I left my brain on Mars

God now I bloody feel like an idiot.

Where did I put my brain? Last I checked I left it on the moon. But it's not there anymore~~~
Damn blur ass la recently.

Guess what?

Now that I have my SD card reader with me, and finally able to retrieve photos from my camera to blog and do some work.

I left my camera in my KL home 240KM from here. WTF??!!


Birthday with mom was quiet. She can't really go anyway since she's just learning to walk. So I bought some fancy doughnuts (getting tired of cakes) for her just now. Presented her birthday present from brother, dad and I this morning. Ho HO HOO....

Now she can show off to all the uncles and aunties this Chinese New Year. (For people who don't know when Chinese New Year is (that includes all the foreign readers, it's on 7th February this year.)

Will show you what I bought for mom tomorrow. Time for bed. Night~~!


8 kissed Nicole

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  2. that comment is deleted.. am i first again??!! YAY!!

    anyway, no comment.. lol

  3. lol. left it on mars pula! cute la u nicole... good thing u don say left ur brain on pluto le. :D

  4. Y left it on mars, put back to earth so you can write good post.

  5. u r clumsy haha. sry for the second post, forgot to write it on the first post.:)

  6. Nicole,

    I think it's your recent extreme low blood pressure (42?) that resulted in lower oxygen flowed to your brain. Hence, you will be less productive, forgetful, tire easily, sleepy etc.

    Advice: eat more foods that has source of iron like green vege, red meat like beef (too much meat will end up higher cholesterol). eat fruits for vitamins and exercise more to let the heart more active and strong (not weak heart beat), to pump more blood and better circulation.. (leads to rosy cheek, face)

    But, dont suddenly go for extreme exercise or push yourself too hard, go for light exercise and gradually increase it (if not, afraid that you'll faint)

    Crabby Unicorn

  7. u dun really reply to all the comments in every post..

  8. ur dress that u wore to traffic jam looked a lil sth like what ringo would wear. nice stuff!