My mom’s 60th birthday present

Okay la.. I know I’m supposed to post this today (as in 19th January), but it has been a very busy day for me and by the time I reached home, it’s already tomorrow, or today. Erm.. nvm. … any~~~~~way… I haven’t sleep yet so it’s still counted as tomorrow in yesterday term. Or today for yesterday. Or tomorrow for today…


So yes, the present I bought for my mom on her 60th birthday. My brother and dad chipped in too, but mostly by my brother and me.

I I I I I I I …. *deep breath*……

Bought a bouquet for my mom!!!

money bouquet

You then will surely say “CHEH~~~!!! Flower only is it!!!!!”

Wait wait.. this is not a normal bouquet of flower. No!!! It’s far from that!!!

See how I chose the ribbons’ colour to be red and silver. Just like Chinese New Year!!!

money bouquet 2
“Tong tong ciang”

Not only that… it’s decorated with small cute little pixie flowers (I don’t know what to call these, so I just called them pixies cause they are so small) with a hint of violet.

decorative flowers

See how cute? Pretty right?

When I say this ain’t you ordinary bouquet, I meant this is NO ordinary bouquet.

money bouquet 3

Beautiful isn’t it? It’s HUGE too!!

Oh but what’s this?

RM10s flower

YEP!!! You guessed it!! It’s made of RM10 notes!!

And RM5 notes.

RM 5 & 10 flowers

It’s a bouquet that literally worths hundreds!! (can go by the thousand, next time I want to try RM100 notes)

Timeless present, here you go. It will never wither, never run out of fashion, never depreciates (maybe will due to inflation) and it’s even environmental friendly, you can RECYCLE it!!!

Lack of money, o.. just pluck out a stalk of flower.

money flowers

The only problem is, don’t walk around on the street alone with this bouquet. Flowers have never been more attractive.


44 kissed Nicole

  1. Woow!! I really like that bouquet!! Ingenious idea. But how long did it take you to come up with idea that anyways??

  2. don't be giving girls all these ideas!!

  3. kean: I hired someone to do it. :)

  4. ky: but but but.. why not?!

  5. Wow, so creative! I was going to ask whether you made it yourself, but I guess you've already answered :P

  6. Woooo... That is a pretty nifty idea. Kinda nice that the flower never dies off and the flower can come handy in emergencies.

    Hmm... Let's hope my girl won't be ready this post, which I highly doubt. hahaha... Dang, this is so gonna give her the wrong idea. ahahaha... Bad girl bad girl... :P

  7. Cool prezzie! Would have never thought of it! But yeah I agree with ky, bad idea lar..

    Bad for us guys haha =p later 'pokai' then die lor

  8. Hehe.. Nevermind. Give a big bouquet of blue flowers can already~

  9. The red note in the middle is the most prominent one as though it wants to receive the most attention haha

  10. I would get that flower but i am afraid the girl would used up all the money instead.. hmm

  11. Hah, I know the breed of the flower!

    It's the rare Cashus Roasoideae Roaseceae Rosales Magnoliopsida Mognoliophyta Plantae.

    *flashes a wide grin*

    Very extraordinary species indeed.

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by. =DDDDD

  12. wow...a very practical pressie huh...nice to see, nice to hold. when u are broke, flowers to help !!

  13. hey people look !!! Money does grow from trees. lol. Very creative indeed.

  14. That's a creative idea. I was never fond of flowers, but maybe I should try this tactic.

    But first, I must learn how to do those flowers.

  15. lolx.. gals always say if want give them flowers.. better give them cash.. i guess this is the way..

  16. It is so nice, how much does it cost?

  17. Man, i would have never though of it, i wanna make one too! who did you hire to make it? thanks

  18. contacts or anything to buy or at least learn to make it?

  19. ist that something like 'bunga hantaran' the malay use for their wedding proposal?

  20. Omg the flowers sequence is so nice!

    But i don't understand... you bought a bouquet of.. money flowers? hmm... did you like give them your own RM10 & RM5 notes? and where did you buy it from? looks like a really good gift for that special someone.


    Happy early birthday, nicole!


  21. Woahh!! Now that's a bouquet of "flowers" that my mom would love to receive. Hehe. Great idea.

  22. Hmm...a bouquet of flower made out of money. Not something new but haven't seen it out of TV before. Also, nice meeting you on Traffic Jam Party yesterday. First time meeting you in person. You're right, you look 16 not at all like 30.

  23. This is gonna be the most expensive bouquet that I ever see.

  24. Nicole, Nicole

    Assume that she used her left brain more event compared to her right.

    Gave me an idea so that I can give my girl-friend a bunch of ringrose. If you permit me to do so. lol.


  25. so this is the present lah.. :)


  26. try giving 99 roses that made from 50bucks note i tink it will make ur gf be astonish cuz it will 50 buck a rose which will clasified as one of the most expensive rose..hoho~

  27. Brilliant idea! Its a great piece of work. I can definitely imagine the joy in your Mum's face 4 receiving such a one-of-a-kind bday gift.

  28. I saw your blog today in the news with the Nuffnang team.

  29. Ahwww.... I want it too! How about using RM50? hehe...
    Really a creative idea... ;)

    And Happy Birthday to your mum oh nicole.

    P/s: Happy to meet and chat with you in Traffic Jam event. You're such a nice person.. Glad to meet you.

  30. very very ingenious idea

  31. wau, great idea, how much did it cost you to hire that person?

    you mum must be touched with the present.


  32. Guess in a month's time all the guys out there r gonna be broke for Valentines... Muahaha...

  33. I guess alot of people will disagree with me...but i think it's a horrid idea...

    real flowers are so much more beautiful...if i get this...i pull it apart and use the money offense but isn't pleasing to me...

    but then...everyone's different...

    i gave something to my mum too...on her's a wonderful feeling to be giving back to mum no?


  34. I like real flowers better, cos then I can smell the fragrant of it. My mum loves flowers too, but I don't think she'll mind getting these once in a while ;) How much did you pay for this bouquet?

  35. instead of money tree.. it's money bouquet! so creative lah! so clever also. =D

    yea.. i did went all.. cheh.. flower nia.. until i scroll down some more. lol..

  36. it's baby breath... those pixie flowers

  37. i also want!! next time ur wedding, what type of bouquet you know la hor. and invite me, and then buang to my direction. then my financial prob for MY wedding wud be solved :P

    (since its ur wedding, thousand dollar notes la hor)

  38. Is there any possible way for me to contact the person you hired ?? I would like to present it to my love one !

  39. i'm in the same page as linus. i think i'd use the money too... real flowers are way more beautiful.

    interesting idea nevertheless

  40. when my BF (now is hubby oledi) want to send me flower last time sure I'll request this type of bouquet, then he will gave up!!! haha

  41. I didnt know kean lee was here.. =/