Malaysians are friendly people

SMS Note
Nicole: I am watching Happy Potter at the cinema now
Timothy: Happy Potter? Is that a gay version of Harry Potter?

Nicole: I am watching Happy Potter at the cinema now
Kenny: Did you realise you type Happy Potter instead of Harry Potter?
Nicole: Oh shit!!! No wonder someone said I’m watching gay porn?!

Just watched movie Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix yesterday at the Media Screening yesterday. It’s nice, rather enjoyable. I can’t review or judge how good or how bad the movie is, because I have read the book. All I could say is, I expected more.

Ugly man

harry potter
Why isn't Daniel in the middle?

The actress for Luna Lovegood is cute! I love her so much! Evanna Lynch is her name.

luna lovegood
Looney Lovegood

I still love Emma Watson though, she is cute AND pretty!


I have been receiving a lot of anonymous calls recently that really ticks me off.

One particular phone call came to me last night from this number: 03-78036638

Jerk: Hello
Nicole: Hello
Jerk: (spoke in Malay) Hello, ini Nicole ka? (Is this Nicole?) *buzzing buzzing sound*
Nicole: Yes Nicole speaking. Siapa ni? (Who is this?)

Jerk: *buzzing sound* ……… Hel……. Nic…….
Nicole: Hello?
Jerk: *more buzzing sound* (phone line must be bad)
Nicole: Hello hello?

Jerk: He….. N…… I….. dari……….
Nicole: Hellooooo?

(suddenly phone line clears)
Jerk: Mahai, orang ini hanya tau kata hello hello…. (*vulgar word*, this person only know how to speak hello hello)

*Nerve crack*

Nicole: (Hang up)

You know, sometimes I think Malaysian cannot be any more polite?!

Sometimes it’s good to look like a ‘Banana’ (a Chinese who can’t speak Chinese, mainly converse in English). I never knew someone could actually LOOK like a banana. But then I receive a lot of feedback and comments on my face features that it simply do not portray a person who is capable of speaking Mandarin/Chinese.

Yesterday, I was buying some shoes at Mid Valley Vincci shop because mine has reached the stage where I have to drag my feet against the ground in order to walk in them. ‘Appearing banana-like’ as ever, I made my way to the cashier with my 4 new pair of shoes.

Then I remembered that I didn’t have my Padini card with me, because they never send my new card to me, and I have renewed my card since half a year ago!

So I proceeded to ask the lady at the counter if they could check the status of my card renewal process for me. I spoke in English of course. And because I wanted to wear my new shoes immediately, while waiting for them to call the HQ to ask about my card, I asked the lady at the counter to help me remove the price tags at the bottom of each of new shoes.

The last thing you want is get spotted walking in a pair price-tagged shoes that shouts “I’m so new I have my price tag on and my stupid owner don’t even realise I have my price tag on!”

Frowning, I think, the lady did what I ask. She can choose not to remove it for me of course, but then the customer is always right and I don’t see why is it so bad just to remove the price tags. I mean, isn’t it reasonable that I have my new shoes in tip-top condition, make sure they are shiny and spotless when I buy them?

After returning with my answers, they made a new temporary card for me. When I thought all was well, the cashier spoke to the lady filling out the temp card, in front of me.

Cashier: (In Cantonese) This girl very troublesome. So annoying isn’t it?
Lady: (Cantonese too) She’s alright la, just a bit long-winded.

Nicole: !!! ……… (keep quiet)

Then she turn to me, while handing over my temp card, smile so politely as though nothing has happened and the world is still a perfect place and it is their greatest pleasure to be helping their needy customers.

Hey! Do I look like a Caucasian to you?! I have yellow skin ok?! I bloody speak and understand Cantonese ok?!

I wouldn’t even want to start on the time when my phone rang at 8am in the morning while I was still sleeping soundly in my bed after turning in at 4am.

This Malay delivery guy from City-Link was asking me for direction to my house to send me a parcel. And he was asking if I could direct him to my house from Malim!

OMG, that is like asking me to give directions from Cyberjaya to KL Tower, it is like asking for land directions from Singapore to Thailand, or directions from New York to California route by route, or indicating all the road signs from London to Hull, it is like… like…. directing a blind mouse to his hole hidden behind a cupboard with tons of mouse traps everywhere.

So I told him politely, in my half-standard Malay, that it would be easier that I direct him from Jusco in Melaka (everyone know where is Jusco, it is just after the toll, that bugger just came in through the Ayer Keroh anyway).

Guess what?

