shopping QUeen~LOL! Buaya Jess crawl over ur blog la~~

  3. I really want to buy some VS :P

  4. Wow I've never heard of Hot & Roll. But sure looks good...like a folded apam.

  5. What about Harajuku on cupcakes? ;)

    Was checking out your MF post and came across this one. Have a great weekend!