East meets West - The Bund

posing with stone lion 2

Oh look, I'm in France.

me with stone lion at the bund

The weather here is good, it's clean and chilly.

posing with lamp post

The lamp post is so.. back in the 80's.

Many people walk their dogs in the park and pigeons fluttering everywhere. It's wonderful.

lamp post

Even the trees look greener here. Such a romantic place to be.

emo ness pose

The Bund (外滩) in Shanghai, is the modern settlement for many international banks and trading houses from western countries (especially France in the later years) in the late 19th century. It was the financial hub of East Asia till the early 20th century.

the bund

Lining the Huangpu River, the road stands some 52 buildings of various Western classical and modern styles which is the main feature of the Bund.

point at the bund

This is the entrance of the HSBC building which is now the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank.

grand entrance of pudong bank

Don't you just love those spinning doors. Reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany's.

the bund french building

The Huangpu park at one end of the road was famous for its "No Dogs and Chinese Allowed" sign, which had since been removed.

Though not in exact wordings, it was an insult to the local chinese to be prohibited along the lines of dogs.

huangpu park sign
Note: Rule 1 & 4

Nowadays, The Bund has become a major tourist hotspot for Shanghai

china flag on french building
China Flag on French Building

and has undergone major restorations since earlier this year.

construction in the  bund
Constructions along the Bund

going on construction at the bund
I have this feeling that Shanghai is always having some sort of constructions going on, on the road, buildings, drilling holes into the ground, every corner your turn.

Taking the metro to Nanjing East Road (Nanjing Dong Lu), I continued to walk east towards the Huangpu river where The Bund was.

nanjing dong lu

Along the road, you will find many rubber toy figures doing summersaults on window glass panels on abandoned buildings.

rubber men on window

Overally, I love The Bund because it reminds me of the Europe I missed.

french building at the bund shanghai

The almost perfect classical architecture that I dreamt of living in one day.

And where else do you find a Hagan Daaz sponsored tree.

hagan daaz tree

Across the river from the Bund, you'll find Pudong standing proudly on the other side of Huangpu river.


That funny looking tower on the left is the Pearl Tower - world's third tallest TV tower.

posing for pearl tower
Posing with the Pearl Tower

And you don't even want to know what is the chinese name for Shangri-La hotel.

shangri-la in pudong

Huangpu river was pretty foggy when I visited (or was that the pollution?).

huangpu river looking into pudong

It's hard to take a decent clear photo.

However, I heard it's beautiful at night, so if you fancy a candlelight dinner at The Bund, why not try dining at this old light house transformed restaurant/cafe beside the river.

light house restaurant at the bund

It will charm your girl away. Guaranteed.


20 kissed Nicole

  1. hmmm u missed the chance to visit the interior of HSBC building!! which is the current Shanghai Pudong Bank.
    We were there 3 years ago and one of the manager brought us around on the 4 huge pillars (one piece!!)
    and went to roof top cafe, nice

  2. Haagen-Dazs sponsored tree! Hmm...very interesting concept. I wanna go to China too, seems like there's a lot of fun things to do there. A lot of the people over here goes over to China, and I've always thought the appeal was the female persuasion over there. It seems that China is a very vibrant and modern city. I like!

  3. Nice posts. At least I have some ideas of where to start when I visit my friend in Shanghai this coming year end.

  4. Did you visit the Chinese sex and aqua expo?? [At the bund, inside the walkway tunnel, there is a train to the Pearl Tower as well]. Better don't, it's a waste of $$$$...

  5. What IS the chinese name for the Shangri-La?


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  9. wow...how much do u actually spend on travelling so many places? nice pics i guess..

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    btw,did you know chinese??

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  15. Nicole,

    I like your travel posts. Hope to see more travel posts from you.

    I am currently writing my travel posts (as a wrap up for my last year vacation), but it is just like a big "project", still not yet finish writing it......

  16. Impressive... Feel like wanna go there real soon!

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  20. Hey Nicole, i love your blog! i was looking for a good page that gave travelling tips of great spots and restaurants in shanghai, and your blog was soo much help!

    I will write on my blog my fure adventures on China, thanks for the tips