More Indulgence at Penang Airport

After three hours of shopping and running around the airport, I have to do a pit stop at the loo.

toilet scene
typical toilet camwhore

By the time I came out, I was hungry so I proceeded to the only place in Penang Airport where I can savour some local delicacies!

pinang kopitiam by the roadside

Located at the roadside outside the airport was Pinang Kopitiam.


Don't say I never try Char Kuey Tiao while in Penang!

pinang kopitiam interior

Behold! My Penang Char Kuey Tiao at the airport!

char kuey tiao

The boss was so nice he gave me staff price for the food, I didn't even ask for it.

Maybe he pity me for sitting there all alone eating. T_T

my char kuey tiao

Penang airport is not as expansive as KLIA, but it has its own charm.

plane departing

With beautiful lined corridor where the boarding gates lined at the international duty free.

penang airport

Despite its limited space, there are quite a few fast food restaurant in Penang Airport, popular ones like McDonald.


Coffee Bean.

coffee bean

And a really swanky Kenny Rogers.

kenny rogers

After a satisfying lunch, I went back to my shopping frenzy!

It was this moment I discovered my favourite shop in the entire whole airport, well, except for the Coach bag shop.


Called Dayana.

They sell bohemian style dresses and bangles and all sorts of accessories.

colorful dress

It was my first major purchase at the airport. This colorful adoring dress cost me RM89. Totally worth it!

Then I grabbed three bangles - two silvers and one bronze to pair with the dress.


And alas, just before I submit my credit card, I spotted something hanging on the side at the hats area.

another shot of beret

A leopard print french beret!

OMG. I love beret! Especially one that fits my head. Which was rare.

french leopard print beret

Don't you think it kinda matches my outfit today too?

Anyway, by now I have spent enough to gain me a free RM10 voucher, as told by one of the cashier, who passed me a form to fill clipped with the receipt.

RM250 for RM10 rebate

As long as you spend up to RM250 in a single or up to a combination of three receipts, you get a RM10 voucher to spend more!

indulge till you fly RM10 voucher

Now I found out about this a little too late as I didn't manage to collect the other receipts (double copy, cause I wanted to keep one for myself) from the purchases I made in between so I only got the RM10 voucher when I was almost done the day.

rm10 voucher rebate

Just as I was thinking what I should spend on with the RM10. A light bulb emerged.


I spent it on a GCB meal dinner at McDonald. Brilliant way to end the perfect day.

Though it was so insanely crowded during dinner time that I have to share a table with another guy. Love the chairs in the McDonalds here though, super comfy!

me and my GCB burger

Then while eating I bit on my gum three times on the same spot. FML.

After dinner, I finally retreated to Coffee Bean to have some quiet time with the internet.

In the next post, I will share with you what I have bought at Duty Free. :D


3 kissed Nicole

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