Wine, Wine and Wine

When I was first invited to Tasting Room by Ron to sample some wines, I jumped at the opportunity. And I am not paid anything to write this entry but purely want to share my new found knowledge with everyone.


I have always wanted to learn more about the world of wineries and spirits, but it’s an expensive hobby to keep and for a noob like me, I wouldn’t be able to differentiate between a RM10 wine to a RM1000 wine.

If you place the wine glasses against a white sheet of paper, you will the colour thickness of the red wine. The thicker the older.

It’s the perfect chance. Ron and his partner Eu Jin were kind enough to show me how to taste wine, explain in detail each and every type of wines they serve.


I was taught the difference between a good year wine and a bad year wine (1984 was a bad year *sniff* my birth year; whereas 1985 was a good year) decides the price of the wine that year; and how wine from different vineyards and countries have different taste.


And because Malaysians are not brought up in a wine drinking culture, Ron and partners came up with a brilliant concept such as Tasting Room: to serve flights of food and wine – it means instead of ordering a whole bottle of wine, you can order glasses of wine individually at reasonable price and taste them side by side.


They have beer flights too.


Another thing that fascinated me that night was the Into The Future flight.


Basically it’s a contraption scientists recently invented to age wine on the spot. One second for a year.

This little metal baby costs RM1080

What you do is you dip the tip the metal end with the red spot into the wine, say for 10 seconds,


And your wine will instantly taste 10 years older. Now isn’t that cool!!!!!

I have tried a year 2006 wine in the year of 2008, 2016, 2021, 2026, 2050 (at this point the wine is uttely bitter and sour, yuck~). However it doesn’t last so it’s only for pure drinking pleasure on the spot. I still think it’s an awesome creation!!!! Now I can tell people I have drank a 44 year old wine before!!!!

Ron “aging” my wine.

Now that night, was a memorable night. Because, in one short night, I have finally found MY wine. Yes!! MY WINE!!

THE WINE for MUAAA~~~!!!!

Everyone has to have a wine of his/her own. It’s always, my wine, your wine, Alice’s wine, John’s wine~ Not the the 2006 German Riesling, that’s so scientific! It’s MY wine!

Let me introduce the second love of my life! (aside from chocolates)


Moscato d’Asti – Nivole 2006 from Italy!! (Mua Wine!!!!)

OMG see I can even memorize it by its full name. I’m such a genius. This is a sweet wine! Never heard of a sweet wine? Now you have!!!

I fell in love with the place instantly, not just because of the wine, but of the food, the atmosphere and of course, the friendly director Ron, his partner Ew Jin and not forgetting the uber nice manager – Kennedy.

So much I went back again for my birthday! :D


This lovely cake was a surprise by Tasting Room, which I SUPER loveeee!!!!!


I was so touched I nearly cried. I was also blushing so hard I didn’t know where to hide.


The foods were gorgeous that night (same as every other night).

I love my Paste Duo

If you want to see more of the food served there, go to my food blog.

Thank you CK for paying more than half the bill that night.

Thank you Dominic for the lovely birthday cake.


Thank you Ron, Eu Jin and Kennedy for introducing the lovely wine, and a gift of Moscato d’Asti on my birthday.


Thank you Sally, Joyce, Andy, Allan, Gerald and Thomas for coming to my birthday!


And finally, thank you Tasting Room. And all the wonderful waiters and waitresses of Tasting Room, for the best birthday dinner ever!


Nicole kisses you all!!

P.S. (this is going to be a LONG p.s.)

I have talked with Ron and we came out this brilliant plan to throw a contest for all the bloggers who reads Nicolekiss’ blog.

Two winners of this contest will have an out of this world opportunity to, not ONLY,

1. Fine dine at Tasting Room to his/her full extent with unlimited supply of wine that night can offer; the two winners will ALSO get to…


2. Dine with Nicolekiss (aka MUA) and the director of Tasting Room – Ron himself! And have him teach you what and what’s not of wines.


And and and!!!!

