Nicolekiss on The Star!!! Front Page!!!

I woke up this morning to an unexpected message from Clare,

“Nicole! You are featured in the The Star page M3!”

It didn’t sink in to me until I went to take my morning “break” in the wee wee room.

Now, it is almost every person’s dream (if you do not fall under this category, then congratulation, you are not vain enough) to have his/her face to appear in the country’s most profound English newspaper.

OMG!!! I’m in the newspaper!!! OMG, not only that, I’m in the Star!!! Wait for it, wait for it….. I’M ON THE FRONT PAGE!!!!

Well, a small fraction of it.

Photo courtesy of Nigel

Okay fine.. metro front page. Not front page front page.

Nevertheless, still front page right?

Then I start running around the house in my birthday suit screaming my head out.


However, no matter how ignorant you are, the very first thing you would do when you found out you appeared on newspaper is… No it’s not screaming like a lunatic, no it’s not calling every single friend on your phone and scream into your friends’ ears either.

The first thing you would do…..

Is to go out and buy yourself a copy of that paper.

Fine! I admit I don’t read papers. So do half of the youngsters out there nowadays anyway. Not that I don’t read them completely, I mean, if there’s a paper, I’ll read it, else it won’t matter you know.

So I am back at my hometown taking care of my mom and being a Chinese family, my parents read Chinese papers; hence the lack of English-papers reading.

Anyway, while on my way out to the hospital as usual, I stopped by a nearby Malay stall to grab a copy of today’s freshly delivered The Star.

The moment I got into the car, I flipped to M3… and ta da… I saw a lady whom I don’t know.

Huh? This can’t be right? What happened to the article my friend mentioned? Did she just pull a prank on me, omg, and to think I actually messaged a few friends and ask them to look me up in the paper today.

Maybe she got the page wrong, so I flipped from the first page, to the last page, and back to the first page. I even tilted the paper assuming by doing this the article with my photo on it would popped out miraculously. I didn’t know I was on the cover or how would the article look like till much later.

I decided to put the paper aside and drove to the hospital sulkily.

The moment I reached the hospital, I sat on the bed next to my mom and flipped open the paper again. My brother came back from Singapore today to visit mom, so he was sitting next to the bed playing the PSP I gave him.

I frantically flipped the papers inside out all around like an idiot for 10 minutes before my brother said casually: “Isn’t the metro in Melaka different from the metro in KL?”

*Smacks head*

Now you tell me!!! Where am I going find myself a KL paper when I am at least 2 hours drive from KL now!

The sad thing is, I still haven’t seen a copy of the KL metro newspaper today. The good news, I finally know how the article looks like. Because apparently when I logged into my email account today, hordes of email came in and thanks to a particular reader all the way from Tokyo named Neoh, I realized you can find the article online.

Anyway, I have some photos of the actual article published in the newspaper here. (Including the one on top)


Click for large view


Not a shabby column. Thanks Jaya.


30 kissed Nicole

  1. wow i'm first again. i must realli be famous soon

    saw u in the papers. my mom actually reads ur blog and she told me u were in the papers..

  2. Looking good in the papers yeah.. :)

    Exploit the KL public transportation..! YEs, i do agree with you!!.. well except the rapid KL

    LRTs are fine.. :)

  3. Great feature on ya in the papers. Let's hope there'll be more articles on ya in different publications!

  4. metro KL is different with Melaka

  5. I saw u, I saw u...really nice to see u on papers hor...(^_^)"

  6. wah... I never knew my friend here is so so so popular... But I heard "someone" told me she's just a small time blogger with less than 20 unique visits per day huh?

  7. kiyun: what?! your mom reads my blog?! o.O

    yapthomas: no traffic ma

    willar: erm? shin chew? lol

    sebol: yea now i know

    jacky chin: yay

    geli tifa: ok lo.. i lied to you lo.. it's more than 20 uniques... it's actually 21.

  8. A question:

    How would u not know that u r gonna published in the papers when its an interview? :P

  9. You screamed while running in the circle? :P

  10. saw u in the star earlier today...

    and now, i'm here... forever...

    hehe... take care~ ^^

  11. Nicole, this is my first time to your blog. I came to know from the article in the Star. Great blog and you are very pretty too.

    But i must advise you to take out all the Dr Chua DVD photos for your safety. The police can easily zoom in on you and put you into jail or lock up.

    Please, please take them out ASAP.

  12. Nicole, this is my first time to your blog. I came to know from the article in the Star. Great blog and you are very pretty too.

    But i must advise you to take out all the Dr Chua DVD photos for your safety. The police can easily zoom in on you and put you into jail or lock up.

    Please, please take them out ASAP.

  13. saw that, nice nicole

  14. Jaya come interview me oso.. hehehe

  15. Yes I saw u in the papes as well. was a great article on you & you look great in the photos. keep it up. =)

  16. hey nicole,

    congrat on appearing in the paper again. looks like your popularity is rising non stop eh. keep up the good work.


  17. OMG!
    Nicole is in the newspaper? COoollll!!!! You must be very excited.. hehe.... ;D

  18. hi nicole,
    a newbie on here.came across the article on u in Star the other day. Went on to check your blog.Interesting posts. Probably i'll become one of your regular readers on here:)

    wishing u all the best..

  19. hi Nicole,

    Congrats! Saw that the 1st thing on that day. Nice shot!

  20. hey nicole....hahaha...congrats on your interview....

    always see you on kennysia's blog...and well just wanted to say hi...

    and btw, how did you get those still frames from dr. chua's vid?

    if you have the time...pop by my blog and have a look at fast n furious tmn tun! :P

  21. It's funny that some people dont know that even Metro article can be found online?!?

    Fine if dont buy newspaper..but if have internet connection, how about reading TheStar online which has exist since zilliooon years ago? I dont think we need a person from Tokyo to inform, your neighbourhood uncle/kid can do so too


  22. BiSoUuu oOO yea their flavor Love Me Tender rocks. Congrats u made it to our local papers whooHOoo! cheers!

  23. nic, u may not know me but congrats on a great job maintaining ur blog. tats why you are featured in The STAR. I hv come across you at times when i visited Kenny Sia's blog. Good Luck.

  24. This is not the first time Nicole has appeared in the newspapers. Remember the swimsuit pictures of her during the Miss Malaysia 2007 competition? Nicole looks nicer in person by the way. =)

  25. How come someone can do a feature on you without first telling you????

  26. Congratulation, i have been visiting your blog about a week ago and most of it the post is interesting. Anyway i did not buy the newspaper so i could not see your pretty picture but luckily you display it on your blog.

  27. you're welcome Nicole..

  28. Hahaha! I tried calling you on the spot when I saw it but I guess you were still sleeping! Hehe! Congrates girl! The article, not the sleeping part I

  29. ...please where can I buy a unicorn?