When I was in Gold Coast (coming up next), I landed myself in this hat shop that sold everything that could go on your head.

normal hat

My host, suprisingly, was Stuart whom I met in Cambodia earlier this year, was working in Gold Coast and has a place for me to stay at his host's place, a guy whom he later met in Vietnam after I left Cambodia.

stu looking cool
looking cool with his badminton cap.

I saw this shelf of really fancy hats and couldn't help but to try them on.

fancy hats

Thus! A hat fashion parade!

*switch to MC voice*

First off, we have this lovely flower pin that's good for any dinner occasion set back in the 80's.

flower hat

While not everyone fancy a flowery set up, the wearer will provoke matings among birds, just like spring.

Next we have a lovely blue strawhat that's perfect for a walk downtown with your chi hua hua.

blue hat

Strut that head to your picnic outing and I'll assure a crow will land in your head.

cool blue hat

But nothing beats a peacock attractor with this flamboyant orange tower.

fancy orange hat

If you see male peacocks escorting you, don't be alarmed. You're just too irresistible.

And then there's the every courtesan's fantasy.

black hat

Dark, mysterious and feathery. I seriously think Shanghainese prostitutes of the mid-80's should have a serious fashion check up.

Next off, we move into the male category and a decade back to the 70's.

The Hippie's Age.

punk stuart

Yes, Stu here has presented us a classical piece of blonde male hippie, equipped with blonde hair, weeds and pipe excluded. Mustache and beard optional.

You can alternate your hair color too.

purple punk stuart

Hit the 60's of the Scottish witchery era and get noticed by them drunken Scots soldiers to be crucified in public.

witch hat
hocus pocus

Back to the current rebellious age, you will have caps that talk right back at you.

i'm busy you're an idiot cap
"I'm busy. You're an idiot. Have a nice day."

How lovely.

Then finally, the new age hat, brought to you from down under.

The ever lasting, the new black, the new modern cap everyone shud have.

The national symbolising combo.


koala stuart

Koala Stu & Kangaroo Nic

kangaroo nicole

Ah... fashion parade can be so fun.


19 kissed Nicole

  1. potential hat model sighted!

  2. omg, u look so pretty in those pics.i must say , u r the most beautiful among all female bloggers.

  3. *LOL* the last 2 pics are funny !!

  4. Wat ever u wear u look good.

  5. the fancy flower hats are for melbourne cup day.

  6. Hello Nicole,

    I'm your silent follower from BKK. now. How's life here?

    Have a nice stay!

  7. Melbourne Cup day, the day that stops the nation heheh. Next Melbourne Cup, Nicole can wear the kangaroo hat/mask?

  8. Hey Nicole.. I was studying in Brisbane when I read from your blog that you were in Gold Coast.. Could have meet up with you.. Anyway, if you are coming to Brissy again next year, do contact me.. :D *I saw the pics you took in Sydney with some Malaysian students.. those are MY FRIENDS.. :D*

  9. Nicole, why don't you attend some Thai Language lessons?
    Honestly speaking, you are living the dream life of so many of us.
    I am eagerly wanting to know every bits of excitement or boredom you are having in Bangkok.
    But till now, you haven't really blogged about your life in Bangkok.
    Please do not disappoint us, many of us think you are the best blogger at present.
    Why? Because your blog touched us in so many ways.
    Thank you, girl.

  10. haha, love the last picture.

  11. Hi Nicole, its been nice seeing your face and photos, and reading your blog. But I need a break from you - its getting boring. Have fun. Hope the separation does both of us good. Maybe we'll meet up again soon.

  12. omg! I love hats, all sorts of them! That place will be a second home to me!

  13. Welcome to Paradise nicole =).. hahaha omg i am so lame! hahahaha... hats hats hats.. :) mmm I is bored and random lol I is love disturbing you lolz.. I is going to sleep now.. tata.. good night =).. Let me dream about my paradise =)..

  14. Hehe, the koala and kangaroo hats are so cute. Perfect for costume parties!

  15. You and Hat match well. Really enjoy reading your blog with nice picture.

    Ck blog

  16. The last 2 are extremely cute!

  17. Hey Nicole! I really envy your travelling lifestyle if you ever come to Singapore and dont wish to spend much on accomodation I recommand G4 Station www.g4station.com, its a hostel for backpackers!
    How's life in Australia? I'll be heading over for further studies next year and I dont know what to anticipate!

  18. hope you and Stuart washed your hairs after trying those hats. never know who has nits eeeww ;)

  19. Aww the hats are really cute!! :)