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You know how annoying it is when you call someone on mobile and it cost a bomb. And sometimes you need to pay RM6 for a minute because it’s an international roaming call even when you hang up like 10 seconds later?

It’s even more annoying when you’re the one receiving the call and hang up after 5 seconds because it’s a wrong number! And you still get charged for a full half minute!!

That was how I felt in my recent trip to Australia. So many calls, so many dell calls!


But what if there are phone calls charge base on one second blocks rather than a 30-second block, I would think it would be a pretty bloody brilliant (this is me acting OZ like), not even Australian telco can do that (Australian phone calls are also based on 30-second block).

Well, if you’re wondering what this is about. Good question. It’s about this guy that’s been popping everywhere in town with his freaskishly long face.

u mobile long face guy

I know, disturbing isn’t it?

Reminds me of Stuart taking a ride in Dreamworld, Australia.


Mr Orange is actually associated with the new telco in town called U Mobile. (starting with 018)

ceo of u mobile
That’s the CEO btw.

And they charge base on one-second blocks. :D

That means for those cheap folks, you can call someone to declare that you have arrived, and hang up within a second. Save the cost, save the talk time, save the effort of typing!

cheapo man on phone

Don’t laugh, I bet a lot of people will do that

Or pay only 1 sen per SMS when you SMS to U Mobile users.

1 cent message

For a traveller like me, I hardly use my phone when I’m abroad (because roaming charges are bloody expensive ok), most times, I don’t use up the minimum credit on my mobile postpaid plans, which means I waste my money each month paying for credits I don’t use.

U Mobile has solved that by coming out with a RM38 postpaid plan which is currently the lowest commitment fee needed for postpaid plan from any telco in Malaysia at the moment. And in return you will receive 12,000 seconds of free call!

u38 plan
Not to mention free talk time! :D

In fact, go all the cheapo and call your U Mobile friends and family for free.

free talk time
(Get your friends and family to subscribe to U Mobile and make calls to them for free from now till 31st March 2009, Prepaid or Postpaid alike.)

They can bring their existing numbers from other telcos and enjoy the same benefits!

With the U98 plan, you can even select a phone package to get a 3G phone at a much cheaper rate.

my phone at latest phone with u mobile

And they offer free starterpack for their prepaid plan!

u mobile on my lap

So that means I just buy pure credit and use them as it is! :D And with every reload, they will give you 20% (dua puluh!) free airtime, every single time.

And you also get 10 free SMS for every RM10 you use with 30 days. Not only you get rewarded then you top up, you get rewarded when you spend them! (I mean, it’s two bird at one stone, you top up to spend afterall right?) Then when you hit RM100 in a month, you get another 10 free SMSes!

Unlimited Mobile Ring Back Tone downloads, and Unlimited Mobile Live TV viewing and 5 Free Game downloads. (Promos in the last two paragraphs are valid till 31st Dec 2008)

free prepaid pack
Pretty impressive, eh?

They had me at one-second block charges.

Here’s a little contest, U Mobile is giving out free 018 Prepaid starter packs with RM50 Top-ups to try out the service, and also goodie bags for 5 lucky winners!

But this is the catch, create a four-picture comic strip that tells ur cheapo story of mobile phone calls. You are required to incorporate either of these two lines into your comic: “Call The Shots” or “Pay For What You Need”

four comic strip template

You can draw, use photo to illustrate, act the part out, whatever it takes. YOU CALL THE SHOTS! (ohh... I’m good at this)

Email me at nicootan@gmail.com with your full name and contact details (mobile number + address) and with the attached comic.

Judging is based on the height of my laughing meter, your creativity skill and photograph/drawing techniques. Decision by U Mobile (or me) is final. Contest is open only for Malaysians. If I’m nice enough, i might even publish your work out for all to see and tag u at that.

It’s easy to win, as long you don’t draw like this.

u mobile drawing

I think my U is “terbalik” (inverted). Damn.

Here’s a little video for your entertainment.


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  1. Nico, where can i buy this? and how's d network coverage?

  2. Yeap its cool - M using it quite awhile since its birth.

  3. You got your English all twisted up...how on earth does one "pay a minute for RM6..." rather than pay RM6 for a minute...OMG

  4. Hi Nicole,

    This is my first time commenting here. Been reading your blog for about 1.5 years now.

    Anyway, if you wanna call home (Malaysia) from Australia, you can use a calling card. The charge is very very low. It's like 1 cent per minute for landline and 3 cents for calls made to mobile phones. I forgot the name of the card but I guess you can find out from any Malaysians living there. I used this card when I was in OZ a few months ago. The card can be bought at AUD10 or AUD30. It's sorta like a prepaid card. Try it out. You can talk for almost 5 hours (IIANM) on the AUD10 card.

    I don't know if you know this already. Just thought it might help. Have a nice day. You're beautiful.

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  6. Nicole,
    out of the topic but...

    What are your thoughts on the Kenny Sia scandal?


    Did you have any sexual relations with him?

  7. I was with Orange (before switching to Optus) in Australia and the former has a really good plan. The charging block is 5 or 10 seconds (can't remember which). I only switched coz I...er, defaulted on the bill. It was ridiculous, I think around the AUD 2k region. Had to. :(

  8. "And sometimes you need to pay RM6 for a minute because..." sounds so much better now - at least you took the trouble to correct that. Have a nice day... :)

  9. Oh well, before you mislead your readers. please bear in mind that there are some catch in those FREE Calls.

    Firstly, you as a postpaid prepaid user, you only get 30 hours of free call to another U-mobile number. And seriously, how many ppl are actually using U-mobile? Just scroll around your phonebook and i am pretty sure you will find less than 2% of your contact using U-Mobile.

    My point is, even with 30 hours of free calls given, you hardly get to use it.

    On its network coverage, Did you know that U-mobile only has coverage within Klang Valley. Outside of klang valley, its riding on Celcom's network, which simply means that they have to pay Celcom. So will celcom be so stupid to charge their competitor a cheap price?

    Another point to ponder is that Umobile is own by TSVT. He has a a bad reputation in running business. His company MITV fail miserrably. To cover the failure, he decided to change the name to Umobile. With MNP, Umobile is bound to lose out.

    Just wait and see.