Engine Lounge is Hiring!

You've seen the website.

If not, here it is. Enginelounge.com

Yep. New Media Company - Engine Lounge is Hiring!

If you're comfortable and loves cars! This is the job for you!

We've looking for:

Web designer

Writers (must be comfortable in writing about Automotive & Gossip)

Marketing & Advertising executive

Intern positions are available too! Want to know how to feels like to work in a automotive gossip industry?

Well, send in your resume to nicootan@gmail.com

If you know friends who might be interested. Don't hesitate to help pass the words around too.

Your international auto-gossip fans will be thankful.


5 kissed Nicole

  1. Do they need anyone to produce online videos for them? I'm currently producing and editing videos for a New Media Company, just wondering

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  3. hey nicole, how're things?

    about the writer post, does it have to be physically there, or just write-ups of auto review stuff that I can do off-site (meaning in Kuching), and send over?

    I can write (research analyst remember?), and I know cars---> you've seen mine when you're in Kuching last time wad... =)

  4. Will you hire me for marketing & advertising?

  5. Hey Nicole, how much salary are they going to pay?