Sometimes I feel that I left my brain on the moon

The title says it all.

Don't you just hate it when you are so blur and you tend to forget a lot of things.

Like leaving your cannot-live-without cell phone at home, or your house keys in the car 20 floors below, or even your OH-SO-IMPORTANT SD card reader at your hometown home some 240 kilometers away.

Wtf I can't even retrieve my photos from my camera to blog or to work. Damn, those cornetto blogs are delaying because of this la~

Luckily I have a big ass memory card of 2GB to fit as many photos as I wish, hence I take take photos from night till daylight until my index finger hurts also nevermind.

On another note, I can't believe I actually enjoy writing my assignment. Getting into the mood is good, now I can go without sleeping, eating, showering (eww...) for days. OMG... I need to attend the traffic jam thing this Saturday looking like a panda.


Oh... And I saw Timmy on TV this morning on rtm 2. keke, it's so odd to see your friends on tv, but then I have been looking at all my newly-made friends on reality shows recently anyway so it's just a joke box to me where you get to see your friends make fun of themselves.... except this is on national tv. -.-;;

I took a lot of photos too, ke ke ke... *shite... cannot upload them, have to wait till I go back to my hometown tonight.*

Oh.. by the way, tomorrow is my mom's 60th birthday~!!!! And I shall reveal in my next next entry what I bought for her. :D

I'm so broke now... bu huu huu..... *sniff*


10 kissed Nicole

  1. happy birthday aunty ....

  2. Nicole,
    Can I guess what you got for your mum? A mobile phone?

    Happy Birthday to your mum. Many more to come!:D

  3. Although i dont really know you but just want to say happy birthday to aunty.

  4. Hehe, get a big bag or pouch which u cannot go anywhere...that's my tactic for not forgetting to bring anything... (^_^)"

  5. ehh...typo..cannot go anywhere without...(^_^)

  6. hmm..
    since you have many picture of u..
    why dun u do a album of you and present it to ur mom..
    so she know what ure doing recently and can look at ur current..

  7. now? i m always broke

  8. lol. at least this don happen to u:

    me-- go downstairs cos want to take a bottle of water up to my room.

    ended up standing in the kitchen for few minutes thinking what am i doing in the kitchen. why am i there? haih...

  9. it's yr birhtday? happy birthday gal!! i m very blur too - i always cant find my stuff, and i would imagine myself designing a bluetooth/wave system that has many master/slave tags that I can stick on to those important things, and when i need them, i would go to the book with all the master tags to retrieve them back. (what if i lost the master book lol)!!

    anyway, i have large SD card too, in fact bcoz of having a mum who takes loadsss of pictures, I bought 3x2GB, 2x1GB, 1x500MB SD and flash card before I m on the trip to europe last oct hehehe... (did bring laptop =p no work no work)

  10. ops now only read i's your mum's birthday!! see told u i m a blur sotong hahahaha....

    kk Happy Birthday to aunty!!!