So Euphoric, MY ARSE

Finally free of a certain commitment (read previous post), I can finally take time off to have a bit of fun and have wanted to write something happy.

But then last night something completely threw me off till I HAVE to blog about this. If not my soul and dignity will never forgive me.

If you're wondering what this is about. It is about that bloody Ministry of Sound Euphoria in Sunway resort.

Photo taken from MichaelYip.

When MOS first launched, everyone was ecstatic about it. Queue was incredibly insane and people couldn't stop flooding in to the club. I was away travelling and has been unable to settle down in Malaysia to visit any of these wonderful new clubs that's been popping up around town, since poppy. (OMG that is long!)

So after finishing off my final Master paper two days ago, last night I decided to give myself a break and went out with a few friends to this everyone-has-been club in town.

Everything was fine and peachy, we were ushered to the VIP sector (thanks for Lionel and *update* Wei Jen, is that how you spell your name? sorry I couldn't hear properly over the loud music), had a great time and I was even up at the podium (something I have not done for a LONG time) dancing.

That's when it happened.

As I got off the podium, I caught up with Casey and went behind the staircase away from the podium and the crowd. So imagine this, we were now standing in the passage way, which was wide enough for at least 5 people to walk hand-in-hand through from the entrance to the bar. As we were minding our business, a bouncer, out of no where, brushed him by. Shoulder to shoulder rub.

Usually when that happens, one turn around and apologize briefly, and go on his/her way.


Not for this guy.

This massive bouncer turned around, and said "You wait here", with a warning tone. And believe me when I say I saw it with my own eyes that he went away, came back briefly and started accusing Casey for blocking the passage. And Casey denied it and said he did not. The bouncer became very pissed off and after a few more debates (and a very brief one at that, I remember it was less than 30 seconds, I didn't hear the exact content over the noisy background but it seemed like a civil debate at the point of time), and put his disgusting hand on Casey's arm and lead him out of the club.

Lionel and I was shocked at the point, didn't know what to do, we followed this bouncer who was showing Casey OUT of the club!!!

Outside, I heard him accusing Casey of pushing him, repeatedly claiming that he was blocking the way and get this, RUDELY pointing his FAT FINGER at him and IN MY FACE when I came in between them to ask what happen.

YOU DO NOT POINT at a LADY. In fact, you DO NOT point at anyone for that matter.

excuse me?! You showed my friend out of the club for blocking the way and accused him for pushing you WHEN I saw it with my own eyes that it was merely a little accidental shoulder brushing?!

What? Are you so TINY and WEAK that someone like Casey can actually PUSHED you while talking to me?! You calling yourself a bouncer? Huh?


If he was even blocking the passage, YOU DO NOT turn around and said "YOU WAIT HERE", you say "sorry sir but can you please move to a side and not block the way". If he was even blocking the passage, and how did, pray I ask, your TINY SO SMALL PUNY LITTLE BODY can go through huh MR FAZLI! Tell me that!

Oh, you know what, that was not the best part! THE BEST PART was when I moved my hand over his finger to literally stop him from pointing his right index finger towards my friend and to my face, you know what he did?! OMG I tell you what he did.



MR FAZLI!!! I AM ACCUSING YOU FOR PUSHING ME! Yes, I am a weak damsel who just got shoved aside from a MANLY MAN such as yourself.

And for that, I am going to announce your bloody name to the entire world. MR FAZLI.

All this happened when we were outside the club.

YES WE'VE BEEN SHOWED OUT THE CLUB (actually Casey did, me and Lionel just followed him and the MR FAZLI out).

It got even better when I demanded to see the manager.

You know what he said?

He replied, with the most sarcasm tone, and a SMIRK on his face: "you drunk, you go back now" (he pulled a serious face when saying this and then resumed his smirk as if feeling funny a little girl like me is standing up to challenge him).

Excuse me Mr. FAZLI, one do not get drunk from an overpriced screwdriver that tasted more like diluted orange juice than an actual vodka orange concoction. And one definitely do not get drunk from just ONE glass of long island tea, and definitely will NOT REMAIN high when that long island tea was drunk more than an hour ago!

