The Death of my Canon IXUS and o.O Panasonic Plasma TV

Since I’m back in my hometown and things are slowing down that I can finally sit back and rest for a bit more today, I can resume blogging about something less emo. Then I realized I have nothing to blog with.

All my photos, materials are back at home in my trusty PC. So that means I can’t really study either! My books, journals, study guide and assignment softcopies are left behind in KL. Damn it!

But luckily I brought my friend’s camera back and I can look through some of existing photos inside for things to write about.


Oh did I mention that I broke my camera a while ago? Like two months back? YES!!! I broke my trusty camera!!! T_T *sob* It was all so sudden, I was just about to take photos of some people and then my camera slipped and fell, a loud thud. My camera lens fell straight down on its sharp corner against the wooden floor and that was the last I heard from my poor poor camera.

Apparently replacing the lens will cost 65% of what that camera is worth in the retail market now, and being a POOR POOR student, I cannot afford a brand new camera at the moment which will cost no less than a grand. This is coming from a mindset that there’s no point getting something out of season despite half its price of the latest digital technology if you are going to use it for a long term.

So instead, I borrowed a camera from a friend and wait till the price of “this” latest digital camera that I am eye-ing on depreciates. I know, there is no end to this, because there will always be new and more profound digital camera that will sweep me off my eyes. Again let me clarify, you’re reading a mindset of a ex-software engineer and 23 year old fashion conscience girl, it’s a confusing combination.

Unless someone out there is willing to sponsor me a brand new camera, pretty please?

A blogger without camera is like an artist without paint brush, or a cook without a kitchen, or or… Dr Chua without Viagra, opps did I say that? I mean Kenny without his balls,


no I mean Timothy without his mole,

mole-less timothy

erm… meant to say it would be like a food critic without his tongue...

functional but practically useless.

Anyway, you get my point. I want a camera!!! I NEED a camera!!!

Speaking of gadget, I came across this pretty neat plasma TV at KLCC.


It’s so BIG, it made human who walked pass look like midgets.

plasma tv2

I know about guys and their fetish over gadgets, but when it comes to really really luxurious possession, even I am awed. Many guys don’t mind paying a hand and a leg for this baby.

plasma tv

But in this case, you might need to submit your house.



I can already imagine, an average income earner buy this and put it in his condo, then the TV would have costs more than the condo, if not of equal price (let’s eliminate KL’s condo). That’s insane!!

Now if a guy were to given two choices,

To own a house(or property) that costs RM150,000 fully furnished but with no TV.

Or to own this 103 inch Panasonic plasma TV and live in a cardbox for the rest of his life.

Correct me if I am wrong, and I most certain that I have never been wrong, I can bet my 10 bucks that he will DEFINITELY choose the second option!

Am I right? Or am I right?!


40 kissed Nicole

  1. nicole.. you are SOOOOOOO not right... I would have chosen the first option

  2. Didnt know Timonthy is that vain to pose like that hahah

  3. Its for football~ the TV must be for football fans~ Y(^_^)

  4. kiyun: no.. u lying!!! LOL

    willar: ya lo.. vain vain tim la la la

    jacky: eh.. not for xbox a? imagine playing doom on it, fuu waa....

  5. I would spend the money to buy a RX8 instead of a huge TV :p

  6. Wrong.

    I don't watch much TV at all actually. I can always got to kopitiam to watch football.

    As long as the house I live in has broadband I'll be fine.

    Sorry to hear about your camera.

  7. neh....

    i think it's for gamer.
    Just imagine you play Nintendo Wii or Sony Play station 3 with it..

    Yum yum...


  8. i will die without football..
    give the plasma to me baby !

  9. OMG~ OMG~ O.O I'm on the Blog! ^O^. And i'm on Nicole's blog summore. I really enjoy my trip to KL last week!

    Oh ya.... i'm the guy with the pink shirt and the bag. That other guy is my x-classmate. And if u didn't forget, there was two guys and a girl who shook hands with u at KLCC ground floor. One of them was me. Talk about coincidence. Now i know where Nicole likes to lurks! LoL

    As for the two choices, I'd choose the first option. Especially when the house's location is in Tropicana. Reason is i need a place o spend the night when I travel to KL and i don't watch TV unless it's a last resort thingy. :D

  10. for me, i would get that RM150,000 house fully furnished without TV. Then I will spend the remaining RM70,000 for a LCD TV with home theater system. at least i get both house and a TV.

  11. Nicole, have you seen people playing the PS3 on that TV? =)

  12. If you ask me, I will use that money to invest in the stock market, at least its making atleast 10% everyday as the politician manipulate the market for the upcoming election.

