They were everywhere

surfer's paradise

me posing at the beach

In Queensland, you will always find this bird around. Always.

bin bird
What are these called? I shall call them bin bird. Coz they're always scouting around the bins

If I were to pay a cent out of Bill Gate's piggy to every ibis or seagull I see down at the beach of OZ, Bill would have declared bankruptcy by the end of the month.

ppl at the beach

zig zag seagull prints

They were everywhere. (seagull I mean)

seagull prints

Turn a corner and you'll see a flock standing still in the distance.

seagulls at the beach

Makes you wonder what they were thinking all the time. Looking at us looking at them.

seagulls at the beach thinking

It creeps me out to think that these would be the same birds I'll see when I return to GC next year.

seagull speaking


15 kissed Nicole

  1. The bin birds are called "Ibis".
    I hate them so much. They're all over my uni and we're not supposed to harm them. My uni is like a zoo. Once some college guys tried to trap it with a shopping trolley turned upside down with an apple as a bait... idiots...

    If you're wondering it's Uni of Queensland.

    Yes bin bird is quite appropriate haha. Love your blog keep it up.

  2. The bird is an Ibis.

  3. haha..the humor side of Nicole....

    I do expand my general knowledge by reading your blog... :-p

  4. yes yes. they were everywhere! me and my boyfriend took pictures of them in our last trip there too!

    i love your blog, nicole.
    every time i am checking it out, my boyfriend will ask me, "anything interesting again?" i would say, "yes, like it has always been."

    *wink wink*

  5. The other ones were seagulls..

    First time reader, just came across this and probably will forget about it all the same as I browse from site to site. You seem like a cool person, similar to me - as in constantly travelling around the world.

  6. haha i luv the "conversation" between the bin birds as u called them XD dats so wacky

  7. Haha, you can also tell them "I know what you did last summer!" :P

  8. Just wonder you see lots of birds in Thailand too?

  9. Nicole,

    How come I haven't seen you blog about your trip here in Thailand now? Waiting for your comment about Pad Thai :)


  10. Can you visit to Niu Ze Xui and make an entry in ur blog? Festive Fantasy is running now. Thanks.

  11. U saw the birds (Ibis). did u see the bees?

  12. Did you try out the Copenhagen ice-cream just outside HRC ar Surfers Paradise ??? Its something to die for !!!!

  13. oooh
    r u going back to queensland next december?
    i'm trying to book tickets cause it's always cheaper to get tickets in advance
    if u r interested to visit brisbane (or gold coast or sunshine coast) we can make some plans over it maybe?
    well, email me at
    i'm yumi btw
    take care

  14. nicole, who are u?, I read your article every satturday in Star daily
    waw, awesome.

    by the way, do already have a boyfriend or not ?


  15. Gold Coast! how i'm dying to set foot on Australia ground. Perth, Melbourne, Gold Coast... and that is seriously alot of Ibis around!