Kuching Rainforest World Music Festival 2007

Short note: While all the fans of Harry Potter were queuing and fighting at Tesco and Carrefour in KL grabbing the last episode of Harry crazy yesterday morning, I strode into Tesco Melaka casually yesterday afternoon and take my copy from the stacks of nicely arranged Dealthly Hallows, cashed them and walked out.

Ahh, Melaka rocks.

It’s good to be back at home, back in my little hometown – Melaka - surfing the net on a rainy Sunday afternoon. A month of traveling and working has tired me out in more ways than I can imagine, I sense a sniffle coming on but trying to ignore it.

Can hardly get out of bed these days and for once (hope I am not falling sick), I am actually glad I am not somewhere in a foreign land. Home is always the best place to come back to; I missed mom’s cooking and dad’s talks.

Exactly a week from now, I was partying so hard with my camera and media pass in Kuching, sweating together with another two to three thousands people at the Sarawak Cultural Village celebrating the 10 years anniversary of the Rainforest World Music Festival 2007, it made this weekend seems so lazy.

The crowd at the RWMF 2007 night concert. Photo courtesy of Andy Kho.

My ticket to the 3 days event

Okay, this is how the event goes every year. It’s a 3 days 3 nights event and during the day (which starts around 2pm till 5pm), workshops are held at huts and longhouses where performers from around the world would perform in.

Taken with my camera. Chilling at the cultural village.

That's Faiz to the far right

In the afternoon, you can chill at the food centre or by the lake with your friends over a cold can of drink.

See how much difference a good camera can make? (photo courtesy of Andy)

I spent the first day taking lots of photos but decided from second day onwards that my effort was pointless. I mean look at these!

Taken by Andy the professional photographer with his awesomest camera.

Look at the exposure, simply magnificent.

See if you can spot yourself in here.

This photo was taken with a Nikon D200, without a flash, and it was at night! It can even capture still movement on exposure when the crowd is jumping around.

And then there was Kenny’s Nikon D40 camera.

Photo courtesy of kennysia.com

And there was my cam.



Bah, why did I even bother? *chuck camera away*

I need a new cam. (shouting to an infinite hollow: “someone sponsor me!!!”)

I mean, these photographers would go to extreme measures just to take one good shot. Like spending the amount of money equivalent to buying a small car just for the extra exposure with faster shutter or anti-shake, an extra flash, battery, more durable body…etc, and would bend that extra length for a good angle.

Any lower angle I need to dig into the ground

Nevermind, at least I have video to show you how wild the crowd was that night. Sniff! (who needs expensive camera that produces flawless Photoshop-look-alike photos anyway!! Sniff!!!!!)

Introducing some of the popular performers and bands of the night,

Me like guys in kilts~
(photo courtesy of Andy)

Funky China Man
(photo courtesy of Andy)

A Band from South America~
(photo courtesy of Andy)

Me sitting among the crowds (sam behind me, su ann to my right, and su ann's friend)

The love of my life, Angus!!! I love your Scottish music and that beard is sooo sexy!
(photo courtesy of Andy)

The hottest band of the night however was,

The Percussion Unit from Malaysia!
(photo courtesy of kennysia.com)

Believe it! Feels proud to be a Malaysian!

As for me, how shall I put it? Well, I was the highlight of the night…




36 kissed Nicole

  1. I was thinking, maybe wait for "Mish first" but since she's on a trip, haha.

    Why using your camera, suddenly a ghost appeared behind one of the crowd?

  2. i also went to tesco melaka yesterday afternoon...its such a breeze gettin the HP book...i wonder they can sell even half of their stock? i love MELAKA~~(sometimes)

  3. Sound interesting. What kind of music they played? Cultural weren't they? Try John Tesh if you like cultural music.

  4. good camera takes good shot, but good camera also mean bulky SLR... u wouldnt wanna carry one around wont u?

    I miss melaka 2... i wanna go back!!! mom, miss u!!!

  5. THIS... IS... SPARTA!!!!!

    Eh how did I miss first place?

  6. This festival is nothing in comparisson to what I've experienced in Ibiza, Spain. I would much rather go back there. They have way cooler parties/beaches/clubs, sexier crowds and way cooler music (they have tribal music as well)

    It's not too late to go to Ibiza now (closing parties is in September).

    FYI: It cost 100 - 120 Euro per party. Drinks starts at 10 Euro and above. We were out every night for 2 weeks and it was totally worth it. I wished I could go back to Ibiza every year!