    In less than 10 days i will be able to buy both the TV and the house. wakakaka

  13. I will get myself a mini cooper...


  15. Nicholas: after the car, then the tv

    Mac: *takes away ur broadband*

    lwding: ya ya... agree.. FF8, kiss squall on screen

    megadisc: i also want! how to fit through my door?

    ahlost: ya lo!

    Ic3 Saint: er... isn't that red shirt? Tropicana where can find 150,000 house wei~~ this is more like puchong house d.. lol

    Tan: true true, lol. But what remaining 70k?

    Charlie: agree, but that's if u're lucky...

    Geli Tifa: eee.... ugly car :p

    Boss Stewie: handsome what~

  16. Foo yoo..

    I can only imagine how sweet it would be to play winning 11 on that monster.

    Would probably have to charge people just for watching :P

  17. Omg did you just photoshop boss stewie's mole XD

  18. lil' Philip: mommy mommy I want TV!

    Mommy: hmm...why don't we get the massager behind there? I bring you ride horse~

    er okay... i know this is lame =p

  19. RM220,000 TV! Like that can sit down and watch 24/7...without even need to power it on. Worth it, worth it.

  20. *takes away ur broadband*

    What? Noooo.. Why? Why?

    Nevermind. Kopitiam also got wifi hahaha..

  21. I would by a 220k diamond, can move easily...

  22. nicole,
    RM220K for a Panasonic plasma TV? Let's calculate. Let's say RM10 for a movie ticket at a cinema and that's a freaking 22000 movie tickets. Ok, I rather go to the cinema rather than having this expensive and gigantic plasma TV!

  23. I'll go for the tv without a house. After that I will open an open air cinema and collect some hardcore cash to buy a house. My opinion. I might be wrong.

  24. hehe I am sure to those millionaires RM220,000 is like oni RM2 to them lerr.

  25. read an article about you on star online :)

    have a good weekends!

  26. i wouldnt say i am a virgin on blog, but is my debut on your blogspot! saying this, i dont really blog much.... (i comment alot though)

    i was kinda impress to see someone having their name posted out in the star self-advertising. no disrespect then.

    as for the camera, you can apply the B*3 formula. (beg buy borrow). if your begging dont come easy by next week, forget it. Buying is not an option since you dont have much cash (according to your blog), and borrow will not be easy since you need it on a daily basis. So i suggest you either work it out on the angel's side or the demon's side. PRAY or ROB, the choice is yours.

    About that big-big TV, there are people who can afford it for what you know. who are they? Well, that is why we have election for... to raise the new rich men on top, feeding them for job that we could have done better.
    Yeah, we cant basically own them with a condo of 200k, but not when you are having a banglo with 200million.

    200million? what kind of house that fetch 200million?
    why not? when the leakage in the gor-ment building, it takes 22million for checking on defects (May10 2007), and to repair the parl*ment house, we need to cough up 90 million (May 18)...So back to the TV, i guess they are there for some reason. it's election time, so we'll see who we vote to buy the new plasma TV then.


  27. the remaining 70k i will use it to get a decent LCD TV and home theater system as stated earlier. now i changed my mind. invest the remaining 70k to fund for my next 220k house. :)


  29. hey. Saw your Nicocoa pose in the Star today... : )tell me bout liking and disliking KL. Same, love the food, hate the traffic. Next time you're in town, give us a buzz. And oh, happy 2008.

  30. Thanks to your article in The Star newspaper, that I just remembered that I like to write. I don't blog though.

    About the OPTION, I would choose the house with no TV. Not much reason for it but it's my logical thought.

    Anyway, you look quite elegant!! Cheers!!

  31. Is KLCC the best hangout place in KL? So crowded..especially during weekends, swarm of foreigners from South East Asia and packed in LRT

  32. wow..seriously, i think the plasma tv is really cool.....really nice to watch movies on it! keke..

    but i agree with's not practically to buy the plasma tv which cost is equal to a house...unless the house u're living in is a mansion! then it's a different story!

  33. i will choose a car instead

  34. Hey Nicole,
    I would choose the TV if I have the money.
    It's the ultimate! I love TV. It's awesome mannn...

  35. I will choose the 1st option. Where is my 10 bucks?

  36. I'll choose the first option. I won't spent so much on item that depreciate in monetery value. An apartment might not appreciate in value over time but at least it won't depreciate as much as the TV. For all you know, the TV might only valued half it's current price in 1 year.

  37. Uhuh... I'll go for the 1st choice. I dun need a TV that big when i can watch TV on computer using TV Tuner Card.

    Getting a TV that big is just insane. Unless one is too rich and decide to spend it on these extravagance material... lol!

    I dont wanna live in a cardbox for the rest of my life. That's just horrific! =X