Monday, October 29, 2007

Is it True That Girls Fall in Love with Their Hearts and Guys Fall in Love with Their Eyes?

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It’s a tough decision. But these two comments really caught my heart. Winners for the 25th Oct giveaways are Ying Ling and Siaw Yan. Congratulations to both of you!

OMG, I think I’m going to hurl from Kenny’s ego-filling entry about men and their egos.

Not only he did not prove me wrong, he went on with a list of reasons WHY women love arrogant men.

but honey

Talk about the ultimate egoism; applaud for the King of Condescension.


So fine, I admit, girls do occasionally fall for the wrong men. But the way you (Kenny) put it as it’s such a bad thing to fall in love with our hearts. At least we’re still few steps better than SOME species who think with their eh-hem (I’m talking about eyes, what are you thinking?).

When it comes to falling for the better half, it is universal fact that guys are visual creatures (aka they go for the looks).

Guys just can’t stand hot chicks.

Hot chick

It’s undeniable if you were to put a guy in a crowd of sophisticated women, his eyes will lock onto the one with the least amount of clothing.

Where are you looking?

Or with the most impressive assets.


There’s even a joke about man and their choices of women.

If a man is given a choice of three women, the first being sophisticated and brainy, the second being motherly and caring, and the third one just sleeps around.

Who will the guy choose?

Answer: He will choose the girl with the biggest breast.


Don’t say I’m sexist. It’s the truth.

Let’s take a test.

Below are some photos of young energetic ladies. Now what I want you to do, as difficult as it may be, skim through these photos swiftly (not more than 2 seconds for each photo).




sexy 5

sexy 6

sexy 3

sexy 2

How did that get in? :p

sexy 1

sexy 4

sexy 8


sexy 7

sexy 9

Okay finish.

Now do not scroll up.

I am going to ask some questions and you can TRY to answer.

Question 1:
How many girls in the above pictures wore a necklace?
Or you haven’t notice any necklace at all?

Question 2:
Do you remember any of the girls has gloves on?
Or you only remember how short their skirts are?

Question 3:
Is there any girl with short hair (neck-length) in the photos?
Are you very sure?

Have your answer yet?
Okay now scroll up to check if you have answered correctly.


Did you even get ONE correct answer (guessing doesn’t count)?

I rest my case.

hugo xx rest

Guys out there who disagree to what I say, it’s your chance to voice it out now. Girls, tell me what do you think about my statements? Share with me your experience on guy's or girl's lame pursuit towards a hot mama or ego guy, stories that keep me entertained stand better chances of winning. ;)

The most convincing male and female commenter will each receive a HUGO fragrance of their gender, thanks to HUGO XY for him and HUGO XX for her – Harmony is Overrated. (Remember to post your email address together with your comments) Those who won will hear it on the 1st of November (Thursday).

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Emerald Krabi – Kayaking

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One of the highlights in my Krabi trip was to visit the marine national park, or Crocodile Canyon they call it.


Price for two on a canoe will usually set you back 900 baht (RM90 or US 25) with a guide. Remember to get bring your sun block, cause it’s going to be HOT! (The next day I had sunburns, which is unbelievable because I never had sunburn since elementary school)

kayak 1

Unlike other kayaking trips I’ve been on (one in Vietnam, few in several Peninsular islands and one at Port Dickson beach), this has to top my chart of fun and extraordinary ride (and to think kayaking’s supposed to be a very boring and tiring ride).

I have to admit, this trip to the Crocs Canyon plays a vital role in my declamation of having a fan-tabulous time in Krabi to everyone I met.

It’s not just about the experience of paddling under hot sun out on the vast ocean; kayaking in the natural marine parks in Krabi gives you the best of both the ride sensation and sights.

kayak 4
So hot

My kayaking partner was Matthew from the ntv7 breakfast show.

As we paddle, the guide led us around the corner and we found ourselves surrounded by sky-scraping cliffs, swamp trees, odd rocks and plants of different sorts.

It’s like entering into a realm of fairy land. I was surrounded by imposing craftsmanship of nature on water. Everywhere I turn, there’s a sight.


view above

rocks on water


kayak 3


kayak 2

Even in between.

kayak scenery

The experience bears an uncanny resemblance to cruising on the Amazonian river in the Indiana Jones movie; or singing “Just Around The Riverbend” with Pocahontas while watching otters swim. Okay, the otters were just in my mind, but it’s a similar experience.

