Typical Day Living in Bangkok

Short Note: Obama has been elected as the first black american blooded President of the United State of America!!!!! Abraham Lincoln is going shed tears in his grave.

When are we going to have our first Chinese or Indian PM huh? huh? HUH?

Let's just hope that the USA citizens don't hate him as much as Bush 5 years down the road.

A week ago a reader of mine messaged me (or was it emailed? can't remember) to ask about budget comfortable stays in Bangkok.

I replied him with the recommendation of my semi-serviced apartment/hotel/studio condo for the rooms here are indeed very comfortable and within his range of budget. Which of course, minus his knowledge that I was living in the same building.

All was left forgotten until yesterday when he messaged me on facebook announcing his arrival in Bangkok and have checked into the building I suggested and living in.

facebook chat

So! We met up for drinks. :D (he's staying a storey below me)

I showed Bernard (his name) how's my typical day out in Bangkok is like today (I have not slept yet so it's still today, I know it's already 6am).

smiling bernard
Smiley chap he is.

Meeting up in the lobby, we took a taxi to Siam Paragon for lunch at Fuji restaurant - one of my favourite Japanese restaurants. :D

We had Cheese Tofu. (or I had, seeing that I finished most of it :p)

cheese tofu

It's like cream cheese, but very tofu-y. Soft and cheesy. It was drizzled with honey and it's SO SO SO good. yum~

me posing with cheese tofu

For the first time I had a sashimi boat in Thailand with someone else. :D

sashimi boat
Bernard ordered it of course.

Bernard's using a Nikon D40 camera so I couldn't resist taking photos with it.

camwhore with D40

Then I resumed to my eating while Bernard continue helping me camwhore.

looking at menu

My favourite dish in the restaurant is the Unagi Cream Cheese Roll. So yummy can die.

unagi cheese roll

Later on we took the BTS to Sala Daeng, then MRT to Lumphini to take a walk around the famous Suan Lum Night Bazaar.

suan lum night bazaar

It's something like a late night Chaktukchak, not as cheap, not as big, but minus the heat. :D

I led him straight to my favourite coffee outlet in Thailand - DOI TUNG!

cafe doitung at suan lum
There's one in Chiang Rai, one in Huahin, and one here in Bangkok.

Doi Tung serves Thai produced coffee, which in my very personal opinion, it's pretty good (not the coffee, the ice chocolate I mean, I don't drink coffee :p ). And it's cheaper than starbucks.

doitung menu board

Oh by the way, do you know what there are no such thing as free wifi in coffee shops/outlets in Thailand? Yep, no free wifi in Starbucks either. It's things like this that make me miss Malaysia, le sigh.

inside doitung coffee

Doi Tung charges 60 baht per hour (trust me, this is already cheaper than Starbucks' wifi here).

nice lights

But people still come here for the lovely ambiance and a good afternoon read. At times I bring my laptop here to work when I get tired of staying in the room.

doi tung kokuto latte
The infamous Kokuto Latte which Bernard ordered (I don't drink coffee remember)

camwhore at doitung
inserting camwhore pic at own will. la la la~

Oh btw, Bernard is on his quest to backpack around Indo-China.

bernard's backpack

It's not everyday you hear a Malaysian telling you that he/she is travelling around Indo-China alone, I get estastic everytime I hear it. It's a sign that Malaysians are finally breaking out of its comfort zone/shell and beginning to venture out and explore the world the real way.

bernard eating grasshoper
Yay! that's the real way! Bernard's damn sporting.
(that's a grasshopper btw)

He was going to fly from Bangkok to Hanoi, Vietnam. I suggested him to travel there on land, crossing borders through Laos. Guess what?! I think he's going to do it!! You go Bernard!! Don't forget to go tubing if you ever land yourself in Vang Vieng k?!

After drink we went out to look-see around Suan Lum.

I've always enjoyed walking in bazaar or night market, there're always a lot of nice things to see, even though you can't always afford them. But you sure will work damn hard to get them the next round! It's one of the best therapies. (Unless of course you find something that you really really like and god forbid for the love of your life cannot afford it)

thai barbie
Haha! Thai barbie!

beautiful lights
Pretty ball lights. I remember Wendy loves these.

Bernard was very fascinated with this old T-shirt.

i'm a virgin shirt
This should be a vintage.

I, however, was attracted to this shirt. :D

my boyfriend my other boyfriend
Haha!!! Brilliant!

Then I came by this shop which I simply adored! They sold collars!! How unique!

I couldn't resist trying some of them.

french maid
Bernard I looked like french maid here.

French Maid collar costed 1190 baht. o.O

Then I tried on a black lacey collar.

tying black collar

This one costed 450 baht. o.O!!

black collar

Nice or not? Better be! It's a bloody RM49 riggit ok!

Or you prefer a white one?

tying a knot

white collar
Ok my pose looked weird here.

White? Black?

Or maybe a cool hat no? :D

cool white hat

Yep, that's about it. My typical day out living in Bangkok. Occasionally meeting up with readers who's coming to pay me a visit in Bangkok. Which reminds me, I'm meeting with Dennis, another reader, and his friend who're arriving this friday for dinner.

Hey, why everyone coming to Bangkok end of the year one a?


20 kissed Nicole

  1. The bottom line is " Bernard u r a damn lucky guy"

  2. Hi, may I check with you, what's the name of the semi-serviced apartment/hotel/studio condo and where is it located?

    Maybe you can drop me an email if you are free. Thanks alot.

  3. i wanna come too....hehehehe. btw, how long will you be in bangkok? me and my spouse coming down soon. maybe can meet you in person too.... :)

  4. The 1st collar is soooooo pretty !

  5. Hey nicole, can you tell me the name and location of the place u are staying too?
    is sukhumvit central enough to get around easily?

  6. I have that t-shirt. :)

    The one that goes "I'm still a virgin - this is a really old t-shirt" but mine is white with red lettering. I wore it to church once...don't think the pastor liked that. ;)

  7. That boyfriend t-shirt can be found in Malaysia too!

  8. I share your sentiment on obama and abe. well its a change at least, lets hope for the better. asian american president? hmm possible maybe in maybe the next 500yrs, but unlikely.

  9. nicole, i hope you told bernard it flooded in vietnam. I'm a Malaysian that waded in the rain/flood water for 10 days from Saigon all the way to Hanoi. Your Cambodia posts were gr8 help tho. See ya at Loi Kratong :p

  10. i like the new hairstyle

  11. Same goes for Newcastle in UK!

    Apparently my accomodation was new and i came ahead of schedule so no internet! I went on a quest to look out for free WiFi but to no avail! They only have hotspots! :(

  12. Nicole you're starting to look like a Thai girl! keke

  13. Nic u look the picture of femininity and sweetness in your white lacey blouse. Think i wouldn't mind checking into the same building too! haha

  14. dam, if only i read your blog earlier haha. i was in bangkok back in june/july. i miss bangkok so much!! had sooo much fun!

  15. I think you have....
    ..........gained weight?!
    must be Thailand gt many delicious food..

  16. is this the pundek that conned you the dinner?

  17. So the rascal is Benard.. OK will inform the interpol/FBI/Scotland Yard to trace him down.

  18. Boss, you look so Thai now.

  19. Liking the French maid styling. Since a lot of people are flocking to Bangkok, you can start a "Nicolekiss Guide to Bangkok" writeup ;)

  20. Hey Nicole, Deanna here! It's cold here in Muak Lek. We gotta meet up one of these days while you're still in Bangkok!