Back to Langkawi

Short note: *comments deleted* sigh.. why bother. really~

Soon after my Southern Thailand trip, I unpacked, packed again and took off to the island of duty free with my friends as organised on I LOVE TRAVEL event.

map of langkawi
Langkawi map

As we waited for people to gather around from various parts of Malaysia, we had lunch at KFC Langkawi.

in kfc langkawi

It's always nice to be travelling with people, an experience I don't get to have often, it's even better when it's with people you know and like. :)

in cable car

So together three guys and two girls, we went to check in to the hotel at Langkawi Lagoon Resort (we girls checked in here & the guys else where).

welcome drink at langkawi resort
welcome drinks at the hotel

The rooms were pretty decent but at a rate of RM700 a night I thought it was a total rip off.

langkawi resort

The room was small but it was rather alright I supposed.

me at langkawi resort
Too dark?

glowing me
Too bright? I can't decide. >_<

It did have a very nice pool+sea view though.

very nice swimming pool in langkawi resort

We rented a car and drove to the west where we took the cable car up the mountain for a view over langkawi.

inside cable car

Sadly the weather wasn't too clear up there.

cloudy day in langkawi

posing at 652

But the curve bridge was still magnificent though. :)

curve bridge on a cloudy day

me and jason acting silly on bridge
Jason and I being silly

glowing gerald
Gerald glowing in the sun. wait? what sun?

In this photo I was attempting a group kiss pose photo at the curve bridge.

langkawi curve bridge

But alas not everyone did it. Guys are so shy sometimes. Or is it their ego?

So we took again. (shamelessly ask a tourist there to take for us again. :p)

kiss pose at langkawi curve bridge

As we moved further up, the air got rather windy.

700 meter

toilet in the sky
Anyone want to pee at 700 meters above sea level?

one a fine day sign

blurred sky in langkawi
looks like we won't be seeing any sunset

The wind force was just nice to actually do a lot of model-like-wind-in-the-face shoot.

posing at 700 meter

on top of able tower deck

In my next entry, I am going to show you what is the real way to spend your holiday in Langkawi. Oh yes, there will be alcohol involved. ;)

Now, let me show you my shampoo commercial shoot attempt.

hair blowing

Fuuwa~ let me hair fly fly fly...

hair blowing 2

Any saloon want to sponsor my hair do?


24 kissed Nicole

  1. U had a good time in Langkawi, and u did let your hair down. Good for u.

  2. Who is that ass hole who ripped you off after having a makan date with you. That's a very old trick you seemed to have fallen for. Taken any photo of you. If got, why not post it in your blog? Hum Kar Chan to him.

  3. Hi Nicole, I've been reading your blog for quite awhile. I think you have fabulous skin. But I think I saw some blemish on your skin or the lighting isn't right. But could you please let us know about how you keep your skin so clear even on holidays? cuz I always have breakouts after holidays.

  4. wtf...he is a man!! not only he ask u to pay 'first' but also runs away...f**king loser...

  5. I would say this is what happens when u meet up with people u dont really know. Make it a lesson to be learnt.

  6. Dat Sui Chai who conned u a dinner is a real rascal. Got his pix? - post it we will go for him.

  7. That guy is such an ass!
    *throws rotten eggs

  8. My sympathy to you. It is totally disgusting for the person to have ripped you off in such a way.

    I was initially plans to request for a meet up with you when I visits Bkk, but guess, you must be wary of strangers/readers by now.

    Whatever it is, dont be sad. Just bear in mind to be more cautious against stranger in future ok?

    Smile :)

  9. U guys can see his pics what.... just click on the word anonymous in the paragraph..... duh

  10. I hope you don't lose faith in strangers over this!

    You are so beautiful and I enjoy reading about your travels and the lovely places you see!

    I hope I can meet you someday on the road when I begin my travels! :) you seem so much fun! Good luck!

  11. What if he really has something urgent to attend to? And did not have the time to contact you? Anyway be positive. Cheers :) may good luck comes to you after misfortune.

  12. hi Nicole,

    Have been reading your blog whenever my boss is not around and time permits.

    That guy who left you high and dry..any pic of it up man..let the whole world know wat a cheap @$$hole he is...

  13. To nelson, his pics is available what... just click on the ord anonymous in the paragraph.... pengz!

  14. lucky it wasn't fucking and run away...

  15. ya nicole, just blog about him once again!! let the WHOLE WORLD know what kind of CHEAP ASS of him!!

    let him noe he had done this to a wrong person!! at least not a hot blogger..

    btw love ur langkawi post!!

    can i have your email address??

  16. yeah, it's obvious that it's him. who else did she meet besides him?

    anyway, maybe (and hopefully) he has his reasons to leave so urgently.


  17. nicole, it is the bernard tan guy right? okie next time i see him ill ask people to whack him! douchebag! ladies (n gentlemen) beware of this douche

  18. Anonymous reader ripped you off?
    Now i envy your lifestyle even more. No wonder they say that people experience life much more while traveling.

    But hey, I'm pretty sure its an experience. (though not a good one, but its still an experience)

  19. oww..nicole, dont trust strangers too much..i know u have a big heart but dont let anyone take advantage of you..just be extra careful next time..not all people are nice..

  20. Do you have any inkling as to where that SOB stays or works? I'll help you track him down and demand that he apologises to you and to pay back what he owes you. Just disclose his particulars and I'll do the rest for you, my fair lady. Taken a photo of him? Or can you possibly come up with a photo-fit of that hum kar ling? Should he be reading this blog of yours, come everybody shows him your middle finger!!

  21. omfg that bridge is so frickin' awesome i wanna go take me take me

  22. I went there last two months ago n it was still under construction then!! >_<

  23. what happened with Miss-I'm-Not-Here face? something goes wrong between you? (I am a busy body person.. blerghh.. sowee Nicole)

  24. which entry these people talking about? i wanna read it tooooooooo...