I chose the narrow path.

kayak leader

Words can only describe so much how spectacular which place is.

And what is Nicolekiss without a bit of video eh? ;)

Oh stop complaining Matthew. I’ll paddle I’ll paddle~ ish

pull string

Or I could hold on to the guide’s canoe rear rope and let him paddle for me.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

5 Things We Love About Men

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Disclaimer: All opinions expressed here are strictly of Nicolekiss, any offence caused by this entry does not reflect that of HUGO Fragrances.

The winners for the 22nd Oct giveaways are Porcupine and JingYiChin. Congratulations!

It’s not all the time we dislike men, on the contrary, despite our constant complains about our counter parts, there are some things I have to highlight. We LOVE men, there are many things about men we find irresistible.

Let me tell you why, here are 5 good reasons we can’t hate you.

1. How you look so good in uniforms/suits.

Omg, so hot! (not the sun)

I don’t know how to explain this but there’s something impeccably attractive (delicious even) about a man in tuxedos or uniforms. Every single flaw of you simply vanish when you put on that high collar metal buttoned jackets, or that sexy tie with your shiny leather shoes and neatly pressed long sleeves.

Someone please turn off the heater

Admittedly, whenever a guy friend of mine wears black suits, I will fall in love, melt away and start fantasising (on the spot) about him and suddenly he is 10 times better looking. As much as we girls never show signs of drooling disgustingly away in our minds; we simply can’t resists a man in uniforms (or any formal outfit).

What are you doing in my dream? Get out

I repeat, all girls like guys in suits.

2. When you show concerns

It simply takes my breath away when a guy hold a door open for me, or walk slower when you know we are walking in pain (on heels). Small gestures like patting on our heads when we are down will bring any girl’s defences down.

We like the gentleman in you. Never stop to show concerns, we may not say it, but we love being treated like little kittens.


3. When you are being heroic


On occasions, small actions like staying beside us whenever we are alone in a club getting drunk just to make sure we are alright, walking us back to our parking lot to ensure our safety, or lending a hand out for support when we find it difficult to climb down (or up) steep rocks makes us find you the most reliable creatures on earth.

Save me my hero.

4. When you smell good

Nothing beats a fresh male after-shave; or some dabs of tantalising cologne on your neck to set off that love heat. The last time I felt myself turned on by a man was when I got so close I wanted to bite his neck off (because he was smelling soooo good).

timmy wanted
Note: Tim is holding HUGO XY for him

One of my favourite male fragrances has to be from HUGO. The manly scent is never too strong nor too girly sweet; HUGO Eau De Toilette always contains the right amount of macho-ness and euphoric aroma.

EDT 60ml XX et XY avec Pa copie

Every year since 2004, I would buy my father a bottle of the latest HUGO, because he always chooses the worst fragrance and HUGO is the only brand my whole family loves when he apply it. (I would buy for my boyfriend but then I’m single)

Now you get to smell as good as the next Casanova, just be the best female and male commenter (view below).

5. When you carry/lift a girl

Literally sweep us off our feet.

over the shoulder 2
Somehow I kind of imagine it rather differently

When you carry us girls off the ground, you have a sense of control and power over us. We like that. It’s in our natural instinct to be the protected one sometimes.

Suddenly we become helpless in your arms, at the same time; we feel a sense of security being wrapped around those strong sturdy arms of yours.

Even the toughest independent career woman will sizzle down when you lift her off her feet, some say these girls are terrified to be empowered; I’d say they are just too proud to admit they like the submission of control.

This is more like it, but what is with over-the-shoulder method?!

So tell me guys, what do you think is the main trait of a man that the lady can’t resist.

And girls, tell me what attracts you the most about a man?

One guy and one girl with the ‘cutest’ comment will bring back HUGO XY EDT 100ml for him and HUGO XX EDT 100ml for her.

kenny kissing hugo
“I’m so cute I got a bottle~”

act cute tim and skyler
“We are so cute, we got two bottles~”

See Kenny's page for his 5 tips.

Winners are to be announced on 29th October (Monday). Don’t forget to post your comment with your email address (so we can contact you). :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Making The First Move Comeback

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Disclaimer: All opinions expressed here are strictly of Nicolekiss, any offence caused by this entry does not reflect that of HUGO Fragrances.

