My Exclusive Interview with Daniel Lee

A month ago, I interviewed our local cute pretty boy Daniel Lee of Malaysian Idol 2.

And a month later, the final article has been written and published. Here,

If you are lazy to read, I have copied my interview piece with the 25 year-old boy here. Content in the link has been edited; this is the original piece (non-censored).

The crowd has subsided and soon, it’s only left Daniel, a reporter interviewing him and me.

Oh great, after a long haul of pushing and tugging, I have ended up being the last in line to interview a most probably exhausted Daniel that is too tired to repeat answering the same questions asked redundantly by those former media before me.

This interview is probably going to be a drag.

Apparently, he was aware of my existence and intention too, throwing occasional glances my way, which could be interpreted as: “ Sigh, one more to go.”

After briefly introducing myself while offering a handshake, I utter an apology for taking a further 10-15 minutes of his time after a busy morning. The charmingly handsome singer just smiles effervescently, shake my hand and to my surprise, apologizes earnestly for making me wait. Instantly impressed by this petite yet vibrant Malaysian Idol winner, I proceed to find out the secrets behind Daniel Lee’s success and album release without further a due.

Me: Daniel, it’s been a year and half since the release of your first album. What kept you inspired in the making of this album?

Daniel: Well, for one thing, I love music, and that kept me inspired. To be honest, I had been in a low mood for the past four months. Everything was smooth in the first few months since Malaysian Idol 2 but then the pressure steps in and I can’t stop asking myself ‘is this going to stop here?’ But these are experiences that definitely helped me grow and kept me going till the release of this album.

Me: What do you think of your new album?

Daniel: I like the new design better. The songs have a new genre and the cover design has a dark mysterious feel to it. I like people to see me as a man, not the boy next door. As you know, I am already 25 this year.

Me: You certainly don’t look 25 to us. Tell me about your life after Malaysian Idol and how it is like compared to before?

Daniel: Life’s been a lot busier than before that’s for sure, career wise and in my personal life. But I am happy with what I am today. Dreams change, sacrifices are made along the way and it comes to a point of your career that you realize you have become an adult. Music has definitely changed my life.

Me: Wow, that’s deep. What is your aim/goal? Do you think you have already realized your dream?

Daniel: That’s a good question. Truth be told, I’m a short-distance vision type of person. I don’t look into long-term goals; rather focus more on short-terms aims. Like when is the album going to release? If we are going to extend my career overseas, Taiwan for instance? This is probably my current target in mind so far.

My dad, who is a businessman, always tells me the secret of life is to be happy in what you do, and to do that, you need to be doing what you like. When I was younger, I was rather playful; but now, I need to work hard for my career.

Me: People always associate you with Malaysian Idol, what’s your opinion on that?

Daniel: I like my own identify that’s for sure. My second album has a lot of new songs that are different from the first, it is more ‘me’ this time. But I don’t really mind to be referred to as the Malaysian Idol Winner, I’m rather honored in fact since it is a very popular reality TV program.

Me: Is a singing career going to be your long-term career?

Daniel: I hope so. (laughs) But I also hope to change, try out new things in the future.

Me: Let’s shift the topic a bit. We’ll talk about something more personal. What do you like to do when you’re free? Where do you usually go?

Daniel: I love shopping, I know that’s usually a girl’s thing, but I really enjoy shopping. Especially shopping for gadgets, like an ipod, laptop, etc. Apart from that, I go online. As for places, I usually hang around the Damansara area.

Me: Do you blog? Do you have a personal blog?

Daniel: You can visit . It’s my forum. You can find my blog link there.

(mmm, very general answers he’s not supposed to name a place apparently, the assistant at his side is eyeing my suspiciously, to which I TRIED to ignore)

Me: Oh oh, one last question Daniel, it’s rather personal if you don’t mind.

Daniel: Sure…. Go ahead..

Me: Erm.. erm… erm…. (Look sideway at his assistant)

Daniel: Mmm…? (Look at me innocently, omg so cute can die)

Me: Hahaha…(laugh stupidly by myself), I really don’t know how to say this. Cause your assistant is monitoring my every question.

The Over-protective Assistant: (suddenly started talking) Of course …

Daniel: Nevermind, you can whisper in my ear…

Me: Ermmmm…. Okay…. are you attached? (whispering in my softest voice possible) with a guy or girl ? (voice reduced to mumbling to myself here)

Daniel: Huh? What? Can’t hear you? Can you repeat that?

(the assistant leaned her head over to listen)

Me: (Repeat again, now in a voice so soft I can hardly hear myself)

Daniel: Erm, ehh.. Heh… I still can’t hear… (lean closer to listen)

Me: (This time laughing hysterical at myself) hahahaha…. Nvm nvm, haha, not an important question. Alright, time to go.

Sorry guys…. Didn’t manage to get the answer =.=

Here’s a video though,

Maybe I didn’t need to ask that question after all.


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