Life is Like A Box of Chocolates

So said Forest Gump's respectable late mother.

I love her and loved her love for Forest and love her for this phrase.

Though supposedly I should be loving the person who wrote the script.

I've been living in a dream. This whole world is a dream. As the rain pours heavily on the pool outside, water rippled across the surface and small droplets slowly formed a sizzling dance while the rattling of the water against the earth echoed from the neighborhood.

How beautiful.

It felt like a dream. Yes, I've been living in a dream.

I woke up several times thinking what is life and what I am doing. Work and study and back to work, slowly life has become mundane and the pain hid to the pits where I could not find any longer. I thought I forgot about it, I thought it was over, I thought it was never there any longer.

But you know what? It was.

And recently a trigger, a soft comforting hand, sweet words, and a kind soul lifted the cover. And brought these dreadful feelings back, and I was in tears for days. Feeling I didn't know exist anymore, it was all there. Back again, and I was sobbing like a broken pipe, tears flowed as easily as the rain outside. Uncontrollable, inevitable, and strangely, relieving. It's like breaking out of this shell I've been concealed all these while. Drown in work and fake smiles I don't even care about. I was the spectator of my own life, of my own self. That I weren't me at all. I was an outcast of my sphere.

Sometimes the different phases and choices in life are like picking a chocolate out of a chocolate shop.

Sometimes you get the Turkish delights which you don't really like. Sometimes you pick the dark chocolate which you love but turned out to be bitter than you expected, it even gave you sore throat and then fever.

And even so, life goes on.

But I stood back. Refraining myself from picking chocolate again, even though I was tempted to. Because I did not wish to be disappointed by these chocolates who broke my heart again and again, even when they knew how much I love them, how much I adored chocolates and how much I would cherish them. But they always turned out disappointing, not what I expected, and sometimes even make me feel sick.

Yesterday, I broke the rule. I picked another chocolate, it was tempting, just too tempting. It looked so tasty, sinful but simply beautiful, but I was afraid, scared to get near it. Afraid of another disappointment. Afraid that it might hurt me. But.... I didn't know why, I went ahead anyway.

Today, I felt like I'm holding the most beautiful block of chocolate in my hand. Even the rain continues to pour, my heart could not stop dancing.

haighs chocolate

Thank you for your words. Thank you for staying.


17 kissed Nicole

  1. No matter how, I believe there is a block of chocolate which is yours - when the time and place is right.. :)

    So don't give up Nicole.

  2. and your chocolates, is a metaphor for?

    i don't the perfect chocolate ever exist... and yeah, indeed life is like a box of chocolates, you'll never know what you get next.. =)

  3. it's true nicole....sometimes we might never know what we'll get in our lives or how it turn out to be.....

    Stay positive always :-)

    Sincere Wish from a Fellow blogger

  4. I was looking for another nicole who shares your name and found your write beautifully.

  5. Hi Nicole... Finally there is i have found someone who like this phrase too... Life is like a box of chocolate...

  6. Hi Nicole... Finally there is i have found someone who like this phrase too... Life is like a box of chocolate...

  7. Hi Nicole, your new header pic is really nice. About the chocolate post, I think the ultimate no-chocolate diet is best! Works for me ^_^ Anyhow, all the best, hope it works this time.

  8. A beautifully written analogy! It does take lots of courage to keep trying, especially when we've to overcome disappointments at the same time.

    The block of chocolate that best suits our taste might be the one sitting in the far corner that we often neglect. Sometimes, the best block could be in the next box that's waiting for us.

    Everything pays off when we finally found "the one".

  9. hope this relationship will turn out to be the sweetest chocolate so far :) all the best!!

  10. low quality chocolates are like bread: they go bad quickly, good ones, they're like wine: they get better and better..

    all the best to u~

  11. Like most people, we search and choose a chocolate based on its wrapper... but after unwrapping... it may delighting or disappointing to taste... however how often we forget to enjoy the process of unwrapping... remember how excited we were as we were tearing those Xmas presents when we were kids...

  12. Can I be the block of chocolate dats melting in yr mouth?

  13. new bf is it? Tell la!

  14. Beautiful post....

    yeah, sometimes we tend to look for that something thou we knew that things might be hurting us once again....

    Is life.. :)

  15. Beautiful post...

    yeah, sometimes we kinda hide our brains or pretend that we had none of it thou we knew heading back means hurting us once again...

    well... I guess is a part of life :)

  16. Nicole is the choc the person you dared and he arrived 2 hours later at yr place?

    Btw, nice piece of articles :)

  17. i love this post.. love the words..
    if there is a book like that i'll read it everyday >.<

    however, i felt the same way too
    and i dont' know what to do with the feeling between hurt, scared and happy.

    btw is that the chocolate from choc shop in sydney??