GUYS always have this misconception that it takes an effort of building a rocket ship to court a girl; whereas girls only need to fling her hair, lower her sleeve exposing her bare shoulder and wink, and the guy will take the bait.

As simple as that?!


You see, guys have a thing call EGO.

mr ego kenny

The reason WHY is it necessary for guys to make the first move is because we have to understand that all men, have egos.

Now before any of the guys out there started flaming me, think about this:

How many of you out there, though don’t mind splitting the bill on a dinner, but prefer to be seen to foot the bill when the waiter brings the bill over?

Now how many of the guys out there can tell people that his wife/girlfriend is the main/sole bread winner in the family/relationship?

And finally, how many of you guys will freak out if your girlfriend (or just any girl) kneels down and proposes to you?

“Marry me or else”

Let’s exclude those minority of ego-less male-female-equality-follower males (which are indeed rare), 100 dollars says that 99% of the guys out there will prefer to be known to take the lead in a relationship.

I even have guys telling me girls who make the first move scare the daylight out of them.

So this is what’s going to happen when a girl made the first move to say ‘Hi’

Guys will return to their tables to boast to the other blokes “Hey you know that pretty girl over there, ha ha, she just made a move on me. Yea she’s all over me man. I think I might have a chance to hit home base tonight. But I’m gonna play it cool, to make her want more you know. Any of you have a condom?”

They play it up, make them sound like they’re so irresistible and make us look like strumpets.

Who? Me?

Another reason why girls should NOT make the first move is we are easily treated as being “cheap”. Guys dislike desperate girls, and as a girl, making the first move is equivalent to a desperate act.

If a guy approaches several girls and gets rejected, we will say it’s only human nature and it is acceptable.

If a girl approaches more than one guy and gets rejected, she’s desperate. What’s worse, she’s “cheap”. And even if she is more likely to be accepted, guys will not appreciate girls like this.

Where do you think the line “It’s all about the chase” come from? From guys of course.

Because we throw ourselves to guys, who will not be treated as “valuable” as those girls whom guys take effort to court.

“But what if I really like that guy and the guy is too dumb to realize?” you asked.

Wise question.

That is why girls are the smartest creatures on earth.

We play hypnosis. Instead of going over to a man and tell him you want to ask him out on a date, you should be thinking of how to make that man come over to you.


The trick is to make him THINK that he is making is the first move even though you are the one taking the initiative. That way, not only you protect his ego, you are still eligible for the “chase”.

Drop hints. Stare into his eyes longer than a glance, shorter than an observation. Flirt with him one second but be cold the other. Ask him out, but wait for him to call. Do whatever you can, just keep it cool!


If he’s not responding, give up. Guys are not as dumb as you think. They know when they are fancied, and they know when to act stupid.

It’s just my personal opinion though. Do you think GUYS should, as it always has been, make the first move? Post your comments with your email address.

The most ass-kissing creative two comments (one male, one female) will each receive a HUGO XY EDT 100ml for him and HUGO XX EDT 100ml for her. Thanks to HUGO fragrances. Winners will be announced on 25th October (Thursday)

me and HUGO

HUGO XY for him and HUGO XX for her – Harmony is Overrated.

EDT 60ml XX et XY PERS

So guys, if you’re reading this. Stop hesitating, go to your nearest florist shop and buy your lady a bouquet of roses now. (Send to me if you wish, I love flowers)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Nicolekiss in Toon Town, Tokyo Disneyland

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Starting tomorrow, Nicolekiss will be in a serious debate as to why girls are better about guy-girl conflicts/relationships with Mr Kennysia *cough*theinferiorspecies*cough* because there’s no sugarcoats in relationships, harmony is afterall overrated. Brought to you by HUGO XY for him and HUGO XX for her - Harmony is Overrated.

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So don't forget to tune in to our battle debate; two bottles for each entry, so you'll have plenty of chances. :) Winners can’t be picky k.

I know that Japan is the ultimate traveling destination for many out there. Especially for those Manga and Anime fanatics, or people who have been heavily influenced by Japanisation. (I know I have)

Ever since my visit to Europe three years ago, Japan has topped my dream destination above anywhere else (it used to be England when I was 17). And I feel very blessed just to be able to visit this beautiful country. So much I’m actually quite content with traveling for this year, therefore giving me time to finish my last term of Master course.