When I demanded to see the manager again, he lifted his head and gestured forward indicating a guy standing at the bottom of the stair. "There, my manager"

I walked to the manager immediately, told him my situation, and you know what he said?!

"We have CCTV and your actions will be caught on TV, leave your contacts and we will find out what happened?"

DID I HEAR A CHALLENGE?! Correct me if I'm wrong, but did the manager just challenged me with the fact that the club is equipped with CCTV and was he calling my bluff?

Too bad I forgot to ask for his name, but I did ask him for that bouncer's name, yes MR FAZLI, your manager gave me your name because he obviously DO NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT HIS CUSTOMER and DARED ME TO REMEMBER YOUR NAME FOR I CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT ANYWAY! RIGHT?


We left the club immediately after that (yes we left, no point staying especially since we're no longer in whatsoever mood), feeling absolutely rotten with the night completely ruined. And thank you MR FAZLI, you have ruined my FIRST and LAST visit to EUPHORIA.

To think I even queued for a good ONE HOUR to get in in the first place, feeling stupidly anticipated in the first place to be visiting this ever so famous club in town.

STUPID LONG QUEUE. What's with people queueing for so long to a club, a club which obviously pales drastically in comparison with the MOS in Singapore. Yes they have great music (at least for last night) and non-smoking rule indoor (which is by far the only best thing I can remember now), but I WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER GO BACK TO EUPHORIA AGAIN. EVER. SCREW YOU.




46 kissed Nicole

  1. yes they sell overpriced cheap liquor. screw them!

  2. MOS Singapore CAN!

    MOS Malaysia TAK boleh!

  3. hey i saw u walk pas wif a guy...^^nice to see u there..lolz

  4. maybe you should blog about this in the papers? let them know that lil young damsels are not to be messed with?

    god!! i hate guys who think they're ALL THAT just because their bodies r large.. anyone can build muscle mass.. but can just about anyone get a doctorate from a reputable uni for a recognized degree? thats what i look for.. i choose brains over brawn any day.. and obviously, mr fazli is all brawn and no brains.. shocking.. but yeah.. everyone should boycott mos in sunway.. go to the one in singapore!! coz my uncle works there :p and he deserves the moolah much more than mos here!!

  5. I think you could even make a police report against them for harassment.



  7. Bouncers are uneducated people with a huge chip on their shoulders. Pimps!!! Let's all boycote Euphoria! Nobody goes to Euphoria until the establishment apologise to our Nicole publicly. Yeah!!

  8. Wtf! god bless nothing bad happen to you all...

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  10. Hi Nicole,

    I would like to ask u some question pertaining to scuba diving course that u have taken before. As I know that u just took for 4 days course and u got the Padi license already. Can I know which scuba school that u had register before. If can may I know the contact of the school and all the price list including accomodation. I hope I can get your reply as soon as possible. Thanks. By the way this is my email add.


  11. HI Nicole

    So sorry to hear your fun or supposedly the night of celebration ruined by an idiot & further ruined by the manager...Talking about "customer being the king", "customer service",yeah & all those stuff...You're perfectly justified being totally angry & pissed off....

  12. Forgot to say naturally bad customer service will translate to bad business........

  13. I assume Mr. Fazli is a Malay. So Malay = Muslim. Can he go to club or even work there? may want to try JAIS or the Fatwa council.

  14. Oh gosh, you did well to write about it. Serves them right to get this kind of publicity.

  15. Well, that's clubs. Wait until you're allowed to pay to get into some glorified shed equipped with a sound system the one essential quality of which is loudness. Stump up even more for crap drinks, which probably aren't what you ordered since no-one can hear anyone else. Having said that, you'd expect a reputable place to have properly trained bouncers.

    Oh, and if you aren't at least a bit drunk from one long island iced tea then they haven't made that properly either. ;-)

  16. uhmmm... sorry to hear about it.

    I never go to clubs anyway... I much rather use the money to enjoy in good restaurants :)

  17. Sunway has a club? haha

    Ok la, I know it has clubs, but I guess this Euphoria place can't be that famous, since I've never heard anyone mention it before. I guess better to stick to KL clubs eh?

