How to take a good photo?

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1. Good camera

Having a good camera helps.

me in sapa eating noodle
Taken in Sapa, Vietnam

But when you don’t have a good camera to help you look good in photos, what do you do?

The last thing you should do… is panic.

Christy looking silly

Last Saturday I attended the Traffic Jam event at PWTC hosted by nuffnang as an invited guest; which was truly an honor. However I felt chills down my spine when being termed as a celebrity blogger.

Seriously, please.. don’t call me that. It’s embarrassing and I feel like running away everytime I hear that.

Why I mentioned the event was because all the photos below are taken on that particular day. On with the tips.

2. Apply make up

Now, firstly, to take a good photo with a cheapo camera, is.. put on some make up.

This is crucial, unless you have absolutely dry skin or don’t sweat, put on some powder or foundation at the very least, that way you won’t end up looking like an shining light bulb. Even flashes won’t scare you.

puckering lips
Did I scare you?

3. Tilt head 30° South

Tilt your head downwards if you’re conscious of your chubby chin. It will make your face look slimmer.

me acting cute 2

If you have multiple chins that are beyond angle rescue like me, use the cupping method.

me acting cute 3

With good posing skill, this method covers your chin completely and you won't look like you're doing it on purpose.

4. Long hair

Grow long hair. It covers everything, from the width of your square-ish face to your flabby chin and shoulder.

me and john early and belated birthday
A surprise small birthday wishes and cakes for John (your name is john right?) and me, my birthday celeb is two months early and John is a month late.

However beware of covering too much of your body parts.

blowing candles
I look like a head hovering over the table.

5. Pout

Many girls like to pout, or make the kissing pose because it makes your face looks thinner, works for people with fleshy cheeks.

shaz and me
Thank you Shaz for the sweet birthday cake surprises.

6. Tilt head 30° down and camera 45° above head.

Simply tilt your head South like above, if you like, you can tilt your head till 35° downwards; raise your arm at 45° upward with the camera and shoot.

This method creates the baby doll effect.

Big puppy dog eyes, small chin, tiny lips and adorable cheeks.

me acting cute
Never knew I can look this way (this is the first time seeing myself like this, omg)

Warning: DO NOT execute this method if you are a guy.

kenny acting cute 2
Kenny, where did your chin go?”

It just doesn’t work on guys ok?

Now… what if you are going to appear on TV like our proud young little entrepreneur Timmy do every forth night or so?

timmy on tv 5
Rtm2 at 8am

You're in constant movement and you can’t hide from the many deadly angles of camera.

What can you do?!

timmy on tv 3
Yes, camera did add 10 pounds on more on him.

There’s only one thing you can do.


Lose 10 pounds.

(Tim’s mom was right)


Recently there are a lot of handmade designer accessories selling on the net, it’s like a new fetish for women.

These one of a kind designer earrings are being sold at almost the same price as costume earrings you can get at malls (accessories nowadays aren’t cheap). I got my hands on a pair of these from Mistress of Glam.

“Adrine” - Handmade clay beads imported from US. Very find handwork. Distinctive details of flowers. Japanese clay rose. Jade beads. Czech glass beads. 14k gold. For antique fan.

It’s just too gorgeous. I have my eyes set on these too but it’s sold out and the designer don’t do re-makes :(. Well, at least I know no one have the same pair of earrings as I have. :D


Good news, the designer contacted me and decided to give all readers of Nicolekiss 10% discounts for any purchase from her site starting today for two weeks. Just mention you’re a reader of Nicolekiss when making your purchase. :)


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  1. My problem is more finding the girls to photograph...

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  3. Just a random tourist. did you get so much money to travel :P

    I really want to travel as widely as yourself (off topic but was just looking at the past entries).

    Anyway, which bachelorette were you on Cornetto Love Perhaps? Was it fun? Or are you still in the contest.

    take care.

  4. I suck in takin photos... of people and of myself! bluegh

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  6. A steady hand and good sense of lighting helps too.

  7. Hey~ Whats with da Chubby Chin thingie?~ I'm puoud to be Chubby Chin~ U noe u noe?...(^_^)"

    Chubby Chin

  8. ahha that picture of kenny..

    i think you're gorgeouusssss =)

    i think you're gorgeouusssss =)

  11. Eh, I can't pout or do baby doll.


    Won't work for me.

  12. hi, it was great to meet u the other day at the youth '08 event. your voice is super sweet!

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  14. hey, have been reading ur blog for a few months already =)

    what i admire most about you is probably your passion to blog and your never-dull posts.

    and i know that guy! jon ming (not john. lol!) he was my senior back in secondary school. such a small world

  15. Hahaha!!!
    Simple but extremely useful techniques!!!
    I like the your "puppy dog" style!!!
    Kawaii desune!!!

  16. if you dont want to be known as a celebrity

    then i'll call you a photogenic blogger...

    anata wa kawaii desu ne.

  17. I like the Velinda earrings!

  18. Errrr, you looked ODD without your make up on.....

  19. Errrr, you looked ODD without your make up on.....

  20. I like your first photo. It looks natural. However i don't agree with your comment that good cameras produces nice photos. I have friends with cameras that costs them few thousands of RM and they still take bad quality photos. And even someone with a cheaper camera can take better photographs. Plus i believe that your techniques on taking nice photos are pretty out of date. The pouting post and angling the chin part is so yesterday. I know a lot of ah lians and lalah gals that likes to take these type of photographs. Which is very cheap and low class. Very disappointing as i thought that you can give better opinion than that as you look smart. I guess i was wrong...

  21. nicole!!! hellewww!!! it's me! john!


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    could you send me the itinerary?
    i would like to go there too
    thanks in advance

    btw, the mineral contents pic
    you should submit to thestar bloopers

    guarantee sure win wan.

    have a nice workday ?

  23. Hi Nicole, was wondering if u knew any other online fashion/accessories store like Mistress of Glam? Please share! I've found quite a few, mostly based in KL/Selangor. Check them out on my blog side bar if ur interested :o)

  24. I did a quick search on how to take good photos juxtaposed against the other search "How to take bad photos"

    No joke this is the best post I've seen on how to shoot good photos. Everyone is just too serious and full of what ever.

    I took a gander at some of your other posts. I like your style keep it up.