Guy: (In Malay) You just tell me how to go from Malim here, cause I am in Malim right now.
Nicole: Sir, I don’t really know where exactly in Malim are you and it is too far from where I am. Why not I just tell you how to get to my place after the toll or Jusco, the directions would be easier.
Guy: (In Malay) No no no… You tell me how to from here. I am here right now, I am leaving now.
Nicole: I know you are there, but it is very difficult to direct you from there. Listen, it’s very easy, you know Jusco right? So from Jusco…
Guy: *annoyed* (pass the phone to his friend and shouting in a distant) Orang ini BODOH sangat, panggil dia beritahu directions…..

Technically, translated to English, he was saying (or rather, scolding) “This person is so STUPID, I asked her to give me directions, she can’t even freaking understand, so god damn stupid, you talk to her!”

*Nicole’s nerve crack*

God damn it! If you are so clever, why not you come here on your own! You called me freaking early in the morning and I have enough patience to describe to you how to get to my house when it is YOUR JOB to know HOW to get to my house because you are a freaking POSTMAN! Yet you are swearing at me and calling me STUPID?????

What kind of attitude is that?

Do you freaking know how freaking far is Malim to my place?? Oh wait?! You don’t know! Because you don’t even know the roads in Melaka!

Yet before hearing out my directions, you threw the phone to your friend thinking I am some kind of idiot who don’t know simple Malay, when you don’t even know a single word in English and I have to accommodate myself to you!!!

City-Link!!! NEVER EVER USE THAT SERVICE, EVER!!! The people are crap, they are rude, they don’t speak English, they don’t know the roads, they swear at people and they don’t let you sleep!!!

Malaysians are ever so patient and cheerful.

Finally I would like to finish this entry with one last phone call.

Iphone is mine!

Anonymous: Hello, is this Nicole?
Nicole: Yes, I am. May I know who’s on the line?
Anonymous: (breathing very hard)
Nicole: Hello??
Anonymous: (heavy breathing)
Nicole: Err…. Anyone there?
Anonymous: (more heavy breathing)
Anonymous: (soft moaning sound and if I am not mistaken, some rubbing-on-something-wet *slop slop slop* kinda of sound that almost resemble… mm… Jerking?!)

(Throw phone on the floor and run out of the room into the living room screaming head off in disgust before running into housemate’s room)

Nicole: EW EW EW EW………………………………..!!! *repeat this 10000000 times*

I think Malaysians are too friendly sometimes.


36 kissed Nicole

  1. walau ehh seriously the heck ppl know your phone lah..even jerking when talking to you ahh??

  2. I.. miss malaysia.... :S
    But really this doesnt happen only in malaysia, after all, its human... some are rudely polite, others are politely rude, malaysians are just downright rude... but at least we express things freely...

    Ooo.. emma watson looks hawt.. i almost feel paedophillic... nono *shakes head* must snap out of this

  3. that's why lar .. y simply give out your contact number .. tsk tsk .. looking for trouble only!

  4. Assholes like those you encountered...make me so not miss malaysia. Haw haw..

    But seriously Nic, it definitely gets on the nerves to meet such rude idiots, especially in the service department. Just let it fly..we are definitely way above that level. Don't get so mad, else you'll have new wrinkles hahha :)

  5. hey chill dear... i believed all malaysians experienced what u been thru be4... if i were u in tat vincci shop, i would have say thank u in cantonese to the girls, let them dumbfounded a bit...

    u see, some less smart people got on our nerve becos we felt tat they r an insult to our intelligence... so chill lar, i know u got a big heart...

    wat's interesting in this post is im wondering in btw kenny & tim, who u seriously miss more? :)

    oh ya, i agree, try not to disclose ur number, i advice u to carry 2 mobile phone, one main line, one prepaid perhaps... u see, mayb some of the staff in ur company knew u r big blogger, so they might manipulate the contacts database lor... b xtra careful, just hope there's no stalker...

    in btw, there will b an event next weekend for bloggers gathering, do wish u can join... details on my site ya... cheers!

  6. that last phone "conversation" is ridiculously sickening!

    well, it comes with fame i guess, try not to let these kinda things affect your personal life too much.

    well, i think emma watson is going to turn into a typical english plus sized girl in years to come, however, if her acting career still carries on after Happy Potter..(hehehe)....her manager will keep her fats under control.

    i need a secondary phone line too...otherwise too many ppl calling me to broker for a piece of my project.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. my goodness... i'm a guy and i felt disgusted on the final conversation.. yuckzz... well, i got similar experiences like urs.. unfriendly services.

    anyway, yea, u miss Kenny or Tim more? kekeke...