    Hearsay from my kaki clubbing friends la. I myself have never gone clubbing... yet. =P

  18. OMG!!! I feels like burning reading this article..Sooo angry! mad!I hope readers..especially girls.ladies readers.. think twice before going to this place!!

  19. There were countless times I accidently brushed or bang into the bouncer at clubs, but all of them will apologise and move on, cause they are supposed to do that.

    This is one unique case. Will think twice bout going to MOS.

  20. You go girl. I hate bouncers with attitude. They just ruin the scene for everyone.

  21. hey wazzup!

    i'm just a bloggr passing by and find your story seemingly interesting, if you dont mind, i would love to publish your post on my blog, if thats alright without of course!

    so do get back to me =) my blog's @

  22. Poor dear... I won't go either. Unless those 2 idiots are sacked...

  23. Hi there , i saw ur in euphoria but i wasnt sure its u cause its too dark! In fact just 1 step away. Should have say hi. And yea,it was my first time there too and the mat salleh door watcher shove me off too when my friend wanted to bring me in with receipt in hand. Euphoria staff never treat us like valuable patrons. Boycott !

  24. boycott this place?

    unfortunate that we have these kind of people and spoil the good name of the place.

  25. Hi Nic, MOS in SG closed already =(

  26. You should take a phone pic of the situation. CCTV ... my big toe in the manager's arse if he said that he looked into the matter. Yea!!! I hate such clubs.

  27. kekekeke.. do not mess with nicole i say...

  28. OK. no more reason for me to want to step foot in euphoria now.

    there is something wrong with our bouncers here in kl. they dont act professionally and behave more like gangsters when they should be playing the peacekeeper role.

    my frens and i had a horrible experience at coco-banana not too long ago. guilt of starting the fight actually falls on some of my frens who were already pretty intoxicated. however, instead of easing the tension and safely escorting the troublemakers outta the premise, the bouncers of coco-banana flamed and alleviated the whole situation. even at one stage, 1 (or 2) bouncers were actually taunting my frens to fight them!

    so after much drama, we left the premise, while i escorted the girls away from the scene....another fight ensued inside the club right after!!! and i saw with my own eyes, the bouncers throwing projectiles at customers: i saw a bouncer throwing a traffic cone at an escaping patron, it missed him but came close to hitting an incoming car (toyota harrier)...

    somebody should do something about this. what is their (bouncers) rules of engagement??

  29. nic,
    U have to understand the bouncer and try to apply some psychology 101 here.He prob suffers from some kind of inferiority complex which makes him act in such a boorish manner. My guess is that either his dick is too small, he suffers from ED due to steriod use, he was sexually abused as a chile, etc. So, the conclusion is that we should pity him dearly and not get angry at the poor guy who prob cries everytime he goes to pee....

  30. MINISTRY OF SOUND SUX! Singapore's MOS CLOSED DOWN! HAHAHA! ZOUK is still king in sg. good riddence to MOS.

  31. Seriously, I hate people who are rude especially to lady. Anyway, they are wrong for assuming that you can't do anything on them. You have your most 'influential weapon' - and they should feel sorry.

  32. hey.. just to let u know, the MOS in Singapore has closed down already! it's now replaced by another club!

  33. crap!.. what is more pissing is the manager's attitude.. it just seems that [customer is always right] doesnt apply anymore!..

  34. meh... the place is decent I guess... but WAY over-rated

    in terms of music and atmosphere... its pretty good la.. especially during 'events'...

    too bad about the rest of it:

    1) over priced liqeur - the last time I went, 420 is cost of their cheapest bottle and only admits 3 people... (wth??)

    2)the people that go there - drunkards are quite a normal thing in clubs la I guess... but I'm talking like almost every other time my friends have gone there, they either have been verbally of physically abused by people.. where pray tell was Mr Fazli then?