Since I can’t bring you there, I am going to post many many many many photos here. :D

Following my arrival at Tokyo Disneyland, I proceeded to Toon Town, where Mickey Mouse stays.

jolly trolley

Here in Japan Disneyland, the Japanese are quite the anime characters themselves.

mini hat 1
Matching mother and son prisoner tops

Notice that two little hat-hair-clip on each of the girl’s head?

It’s everywhere. They’re selling it in every store in every land. Tomorrow Land, Cowboy Land, Porn and Sex Land (you wish!)…

It’s gender-less

mini hat 2

It doesn’t matter if you’re ill.

mini hat 3

Or wear it with the cutest Japanese school girl uniforms.

mini hat 4

I don’t know what’s come over me. But I seriously have this fetish over their school girl uniforms. They’re just so cute, they made the girls there look cute, the girls are cute.

If I’m born a guy, I would wish to have my girlfriend wear kinky school uniforms everyday.

I had a bit of problem going for the rides in Toon Town.

As the name suggested, it’s mainly for kids.

height measurement
Goofy Height Measurement

So what I can do is look.

goofy house
Goofy house

From outside.

goofy house 2

Next to it stood Miss Daisy’s boat.

miss daisy boat

I got on top of the boat with the other children.

daisy bath tub

I didn’t see daisy till when I got off the boat though.

lady daisy
How’s it hanging there lady?

I kinda feel out of place with all the children running around tagging their parent’s shirts and shouting in enthusiasm. But hey, I’m a kid at heart. :D

I always believe that you’re never too old for theme parks. NEVER!!! They don’t spend millions and millions to build rides that will bring school kids crying home, no.. Those are adult’s rides. In a way, theme parks are meant for grown ups like us. Despite most of my macho-act-grown-up-and-mature friends keep telling me otherwise. Hmph!

The star spot of this town, however, is this.

mickey house entrance
Yea, I only recognized the first two words.

Where you find Mickey’s hedge plant at his front yard.

Mickey bush
Mickey bush... don't get any wrong idea

And his pet, Pluto.

pluto bush

My suggestion is, unless you’re really a big big big big fan of Mickey AND you cannot NOT visit Mickey when you go to Disneyland, else you will die and the whole point of you visiting Disneyland at all is just to see a mouse…

I strongly suggest that you either come really really early to the park, or don’t visit this house at all.

The queue is manic. You might not see it from outside, when there’s hidden spiraling queues hidden inside. It will take an idiot just to stand for hours just to get to the front porch.

me posing at mickey house entrance
Yes, I’m that idiot.

And I bring to you, Mickey Mouse House.

fake parcel

mickey glove book holder

mickey telephone

Nicolekiss in da house
Nicolekiss in da house~

Everything in this house is so fakely big and colourful. What’s the word? Ermm… Very.. cartoonish…

trophy shelf

pluto's basket
Pluto’s basket

laundry area
Super antique washing machine

I wish I can live in a house like this.

me playing piano

Though I can do without the fake broom and mop.

broom and mop

Or a fake garden


Fake flowers pots stack up slantingly just seems unnecessary.

pots and flowers


Then I saw some really classic Mickey old old posters.

mickey old posters

And photo frames of the old Mickey and Minnie image.

mickey wardrobe

And finally, MICKEY!!!


With ME!!!!

Nicolekiss and Mickey Mouse
Two mice in da house! (wait, I’m a rat zodiac)

On my way out I manage to wait for my turn among the other kids of 3-6 years old to get a ride in Mickey red mini.

Mickey Car

Do you know all the photos with me inside are taken by anonymous visitors of the park?

Including this one standing in front of Minnie’s house.

me in front of minnie house
taken by the staff there

The rest of Toon Town is pretty much filled with brilliant outstanding rainbow colours and exaggerated furnitures.

chip and dale treehouse
Chip and dale treehouse

city hall

Even the birds seem to get confused with the oddly beautiful place.


I highly recommend people to save up enough money to make that dream to Japan come true next year. Because you know what, year 2008 is the year where Tokyo Disneyland celebrates its 25th anniversary and the grand opening is going to be massive.

So finally, I present to you. Toon Town of Tokyo Disneyland!!


Notice the grandpa pushing a wheel-chaired grandma in the pic?

He helped me took this photo in front of the Roger Rabbit fountain.

rabbit fountain

Not a bad shot ei?