I Dare You

Last night I learnt the hard way of never ever dare a friend in the middle of the night after a clubbing night out (not me, him).

It all started with an innocent joke, which went something like this: "oh yea? I dare you to come down here right now. Hah! How's that! (All the way from KL)"

The result?
Puffy eyes and lack of sleep in front of a class of uni students today, answering no particular question thrown by student specifically and have my head in the clouds all day long. Came back home and nearly dropped dead on my bed.

What happened?
Two hours after that "dare", while in the midst of my dream, I received a phone call.

"Guess what. I'm in front of your house."



17 kissed Nicole

  1. oh.. dear.... that is bad man...

  2. that guy must be like you one..

  3. Hahahahahahahaha...

    I wish someone would answer my dare like that...


  4. That's one dare that most people will dare to take..

  5. Nicole,

    You should appreciate him who took action!

  6. so romantic ....

  7. Oh wow. So semangat. lol

  8. waaa i think thats quite a nice act ^__^

  9. William Tan20/11/08 8:45 AM

    sighs.. this is the wrong dare..

    You should've said: I dare you to transfer 1 million dollars into my bank account - I don't care where you get the money from but I want it now!!

    Woo hoo!!

    ~ William Tan (there.. Finally I post a comment in your blog)

  10. Hello Nicole! Has anyone ever told you you resemble a Korean singer called Kwon BoA? :)

    Anyway, I was just looking for pictures of braids on Google and found two of the pics you've posted on your blog. Your videos on YouTube are very cool, you seem to be a nice person! :)

    I really liked you blog and that's amazing you get to travel to different places! That's actually one of my dreams and I hope I can make it come true as well! :)
    Best wishes! Peace!

  11. He is Gerald.I think u should get married to him and have kids. U have traveled enough and it is time to settle down , find a job as
    tv host in 8TV. U r prettier than Belinda or whoever on their show.

  12. why dun u dare him other things? like ask him sent u a diamond ring, or other.

    BTW, wat is the "return" he will get after he done wat u "dare" him.

  13. lolz... nicole nicole... I dare you to fly back to the gold coast =).. hahahahahah

  14. I think you have a great sex with him last night, that's why.

    True or not?

  15. Sigh, he is so in love with you...

  16. haha that was really romantic of him! who knew... he would be so smooth eh?