Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Nicolekiss Charity

I believe in life, we have to give in order to want. What comes around goes around, and whatever you give out, will eventually come back to you, in one form or the other. Karma, they call it.


I have always done my fair share of charity. I don't usually say it, because there isn't a need to. Well, until now.

The first time I visited an orphanage was three years ago, I can't remember where and the exact time, but it was an orphanage housing 40 kids or so. I was there, with the rest of the volunteers to help entertain the kids, brought food and some writing tools.

It wasn't so much the giving, it was more the time spent with the kids, to see them smile, laugh, "manja" with you, it warms my heart so much I knew if I have the wealth of Angelina Jolie, I would have done the same as she has.

Help the needy

Last year, I received a project from a company and ended up with lots of ice creams which I don't eat. So I decided to call up some local orphanages to see if they needed anything apart from the ice creams I wanted to share with the less fortunates.

Some of the orphanages are really snobbish, they get so much money from well known icons and politics they don't give two hoots what you commoners can offer. It really pisses me off because these people don't really care about the kids, the shelter sometimes becomes an excuse to bring in cash.

Until this one time when I visited a home for the handicap kids in Taman Megah, which houses an impossible number of 136 kids. Down syndrome, crippled, blind, mute, deaf...etc you name it. It's depressing, I spent half a day with a friend there singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star over 20 times with this 21 year old down syndrome 'kid'; it made her day, it made my week.


What I brought for them by what I can afford was so little it's depressing, to be honest, I don't have much money, I'm not a rich folk, I wish I am but I'm not. My friend bought some milk powder which I doubt it could last them more than two days. Last I heard 7 kgs of vegetables can only last them one meal.

Therefore for the first time, I am going to use the measly traffic I have on this blog to do something beneficial for the unfortunates, and I think now is the right time and moment. world visitors

Chinese New Year is coming, and I want to celebrate this coming festival with these kids. Therefore I need help from whoever that's willing to help out there or whoever that's reading this blog. I don't ask for much. Remember those CNY cookies and biscuits and leftover canned food which we never eat during CNY?


Well, now it's the time to put them to some good use.

On 13 February 2008, Wednesday, I will be bringing some friends to visit this home with some food and company. For those who wish to contribute a little something back to society, bring those cookies, canned food or even some ang pow cash from your hometown after CNY celebration,


I will collect them on 11th and 12th at a collection point in Sunway/Kelana, or if you are free, follow me to visit the kids that day itself.

Email me at for more information or to arrange contribution collection time.

Help me help them.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Wonder...

Sometimes I wonder why there are so many rich people in this world?

and yet there are many more poor people who are suffering and dying out on the street.


*Makes me sad*

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Cost Around the World

Ever wonder how much does it cost to cruise the world?

I did.

So I emailed a cruise company in the states few months ago to ask about the cost of a trip around the world.

This is how the email goes.

Dear XX,

I read about the 109 day cruise around the world your company is offering and I’m interested. I would like to know the cost package for this cruise. Thanks


I left it as it is.

Few days later, I got a reply.

hotmail screenshot 1

Wow, I can’t believe someone actually replied me. When I simply just picked an email from a random cruise site and wrote my question.

But wait… what’s this?

hotmail screenshot

o.O Did my eyes deceive me?

hotmail screenshot 2 copy

That’s a blinking 30 grand in US Dollars for a cruise trip!!!!

That’s 100 grand in Malaysia Ringgit!!!

Half the price of a human size plasma tv!!

A third a price of a bungalow in Klang Valley!!

3 years of University tuition fee in Australia!!

I can fly to England back and forth 30 times!!!

Eat 40,000 packets of instant noodle!!!!

Just for one trip!

Right, change of plan.

google earth Thailand

How much does it cost to travel around Thailand?

Lots of Photos of Krabi, Thailand

Short Note: I am looking for housemates, can move in anytime. Playing monopoly alone is lonely. No, guys are not allowed. La la ~

I have been thinking a lot, monopoly aside. About work, study, life, career and family.