  9. YOu MEAn... Harry Potter? You have watch? Gosh... that is fast.

    Anyway... happy visiting to Indo. GOtta have mu dinner now. Bye.

  10. City-Link. I will remember that deep in my careful brain.

    And to all, try asking for samples
    of Baskin Robbins' ice cream at Midvalley (1st floor). See if you can have 4 (min) samples AND get a normal treatment after that.

  11. jiejie nic

    mish just came back downtown... and guess what I bought .. I bought one dozen of krispy kreme .. hehehe .. will blog it soon ..

    oh yeah .. they have opened one outlet at HKIA and I will be going back to KL either this month or next month .. so .. want dougnuts? hehehehehe :)

  12. er... you also SMSed me with Happy Potter too. I thought you were just very very fond of the series, and was giving it a cutesy name... haha.

  13. pi nic pai krungtip liao ar?

  14. Sorry... is TH not Indo.

  15. Wahhhhh... Harry Potter!!! So fast you watch one!!!

  16. The trip to Vincci makes me laugh :D 'cos I had similar experiences where they thought I don't understand Chinese dialects just because I speak English to them when they rudely push me away with their big asses :P

    It's hilarious to see their facial expression when I turned to them and speak to them in English to reply them :P

  17. misha: hahah....i guess nicole would love to have the doughnuts, since she's such a sucker for it already!

    wah....sometimes, regardless of whether the other person understands the language you're speaking or not, it is js plain rude to bitch about that person in his/her face.

    but i think they're js bitchy lar, in malaysia, we js presume that every chinese would know mandarin, canto, and hokkien. even dunno how to speak also will understand.

    Happy Porter.....then again it sounds like a woodstock flick that advocates the use of pot. Hahahaha

  18. Hi Nicole

    3 things.

    1. I also typed Happy Potter when I sent sms to my friend :p Well, not that I've watched it yet :p

    2. City Link sucks! Few years back, at my work place, they lost a package that I sent to UK. And those are very important stuff. They apologiesed etc and fired the guy who lost the package. As my boss said, give us free service or money also no use cuz' they can't recover back the lost package and those are very important documents.

    3. I occasionally got calls from strangers (normally Malays and Indians).. and the caller spoke to me in Tamil "-_- But, at least these are strangers.. but for yours.. they know your name!? freaky.

  19. Aiyor.wat has malaysia become wor ???Still hv such jerks around ?? time record down n make a police report againts them for sexual harrassment!!!!!

  20. 1st world vision, 3rd world mentality *shakes head*

  21. with regards to the last line....
    *disturb* + *shakes head rapidly*

    comon... i noe jerking is a routine... but hey 'wankers' it's freaking SICK to engage such activity thru a phone call. EWwww.. Ewww. EEwwww.... watch porn or something la... *SWEATING*

  22. That's why mama said never give your phone number to strangers. lol

  23. Hey, you should come to Penang. Nice place, nice people. Err... but it also depends. Sometimes they've rotten apples amongst them also. *grins*

  24. hai...whenever ppl say something abt u, u say that they are rude etc..but if so many say similar things to you, once in a while my fren, look in the mirror, and you shall know why...

  25. you are so funny :p

    u made me laugh in the office when I read about the postman part

  26. Judging from your face, you really don't look like a chinese, I have to say.

  27. hi... *slop slop slop*


    When I was a kid, I had this Indian kid call me up and said he was doing a survey. Stupidly, I agreed to help. He started asking about sex and if I masturated. I could hear his heavy breathing in the background. The funniest part was, I could hear his mother calling for him also. After awhile, I knew what the dude was up too. I asked him whether he wanted to meet up so I could share some porn with him. The reason was, I was going to get a few of my friends together so I can kick his ass. I guess he didn't like my porn cause he didn't turn up. Hrmm... no gay porn lah.

  28. Eh Nicole, you have an iphone??? It's so cool! How did you get it? How much is it?? It's not available in Msia yet right?

  29. don't believe everything to see/read here lar

  30. walao eh....the last one really too disgusting bian tai one.... i met so many idiot and rude ppl in kl last weekend....hell place....luckily i am back to heaven now...

  31. The ugly side of malaysians...

    My principal is, when someone start to being rude to me, i will be rude to them ...then i'll embarass them in some way, some how to make them realise their bad attitude..( in your case in the shoe store scenario, i'll be thanking them back in cantonese!..biar mereka malu sendiri)

  32. WoW..your job really is GUUDDD..get to watch all these movies before the public do...can i join the next movie premiere???

  33. Interesting calls u had there. HAHA - some frens of mine had calls from the sickos too. Really disturbing and U should @#$% them up nicely when you get those sorta calls again!