  7. iwan c.m.n.: CHOI!

    michael: woo hoo.. high five!

    kenny: cultural music mostly. percussion unit is a fusion of all the indian, chinese and malay instruments, mixing with modern rap, was awesome.

    michael song: that's the problem isn't it, but i wouldn't mind heavy bulk if i can produce such good shots with that!

    boss stewie: coz u were busy watching this is sparta video. -.-

    anon: 100-120 euro~ o.O errrrrrrrrrrrr.... eh hem.... *sweat*

  8. 'highlight of the night'... definately ^^ ... even without those neon-lights

  9. If you can't shell out enuff money to get a new camera, i suggest you try your current camera with a tripod(and without turning on the flash of course). Trust me, it works wonders. Even high end digital SLRs need tripods. It's amazing just what a three stick frame can do.

  10. I always wanted to go but no semester break for MMU during that period, the worse is that I'm a Kuchingnite. What ashame for me not be able to join such a great event :(

  11. Hey! I know that Faiz! Is HEthe same one???

  12. I left my mouth open again *sighs* Nice sandals =)

  13. what about the concert in penang over the weekend? is it the same ar?

    i love your last pic for the obvious reasons... :) hheheheee..... nice photography......

    i used to be deeply interested in photography back in skol. would do so much just to get the perfect angle for a perfect shot.

    wah....the media pass looks so dodgy one? think can make a fake pass next time...... :) hehehehee

  14. The pic of you with a can of drink was taken marvellously! The focus was on you while the rest of the image was partially blurred.. This is what a photographer would term as 'bokeh'. :)

  15. sheon: next year we make this one. For mine, I've decided to replace "PRESS" with "PUSH". Or maybe "THIS.. IS.. SPARTAAA!!" Hmm.. maybe cannot decide yet.

  16. Hey Babe,
    you know wat? i supposed to go there! but i bz with work and got presentations to do! wat the hell man? and somemore this yr is visit msia...nvm next year i be there!

  17. nicole....you are officially a one-girl-party(show)!!! I think Red Bull should sponsor you lar....

  18. eh eh... Su Ann is to your left.. not right..!!!

  19. been away from home (msia) for too long. didnt noe it has so much fun these days. thks for sharing, nicole.

  20. Does that mean nobody in Melaka reads?

    Okay, I couldn't resist that friendly jibe ;) The concert looks fun.

  21. I used to think only the pros can capture blurred yet elegant pic like your cam did.. :P

  22. iwan: count me in dude! press of whatever!

  23. i miss melaka too... lucky you get to be home!

  24. A good camera does really make a difference. Who cares? We are not a professional photographer anyway, we are bloggers, right?

  25. domhon: i wanna climb mount kk

    Mike: erm.... but, the DSLR looked so nice...

    hao: yea... ashamed u should, better be there next year ;)

    michelleho: u mean faiz back from australia? yea.. he is

    Samantha: you looked great nonetheless

    sheon: fake pass? erm... hardly.. they are very strict on these, and i mean VERYYY

    iamthewitch: yea... wasn't that a great shot? unedited somemore! all thanks to andy

    iwan c.m.n.: make one for me

    ahlost: oo... had fun?

    Gothnol: awe... awe... so sad... yea.. better be there!! hope to see u there next year!

    sheon: Red Bull?!! Why not Tongkat Ali, lol

    Boss Stewie: that is a very subjective topic

    winningblue: come back to malaysia~~

    Jenn: it was really fun! you should go next year

    whisperingshout: i sense sacarcism...

    pensive reverie: kie kie kie

    jam: but but but.. i want a DSLR! *merajuk*

  26. I'm totally agree wiv u Nicole, d Aseana Percussion Unit is the best..especially the cute n very talented Justin...I'am totally drowning into him la...hahah...he is juz sooooooo cute >.<

    Wah, u get d pass 4 free 4 3D & 3N ar?can get some 4 me next year ar?cos i definitely wil be going again next year...kind of addicted to world music now...haha...

    Did u attend d world music festival in Penang too? so bad i cant be there cos i am working in tis small Labuan island n somemore no extra budget 4 tat...i bet it would be fun oso rite?

  27. well...if you wanna be specific... it should be kacip fatimah! hahahahaha

    ouch ouch....gastric attack...must go eat something. have a great week!

  28. tongkat ali is for me. kacip fatimah is for you, I second sheon.

  29. hey there,i think i rmb u as the girl in red on the 1st nite of RWMF. I'm the one girl front row with a tattoo on my face :)

    My name is Sophia btw, nice to meet u :)

  30. i'm sorry, but for the last pic, if u could shift the cam to the left alittle... :P

  31. never intended it tat way..juz a bit in a playful mood. m feeling guilty now -__-

  32. wah...way cool party huh. its been awhile since ive been to a party like that. but nothing like the full moon party huh... or the water party in thailand...

    nex time invite me too loh...

  33. This is malaysia if want to go ibiza just go if not uild a lot of cranny

  34. wow..so cool..wish i could go there once..looks like its worth it..maybe one day!!

  35. oh my GOD! I missed it this year again : (