The bloggers will each get a complimentary bottle of wine from Wine Cellar!!!! (promise not the cheap cheap wine ok)

To participate, just write a simple entry (few paragraphs also can, with or without photos) on your blog “Why you want to dine at Tasting Room?”, link back to, and send your entry link to

This contest is only open to all bloggers residing in Malaysia. If you are not a blogger, don’t worry, there’s a contest open to the public at my food blog too (without the complimentary wine, of course la.. exclusiveness reserved for bloggers ma).

Contest ends 22nd March 2008. So faster go and blog about it! I miss my Moscato d’Asti already!!!!


26 kissed Nicole

  1. Hehe, my birth year is a good year! lol (it's 1985)

    And wow, I never knew you could taste aged wine that way! Anyway I can't differentiate different wines...I just know that I find the light-coloured kind (rosé) less bitter than the dark kind, and for a sweet-toothed person like me, that's important! :P

    I've been to see your food blog as well, the food looks so good! And so well-presented as well...

  2. i think hubby knows Ron :) Let me check with him later when he is wakes up

  3. Mascato, i thought i would never hear or see that word ever again once i reach back here in Msia after returning from a year of studies in Australia.

    It is a nice dessert wine. Thats why it is sweet. My gf and myself like to drink the Mascato, especially since my gf cant drink (due to allergic reasons) and myself wont drink much i think Mascato is really nice. Hehehe. I might just join this contest to get a bottle of Mascato. hehehe

  4. nic .. confirmed .. hubby knew him :)

  5. Nice entry Nivole.

    Making me thirs-tay!

  6. Wow.. I've never tested wine.. and it's so sad to know that 1984 is bad year wine :(

  7. Happy Be-Lated Birthday~

  8. OMG! It's your birthday...
    so you're ... a pieces?
    Happy belated birthday to you!!!

    I believe it must be a beautiful moment.. happy to know that you were having a great time. May all your wishes come true..


  9. Nice entry. And a happy belated birthday to you. Omg, such a wonderful surprise la. Stay pretty always.

  10. a date with nicolekiss and the chance to get drunk with her at the end of the evening? wow....just imagine the possibilities *drool*drool*

    haha, i'm kidding of course ;P

  11. Muscato is a dessert wine which I think, most of the people find it easy and like to drink. If you manage to find Two Hands Muscato, try it. You'll love it. :)

  12. Die, she is gonna trek the world and find Two Hands Muscato. She is gonna be so spoilt! hahaha

  13. Try Ice Wine by Inniskillin and Desert Wine by De Bortoli Noble One (2002) Recommended.

  14. Great entry...A little more knowledge gain from reading yr not so much of a wine drinker myself...prefer beer or whisky...lolx...never the less good entry !

  15. everyone commenting about wine i feel so shy to comment about anything else!

    but, anyway, whats dat outfit u were wearing on ur birthday? nice huge earrings and nice hair accessories thing. how did u do ur hairdo?

  16. Wow, you look like a pretty Geisha.

  17. Happy belated birthday! I am really fascinated at how to age the wine. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Hey Nicole,

    Do you know whats the name of that metal thing that ages the wine?

  19. Who says that Clay Du Vin can age the wine 1 year /second? If that person claims to be an expert in wine... hopeless...

    That metal Does NOT age the wine!

  20. hey Nicole!
    I think what you did about the orphanage is really great. Just want to say that no matter what you do there will always be haters and just let all the comments slide off your back! Just keep on being you ok? Dont be jaded and angry cos that would be such a waste. I've seen many people with good intentions like you who are wrongly brought down by such people.
    Keep strong!

  21. OOooo!
    I know why i want to dine at Tasting Room,because it is a room where i can enjoy eating and tasting the delicious food there,emmm,yummy yummy!...wakakkaka!

  22. erm more specifically it's :-

    The wine will be oxidising during its evolution, and some do it faster than others. Moreover this phenomenon is increased after the bottle has been opened. This will considerably change the wine’s quality for better or for worse.
    By using the Clef du Vin you will be able to accelerate maturing in order to work out the laying down potential, knowing that one second of contact is equivalent to one year of ageing (of oxidation-reduction).


  23. this is 1 good way to stimulate growth of general knowledge amongst youth today !lolx...(spamming already...)my bad... :P

  24. happy birthday dear.
    May you be blessed with happines, health and bliss.