So here’s a bunch of photos from Krabi, Thailand for you while I do my thinking.

shang ri la table
Shangri-La, Krabi, nice dining setting

Centrepiece - It’s real

Very nice menu

menu inside

Soup - Strong taste of coconut milk

fruit platter
Love the ice cream – coconut flavour

Unique knife

me and matthew

Waiting to get changed – all wet

Credited to Matthew - I owed him this credit for doing most of the kayaking.

emerald pool
Emerald pool – natural emerald spring water

emerald pool group photo
Yes you can swim in it, no you can’t drink it.

hot spring notice
On the way to hot spring.

hot spring sign
So this is what contains in hot spring

krisnan, see tho, me, matthew
That’s Krisnan (ntv7), See Tho (my favourite uncle of all time, we still keep in contact), me and Matthew (ntv7).

Cook to eat?

me & oyster
Oysters… yum~ *I have yet to shower, shut up*

This is what Thailand is all about.

Kenny water

calamari rings
Delicious Calamari

See Tho taught me that there are three types of durians in Thailand.

One: the ridiculously big and hard tasteless durian which most of Thais love to eat, found mostly in Mid or Northern Thailand. I tried one in Bangkok but thought they served me unripe durian, Thais love their crunchy durians.

Two: the middle size, soft and smelly (fragrant) type which can be found mostly in the southern part of Thailand, which most Malaysians and Singaporeans love.

Three: I can’t remember. It’s been too long. -.-;;

This is the soooo nice smelly type.

cock shell
Some sculptures made from shells.

unicorns shell

rabbit shell
So cute!!! Wittle Wabbits~

Saturday, January 26, 2008

woo hoo~

I have been playing monopoly non stop for several days now. I know, I should be updating, but suddenly I have lost the will to update my blog!! o.O omg!

That's like a first time in a year! Monopoly has monopolised my brain~!

But monopoly is a good game~ Yup yup. Been playing it back to back, six games in total and I have yet to lose. Almost lost it in the last game but lady luck was on my side the whole way!

I mean, what are the odds of winning with ONLY a row of yellow properties; I traded my FOUR train stations with the 'tycoon' of the play that time for her Piccadilly and Leicester Square to match with my Coventry Street. And simultaneously built hotels there and wait~

I have nothing to lose! Either way I'm dying with the two big tycoons owning every single god damn properties out there, all those cash in my hand with no properties~! It's only time before I hit on Mayfair and all my cash goes down the drain~ oh la la~

6 winnings in a row~ Someone come and beat me~ kua kua kua

*update* 7th time winning, I'm on a roll~ :D

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How to take a good photo?

Short Note:

Due to several requests for the service to make the money bouquet mentioned in the previous entry, readers who are interested in this bouquet can email me at to enquire or place order with the maker.

1. Good camera

Having a good camera helps.

me in sapa eating noodle
Taken in Sapa, Vietnam

But when you don’t have a good camera to help you look good in photos, what do you do?

The last thing you should do… is panic.

Christy looking silly

Last Saturday I attended the Traffic Jam event at PWTC hosted by nuffnang as an invited guest; which was truly an honor. However I felt chills down my spine when being termed as a celebrity blogger.

Seriously, please.. don’t call me that. It’s embarrassing and I feel like running away everytime I hear that.

Why I mentioned the event was because all the photos below are taken on that particular day. On with the tips.

2. Apply make up

Now, firstly, to take a good photo with a cheapo camera, is.. put on some make up.

This is crucial, unless you have absolutely dry skin or don’t sweat, put on some powder or foundation at the very least, that way you won’t end up looking like an shining light bulb. Even flashes won’t scare you.

puckering lips
Did I scare you?

3. Tilt head 30° South

Tilt your head downwards if you’re conscious of your chubby chin. It will make your face look slimmer.

me acting cute 2

If you have multiple chins that are beyond angle rescue like me, use the cupping method.

me acting cute 3

With good posing skill, this method covers your chin completely and you won't look like you're doing it on purpose.

