The Cost Around the World

Ever wonder how much does it cost to cruise the world?

I did.

So I emailed a cruise company in the states few months ago to ask about the cost of a trip around the world.

This is how the email goes.

Dear XX,

I read about the 109 day cruise around the world your company is offering and I’m interested. I would like to know the cost package for this cruise. Thanks


I left it as it is.

Few days later, I got a reply.

hotmail screenshot 1

Wow, I can’t believe someone actually replied me. When I simply just picked an email from a random cruise site and wrote my question.

But wait… what’s this?

hotmail screenshot

o.O Did my eyes deceive me?

hotmail screenshot 2 copy

That’s a blinking 30 grand in US Dollars for a cruise trip!!!!

That’s 100 grand in Malaysia Ringgit!!!

Half the price of a human size plasma tv!!

A third a price of a bungalow in Klang Valley!!

3 years of University tuition fee in Australia!!

I can fly to England back and forth 30 times!!!

Eat 40,000 packets of instant noodle!!!!

Just for one trip!

Right, change of plan.

google earth Thailand

How much does it cost to travel around Thailand?


23 kissed Nicole

  1. wonder where you can find a bungalow in klang valley for RM300k.....

  2. A couple of hundred dollars a day. Like staying in a nice hotel, except this one floats and takes you places.

    I'm not saying I could afford it; just that I'm not surprised. ;-) Still, I'm sure you'll have more interesting experiences to write about for us if you travel on a budget.

  3. Not sure what's your point, but the price is very reasonable.

    The world doesn't stop because Malaysia's currency sucks, so we'll have to work extra hard to earn big bucks.

    Hope you'll be able to afford this cruise soon :)

  4. Yup, the price is pretty reasonable. Last I heard,its pretty much closer to US$100 000. Nicole, please let me know where I can buy a bungalow in Klang for RM 300k. Definitely interested as an investment property. Thanks.

  5. Haha...worth it if you have plenty of cash to burn!!

  6. the solution, jst work in a cruise ship for three months, in return maybe you might get rm 30 grand instead. if you have plenty of time, take a bus to thailand, in less than 20 hrs you should be in bangkok.

  7. guys, pardon the people who has yet to seen the world.

    i mean alot of us don't get fascinated by most of the facts that nicole is surprised by, like the things that amazed nicole during all her trips etc

    let her grow and one day she'll get used to all these too and when she looks back, she will find herself silly to be amazed by the reasonable price offered by that cruise company.

  8. but its cool to have this post up. because i am saving up for my honeymoon and now i know approximately how much i need to save up for a trip around the world with my baby.

  9. Hahaha. Amazing. I like ur desire to go around the world and loved to post u did on ur trip to Japan.

  10. someday i will bring u go
    wait for me

  11. no idea what you are saying, it's pretty reasonable. if you don't hv the money then don't simply making any judgment and wtf the meaning 'u don't actually believe someone would reply you? of cos for business' sake someone will and blogging about it?' no money don't say anything la.

  12. Wow! 75 US cents for instant noodles?

    What kind of fancy instant mee do you have over there??

  13. true love : lolx people got money or no money need to tell u anot? this is her blog, she will write anything she like, u dont like u can dont view it, no points making people feel miserable, this is what we used to call people like u, haters

  14. why the date date was on 2 january 2009?

  15. ronnie: at the far end of klang valley i suppose

    geraint: erm.. every true

    touge king: dun think i'll ever afford it

    roger: when i find one i'll let you know :)

    windwalker: yea man~!

    lil'd: thought about that, who wanna hire me?!!!

    hadi: pardon for being poor~ *sob* *sob*

    naviin: *sniff* u seem to be the only person who like it

    der: *pinky finger deal*

    true love: yea, no money *sob*. well, it cud be some random spam site i found on the website

    rodney: erm... korean kimchi instant noodle? they're quite delicious

    azra ain: coz it only depart every 109 days or so? fully book

  16. i find some comments here are plain stupid and dumb.

    yes no money don't travel and don't complain, but please look at your own face in the mirror and say that again. and price is reasonable, don't complain blah blah blah..!

    I guess people who said these kinda word haven't taste the word "poor" or have gone from poor to rich and now being arrogant. *pffft*

  17. nicole, try this instead. a cheaper and more exciting way =)

  18. The date shown is January 2, 2009?

  19. OMG....
    That's really....


  20. Actually....Rm100k is not so expensive if that's the cost around the worlds (thought I can't afford it at the moment!)...but be realistic, 109 days around the world, is that count the days 'on-land'? pretty rush trip though! hehe...Frankly speaking, I would rather ride on 4 wheel drive around the world.

  21. Well. You did mention an around-the-world cruise. I don't understand your shock at the pricing; I think it's pretty reasonable.

  22. Travel around Thailand ?

    Done that last year (alone, back-packed) for almost 40+ days (Oct & Nov) which cost me about 55thousand baths. Simple meal, no restaurant or fast food type of meal, nil souvenir bought. Travel by train from KL to Hadyai, stop at every possible town (about 20+ towns, all by public buses, hitch hike and van) before ending my trip at Chiang Rai (after their Lai Kratong festival), flew back by Air Asia. I spend most of my time at Northern part of Thailand due to it's cool weather.

    If you like to know more, write to me and I'll be gald to help where I can and advice you how to avoid the mistake I've make during my journey...

  23. 3 year of university fees in Australia? You msut be joking, or the uni you looked at was really cheap. My course charges 24k (with inflation every year) for my course. That's in Aussie dollars, yes, but even with conversion, that amount won't cover it.