Lots of Photos of Krabi, Thailand

Short Note: I am looking for housemates, can move in anytime. Playing monopoly alone is lonely. No, guys are not allowed. La la ~

I have been thinking a lot, monopoly aside. About work, study, life, career and family.

So here’s a bunch of photos from Krabi, Thailand for you while I do my thinking.

shang ri la table
Shangri-La, Krabi, nice dining setting

Centrepiece - It’s real

Very nice menu

menu inside

Soup - Strong taste of coconut milk

fruit platter
Love the ice cream – coconut flavour

Unique knife

me and matthew

Waiting to get changed – all wet

Credited to Matthew - I owed him this credit for doing most of the kayaking.

emerald pool
Emerald pool – natural emerald spring water

emerald pool group photo
Yes you can swim in it, no you can’t drink it.

hot spring notice
On the way to hot spring.

hot spring sign
So this is what contains in hot spring

krisnan, see tho, me, matthew
That’s Krisnan (ntv7), See Tho (my favourite uncle of all time, we still keep in contact), me and Matthew (ntv7).

Cook to eat?

me & oyster
Oysters… yum~ *I have yet to shower, shut up*

This is what Thailand is all about.

Kenny water

calamari rings
Delicious Calamari

See Tho taught me that there are three types of durians in Thailand.

One: the ridiculously big and hard tasteless durian which most of Thais love to eat, found mostly in Mid or Northern Thailand. I tried one in Bangkok but thought they served me unripe durian, Thais love their crunchy durians.

Two: the middle size, soft and smelly (fragrant) type which can be found mostly in the southern part of Thailand, which most Malaysians and Singaporeans love.

Three: I can’t remember. It’s been too long. -.-;;

This is the soooo nice smelly type.

cock shell
Some sculptures made from shells.

unicorns shell

rabbit shell
So cute!!! Wittle Wabbits~


28 kissed Nicole

  1. Such a beautiful place!

  2. KENNY water.. lol~~ how did it taste? did u suck dry til d last drop? poor kenny.. now he's with dried coconut..

  3. hahaha. lucky u, get to travel to so many places.
    u can move in with me if u want too~! f cyberjaya's not too far for u. =P

  4. Hehe...I like lurians...(^^)

  5. Your pix of food always make me go hungry...hehehe

  6. wow wish i could travel too..but im stuck here..even far from home im being controlled.. =[

  7. hurm, inviting someone to stay with u in blog, sounds dangerous.. and needy, u know u do not need to do this..

  8. I'm gay. Can I move in? ***smile evilly***

    Is that ST half-naked in the emerald pool?

  9. ilovepearly: oh it is

    zachary: are u trying to be sacarstic?

    cindy: oh no, I have a condo of my own, I need housemates. lol But thanks.

    jacky chin: me too

    seveno-seveno: go eat~ :D

    ~lyne~: one day, eventually

    der: why would renting out rooms to females be needy?

    simon: sorry, girls only :)

  10. Oh wow.. Crabs.. Love them! Thailand seafood are one of the best.. Another place with great seafood is none other than Kota Kinabalu. Yummy Yummy~~

    Those shell sculptures thingy are so.. so... exquisite! Did you buy any?

  11. I will be heading there soon!

  12. it is if u do it in blog, bcoz u open up to strangers

  13. amanda: really? yay~ i'm going there this march!

    jam: u shud try diving there if u have a license

    der: oh really? haha... maybe i am

  14. nicole, if i want to add u in msn, is that possible?

  15. Nice photos collection you have there, Nicole!

  16. omg, im soo in love with the colour scheme of the 1st photo!

  17. omg d rabbits are so cute~ =D did you buy?

  18. how much r u renting?

  19. love wen u said "3rd, its been too long..."

  20. So where are you staying in KK? I hope its Karambunai. I will heading opposite of that direction though.

  21. eeh...surprise to see krisnan in someone blog.

    i met him before, and he passed me see tho namecard....

    small world.

  22. yesh... It's SO delicious and fresh.. Oh cool! I shall be waiting for u to blog about it. Too bad i cant remember what's the name of that restaurant/place that sells reli fresh seafood. It's pretty famous so mbe if u ask the locals they might know. :D I can only remember it's like an open air kinda place.

    If you can i suggest u visit the Island. They are many Islands there. LOL. Happy choosing which one to go to. Haih. Once again i cant remember what's d name of the Island i've been too. hahaha. d last time i've been to KK was 2004!!

  23. have you been to phuket? which would u prefer? i'm planning to go there in may... wat u think?

  24. Unfortunately, I dun have one. However I will try to register a beginner course in Phuket or there. Tell you what, I will visit Phuket and Krabi in one go this August. Krabi is one day return trip. Judging from what you write, one day might not be enough to explore Krabi.

  25. Hi Nicole,

    Cool blog, very informative!

  26. Nicole,

    Very good blog. Come visit us for a dive sometime!!

  27. Your springs are so beautiful. I would so much like to visit Thailand. Me and my neice are planning to.

  28. Is this blog still active?