    3)ridiculously over packed - some people go there to chill others go there to dance... how do you do either when there's no space at all?? You can't even wiggle your toe without hitting some one in the eye!

    my biggest bitch would probably have to be:

    4) guy to girl ratio: damnn! its a bloody sausage fest there XD!

    anyway I have a suggestion if you want something to be actually done about this... get people to repost this post in their blogs in show of support...everyone should title it : MOS Malaysia, so it shows up when people run a search on google.. :P~

    asking people not to go won't really work I think... cos the place is so over-rated that people flock to it any way and a few people missing won't make a difference...

    so hurting their reputation is a lot more effective than trying to hurt their takings...

  35. Bah! Boycott MOS! Go to Quattro! :-)

  36. Very sad to note of the arroganceness of MOS. Probably business is doing too well for them that they can effort to offend their guests. Everyone should teach them a lesson by boycotting them, then they will know/learn not to take guests for granted ....Rich

  37. I don't club much, but from what I've experienced, the bouncers we have in the KL scene are all rude, rude, RUDE! What's with them?! I understand that they have to be tough and firm and strict, whatever, to make sure that everything runs smoothly and all, but why do they have to be so freaking rude when talking to us, the people who are freaking paying to get in?!

    I mean, yeah, sure there are some drunk dumbos who cause trouble and all, but that doesn't mean that you, the bouncer, have to talk to all of us as though we are all freaking drunk and trouble makers!!

    Bouncers have ruined my night out at the clubs even BEFORE I've stepped foot INTO the club. :(

    Sux so bad.

  38. According to Wikipedia, (Studies suggest that one of the reasons that some bouncers emphasise physical force is their self image as a strongly masculine group, which requires them to respond to aggression in violent ways.)

    Read more here-

    some bouncers are Gangsters!!!

    So best thing is to avoid clubs and these type of people!!! I never let my daughter go there anyway.

    In your case, luckily its just a mouth to mouth fight, not smash car window, rape, and worst things ....

    and speaking bad about Mr Fazli's name on the public is really gonna help much, cause you are a public figure, and its easy to track you down to take revenge.

    Remember... these gangsters dare to do anything and everything bad.
    Best thing is to avoid going such places!!!

    Uncle Sam

  39. all bouncers in KL were rude is the sucks !!!
    actually some of the mos bouncers is not bad...
    but the stupid mr fazil is so damn cheap man!!!!
    I hate rude bouncers !!!!!!!

  40. I strongly support you to stand tall when it,s about our rights to be treated decently , especially in these kind of places, where they were so judging by appeareances, even sweet girl like you got bad situation. and some damned stupid fool just pick the wrong victim this time.Go.Nicole...go....

  41. pretty dangerous generalization to say that all bouncers are rude. Mr. Fazli maybe, and you're unlucky to have met him, but not all bouncers are rude.

    and they're bouncers, not day-care teachers. they fend off people,but some get carried away,obviously.

    i dont believe cursing Mr. Fazli downright, inside out ever made things better.

    but nicole, its good that you have your say to the rightful authorities.

  42. Pass the message to everyone, boycott Euphoria indefintely, why do we need to go that places and pay high prices for diluted drinks, might as well go to Ampang happening places incl Traders Hotel.
    Make them pay, BOYCOTT Euphoria !! Spend your money elsewhere !!
    F#@#@#k this Mr Fazli !! Excuse my language !!!

  43. hey everyone. i have the same opinion in regards to Euphoria as well. We have a small group of reviewers and bloggers for the night scene known as the whales united, and so far, some comments came back negative abt Euphoria. its sad for a supposingly posh place like that to have low quality of service. i believe what u say and some bouncers can be really nasty (seeing it being done to patrons in various clubs) but i have met some bouncers in these few months, extremely nice and friendly chaps. i guess that's the way it should be. i reckon they should understand whats going on, buck up before it gets outta hand.
    my 2 cents.cheers

  44. problemn with clubs in malaysia,the chinese bosses had to employed these kind of muslim bouncers,fuck up muslim bartenders and waiterss in order for the malaysian government not to banned their business licensed,so these muslims workers r a real arsehole,these mr fazli probably jealous seeing u and casey and he just let the steam off,(nice girl like u in the disco and then u got pissed drunk and ends up being screwed by casey coz u like to be fucked get it?),if u r malaysian then u probably understand ,double standard!!! my advice to nice girl like you,keep away from these satanic places :-p