I Look Good In Heels!

This was totally random but I felt that I had to blog about it.

A week ago, my baby said he has made reservation for dinner and asked me to dress up fancily for the night.

It was our 21st month together. *heart*

What an achievement considering how fleeting loves can be in KL these days.

I didn't know where he was about to bring me, and it wasn't everyday he can plan a good surprise, so I was surprised that he actually made effort without me finding out! Wow.

pondering at dinner

I've thrown on an orange dress and Aldo shoes (total love) and led my baby drove me out to town for an indulgence night.

Turned out he brought me to Sage, at Gardens.

sage restaurant

Sage was a lovely restaurant, with a simple concept of a menu and pricing. Chef Daniel was lovely and willing to prepare anything out of the menu for us.

Halfway through dinner, I decided to head for the ladies. As I stood up and made my way towards the left side of the entrance, I walked passed a wall with a ceiling-tall mirror.

Instinctively, I looked at myself, in full view, in the mirror. Dress, shoes and all.

I thought my eyes were deceiving me initially, but i could have sworn I was looking at a figure with a paid slender legs, or rather, slender calves (it was a knee-length dress).

It took me 2 seconds to realize it was my own pair of legs I was looking at!

Now it wasn't the skinniest pair of legs I've ever seen, but growing up with a pair of thunder thighs (thanks mom for the gene) and thick-ass calves (thanks all the years of backpacking through cities and mountains), the reflection was showing me a pair of legs I never thought that I would own.

In fact, I wasn't even convinced at that point, you know how sometimes you walk to a mirror that actually showed a skinnier/elongated side of you than you really are, so I walked up further to another mirror ahead to confirm what I saw.

Still the same pair of legs I thought wasn't mine wearing my gorgeous golden Aldo shoes.

To the point that I even walked back to the entrance to stare at my legs in the dark reflection from the wine display shelves.

Before... O..M..G... set in.

My calves have considerably shrunk visually. All those visits to Marie France Bodyline have really paid off!

camwhore in mirror

I still wasn't sure if it was just that day, or the heels, or the dress, but I loved the way my legs walked and looked that evening!

tweeting on phone
faster tweet about it

It was after the 5th visit to Marie France Bodyline that day.

And I was almost half way there. Finally, results were showing. I could not be happier!

That night, I allowed myself to indulge in a little bit of sin.

foie gras

Perhaps not the wisest thing to do, but I was happy, really happy. 21st month and all.

The next day, I woke up with the jolliest mood and half-skipped myself when I stepped in to greet the lady at the front counter.

main counter

Marie France Bodyline.

Don't let me down now. ^^


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  1. love your make up. U look really beautiful...

  2. love your make up. U look really beautiful...

  3. hey do you mind sharing what treatment are you having and how much is it? if you mentioned before, sorry, i must've missed it ;(

  4. :D we wanna see your legs in heels!