The Return of Karma

Short note: Rainforest Music Festival is so fun! So wiped out right now, poor Kenny and Su Ann didn't have much sleep since yesterday. And it's only the first day. I'm going die of over-partying by the end of this week~

Remember my karma-inducing car parking skill? I can't believe you guys commented on that entry up to 53 comments!! That's my highest record so far!!

What's so funny about my parking skill huh? Huh? HUH?!!


and Hah!! I am not the only one that park cars like that.

YES YOU HEAR ME CORRECTLY!! There is someone else who park like me too!!


O look, I wonder who is that. Doesn't he look familiar to you.

Walk like a duck, sing like a sheep... Ermm...

Oh, wait! He does......

He is our very own proud Kuching celeb blogger cum driver cum tour guide~~ Kenny*cough*lameparking*cough*Sia!


Who now dare to say my parking skill sucks huh? HUH? Somemore he park in broad day light!

BAD parking... BAD BAD parking. Mine is bad, yours is worse man... seriously, kuching no where else to park is it... Your car not small you know...

*Continue laughing*

*Continue taking photos*

*More laughing*


Better run, the car owner is angry....


30 kissed Nicole

  1. Goodness! hahahaha, how did he get out of the car?? LOL

  2. How embarrassing, oppss. Cannot said that. Karma..... kekekeke

  3. Why dun you put a same 'happy-smiling face's notice' for him? Hahaha... And... ya, how did he get out of that car?

  4. jiejie nic

    hahaha .. so funny!

  5. okaylah okaylah. ur parking skill is normal. I blame malaysian driving test for this. huh!

  6. OI! There was a big four-wheel drive eating into my line when I parked there ok!

    Not my fault!

  7. the guy on the left also park wrongly. Is it a kuching thing ? HMmm .... ^^

  8. alvin: believe it or not, he slimmed down so much, he squeezed himself out. Took him a while though. LOLOL

    anthony lam: Very hoooo...

    kenny: good idea lei!

    misha: ya la.. laugh together, hahahahah

    iwan: I am the best there is.. Muaha

    kennysia: la la la la la *cover ears and mumble*

    herman: ya lo, kuching ppl.. sigh.. *shakes head* haha...

  9. kennysia, dont blame on other car dey... i mean, as a guy, gotta admit if ur estimation is bad on parking... we wont laugh at u.... ^____________^ big smiley

  10. hahahaha soo cute this post

  11. His car probably shying away from the sunlight. Don't they build sheltered parking lots in kuching? :P

  12. bad parking=bad parking...

    if got problem u can adjust it after the 4WD go away haha...

    I like kenny's expression in the 2nd pic haha

  13. Hilarious.

    That 2nd picture is priceless.

    Welcome back to Kuching Nicole. Hope you have a good time.

  14. If you think this is bad, check this out =>

  15. haha, did kenny did that all for your post on this?


  16. >_< goodness.....don park like that le kenny....

  17. i smell coffee....
    strong strong coffee

  18. michael song: laugh... must laugh.. HAHAHAHA

    boss stewie: you're cute

    whisperer: haha... kuching is a sunny friendly place

    ji yuan: yes, correct, me like

    mac: thanks!! :D

    willar: only proves my parking good :D

    heather: he wish.. he really parked like that during lunch yesterday

    clement: ya lo.. tsk tsk.. haha

    wilzc: coffee?? u caffeine deprived?

  19. Whatever Kenny did doesn't endorse what you can do. A fault is a fault. 2 wrongs don't make 1 right. Repent and learn to park properly in the future. It's as simple as that. For f4rk we care what Kenny did.

  20. Are you in love with kennysia or something? or maybe u guys are going out?

  21. This is an interesting post. You really should put a smiley face on his car. Last time you said your car was sleepy, then how about this time? Is Kenny's car on drug?

  22. haha... this reminds me of... me!

  23. I'm sorry for being so harsh on you. Just re-read my comment and realised how stupid I sounded. Sorry. I just get really agitated by cars who don't park within their lines.

  24. Het good shot Nicole !!!!! Yeah , BTW how did he get out from da car ??? Mind illustrating more ???

  25. omg the second pic is so funny ! haha. poor him ! but its still funny..hahaha

  26. Reading between the lines...
    i actually meant.....
    LEsen kopi lar...

    both you.. (your old post regarding ur carpark spot)
    and Mr. Sia

  27. www.RojakAd.com16/7/07 1:17 PM

    dun we already hv transformer cars to beat lame parkers?

  28. comparing kennysia's parking and your parking....yours much worse. It's not really about parking skill but how considerate you are by at least checking whether you have parked in your own allocated space and not affecting other ppl.

  29. Haha, u both crazy kids trying to defend yourself. We know, who has parking problems. *Griiiiiins*

  30. Siao...when see both of ur cars..really cepat siam...better park far far away from u 2