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Felt like years have gone by since I landed here. What was a strange place, now became more familiar than norm would allow. Memories filled every corner, but not yet, for time did not permit that, nor chances. What was hope and dreams, faded away, as it was crushed completely beneath me.

Did i deserve it? Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows.

The words rang hard into my ears, as tears filled my eyes. Memories clouded my thoughts. No longer know why I was here, I dug further into my books to force enter another realm of fantasy. As I looked out the balcony, reality seeped in, people bustling through the day, winter is near and it has gotten cooler and windier here. Yet as an observer to this outside world, it was all so dreamlike at the same time. It didn't make sense. It's like walking on snow on a sunny day, it seemed scorching hot from the blazing bright sun, where in fact was immensely cold in the depths of winter.

My actions and thoughts left me confused. Why was it so difficult to understand, when something can be so simple. But then again not everyone can think like that. Not everything has always been perfect. However, a perfect life is what you made of. And if there's no future in perfection here, I might as well bring my perfected world somewhere. Somewhere where it can grow and flourish into something magnificent.

I will leave. Very soon. For good.


8 kissed Nicole

  1. hey hey... whether or not perfection or not... each and all of us are a blessing... =)

    We are all a blessing in this world and we blessed other people as well and no one should ever feel sad.. =).. life goes on day by day each day is a brand new day its a new start in a life.. =).. That's the good thing about life...

    Don't be so down my dear... you are a blessing just that some people may not realize how good a blessing you are or how blessed you are to other people...

    Thats the thing about life.. we don't know what we are doing there and why we choose to go down that path but in the end you gain good memories and the challenge.. That's life.. =) hehe..

    Don't be sad alright.. Smile... some people may just fall in love with that smile you got.. =).. hehe

  2. Hi Nicole

    I'm newbies to blogspot but i do read intermittently your article on metro, Star paper

    I feel you're still so young, with boundless energy & pretty...Life will be perfect for you some day in the way when you might least expect it....

    Keep up the good work on your articles :-)

  3. Hey!
    What's happening with you lady?
    Shld be happy here in Thailand :)

    Land of smile.

    Pongsak T.

  4. Hey! Hey! wats happening to you?
    >>> 100% homesick. Stay put girl and do wat u have been doing, and in a twinkle of an eye u will be bome sweet home.

  5. You cant change the world but you can always change yourself. So, if you start to change then you have already begun changing the world =)

  6. take it easy n just plan n think what and where will you be in 5 or 10 years from now....

  7. Whoah hang on there Nicole! Don't take Greyhound buses they're HORRIBLE!

    Take Firefly (

    HEAPS better. I've tried both on my trip to Adelaide, for the same price go firefly, they tend to be harder to book though.


  8. One piece of advice don't take Greyhound buses they're horrible!

    Ride comfort wise, choose FireFly buses (

    though they're harder to book but heaps better for the long 8 hour ride compare to Greyhound. Tried both in my trip to Adelaide deeply regret taking greyhound when i was going there. ended up cancel my tickets and paid a fee to get firefly.