4. Long hair

Grow long hair. It covers everything, from the width of your square-ish face to your flabby chin and shoulder.

me and john early and belated birthday
A surprise small birthday wishes and cakes for John (your name is john right?) and me, my birthday celeb is two months early and John is a month late.

However beware of covering too much of your body parts.

blowing candles
I look like a head hovering over the table.

5. Pout

Many girls like to pout, or make the kissing pose because it makes your face looks thinner, works for people with fleshy cheeks.

shaz and me
Thank you Shaz for the sweet birthday cake surprises.

6. Tilt head 30° down and camera 45° above head.

Simply tilt your head South like above, if you like, you can tilt your head till 35° downwards; raise your arm at 45° upward with the camera and shoot.

This method creates the baby doll effect.

Big puppy dog eyes, small chin, tiny lips and adorable cheeks.

me acting cute
Never knew I can look this way (this is the first time seeing myself like this, omg)

Warning: DO NOT execute this method if you are a guy.

kenny acting cute 2
Kenny, where did your chin go?”

It just doesn’t work on guys ok?

Now… what if you are going to appear on TV like our proud young little entrepreneur Timmy do every forth night or so?

timmy on tv 5
Rtm2 at 8am

You're in constant movement and you can’t hide from the many deadly angles of camera.

What can you do?!

timmy on tv 3
Yes, camera did add 10 pounds on more on him.

There’s only one thing you can do.


Lose 10 pounds.

(Tim’s mom was right)


Recently there are a lot of handmade designer accessories selling on the net, it’s like a new fetish for women.

These one of a kind designer earrings are being sold at almost the same price as costume earrings you can get at malls (accessories nowadays aren’t cheap). I got my hands on a pair of these from Mistress of Glam.

“Adrine” - Handmade clay beads imported from US. Very find handwork. Distinctive details of flowers. Japanese clay rose. Jade beads. Czech glass beads. 14k gold. For antique fan.

It’s just too gorgeous. I have my eyes set on these too but it’s sold out and the designer don’t do re-makes :(. Well, at least I know no one have the same pair of earrings as I have. :D


Good news, the designer contacted me and decided to give all readers of Nicolekiss 10% discounts for any purchase from her site starting today for two weeks. Just mention you’re a reader of Nicolekiss when making your purchase. :)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

My mom’s 60th birthday present

Okay la.. I know I’m supposed to post this today (as in 19th January), but it has been a very busy day for me and by the time I reached home, it’s already tomorrow, or today. Erm.. nvm. … any~~~~~way… I haven’t sleep yet so it’s still counted as tomorrow in yesterday term. Or today for yesterday. Or tomorrow for today…


So yes, the present I bought for my mom on her 60th birthday. My brother and dad chipped in too, but mostly by my brother and me.

I I I I I I I …. *deep breath*……

Bought a bouquet for my mom!!!

money bouquet

You then will surely say “CHEH~~~!!! Flower only is it!!!!!”

Wait wait.. this is not a normal bouquet of flower. No!!! It’s far from that!!!

See how I chose the ribbons’ colour to be red and silver. Just like Chinese New Year!!!

money bouquet 2
“Tong tong ciang”

Not only that… it’s decorated with small cute little pixie flowers (I don’t know what to call these, so I just called them pixies cause they are so small) with a hint of violet.

decorative flowers

See how cute? Pretty right?

When I say this ain’t you ordinary bouquet, I meant this is NO ordinary bouquet.

money bouquet 3

Beautiful isn’t it? It’s HUGE too!!

Oh but what’s this?

RM10s flower

YEP!!! You guessed it!! It’s made of RM10 notes!!

And RM5 notes.

RM 5 & 10 flowers

It’s a bouquet that literally worths hundreds!! (can go by the thousand, next time I want to try RM100 notes)

Timeless present, here you go. It will never wither, never run out of fashion, never depreciates (maybe will due to inflation) and it’s even environmental friendly, you can RECYCLE it!!!

Lack of money, o.. just pluck out a stalk of flower.

money flowers

The only problem is, don’t walk around on the street alone with this bouquet. Flowers have never been more attractive.