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Small talk:
Kenny: Join the Marathon in Singapore with me. Go to and use the training program there. It helped me heaps.
Nicole: Is there a site called
Kenny: Yes. It's called

The 10th Rainforest Music Festival was a blast! I'm so in love with guys in kilts!! Bearded guys in kilts for that matter.

Man, for all of you who missed this party or festival, you gotta fly there next year. The date has been set. It's 11-13 July 2008!! Be there or be square!!

Cause I will go there next year, again. For sure. It's all too overwhelming.

Despite being hot and sweaty with a whole lot of bikini hot chicks (man how I wished I was a guy right then) getting down and dirty and wet with booze, this festival is all about the music. Music you have never heard and people of all around the world. Yup, Music. Right~~~

We shall discuss more about this festival in my next post, or next few posts (hey, gimme some break, I have to upload all the photos very ma fan(troublesome) one u know).

Oh, remember my Bangkok trip? Of course you remember, I have been bloody talking about it in my last few entries, if I haven't bore you with it, I don't know what will. If you haven't read about it. Go read now! *show angry face* Here, here, here and here.

Drinking mocktail at the tallest building in Bangkok

I bought some very cool stuff from Bangkok. As in so cool can die cool.

No I did not buy this you perv

Bangkok is really a shopping heaven. Compare to all the high street fashion, which they have there too, I prefer heading down to all the wholesale market and bargain my brain out with sellers to the cheapest possible price for a "I'm Still A Virgin" shirt. It's all about bargaining to a cheaper price than what others could and get that sense of achievements.

You have to try it, it's awesome. The rush you get is better than running a 42-km marathon minus the pain and almost equivalent to climbing the tallest mountain in Malaysia minus the injury. Okay, maybe not as cool as climbing the Mount KK, but it's almost there.

Lochy the world traveller

I dare you to wear this and walk on the street of Bangkok

I was spoilt with choices and was in a dilemma to buy which shirt when I saw this!


OMG, this is such a classic! I just have to have this!! LOL

I used to see this on television, but this is the first time I see it selling in a market, or just anywhere for that matter. Wear this out on your first date and it'll guarantee your first date to be your last.

One other thing I got from Bangkok, is the money clipper wallet. It sounds lame but this is the coolest I think I have bought. With it, I can even become a magician!

Watch the video to see me do magic.

Anyway, I just realised Nicolekiss (my blog site) is reaching its 10 months anniversary. Time flies, scary it is. So for once, I am going to do something different and in order to show my appreciation for all the supports my readers have been showering this site so far. I am do something in return.

Watched the video yet? Isn't it cool? Cool Huh?? You want one?

Welp! I am giving away one of these cool wallets that I personally bought from Bangkok.

Pink LV Money Wallet vs Black Gucci Money Wallet

And to make sure it fits your taste, you get to select which color you like!

Pink for girl and black for guy

Wait wait, there's more. To make it fair, this is open to everyone. I mean EVERYONE around the WORLD!

If you're from Kuala Lumpur or Melaka, I will pass it to you personally. If you are staying in another state, I will post it to you. If you're from USA, Ghana, UK, Canada, Australia or even Madagascar, no worries! I will air mail it to you. All on Nicolekiss' expense!! You don't have to pay anything! Now isn't that the coolest thing ever!!

All you need to do is to tell me your most humorous, awkward, horrible or humiliating (anything that catches my attention) travelling experience. You can blog about it and send me the link, record a video of you telling the story, photo illustrate, write it down in the comment box, email me, any method you fancy (no chatbox pls). Privacy ensured. Just leave me your email address (or phone no) so I can contact you when you win.

Expiry date is one month from now - 17 August 2007. So start sharing your story with me.

I'll start with a synopsis of my travel story to share:

When I was in Bangkok, I heard about this rumour of a famous local massage centre that is dirt cheap. 100 baht for an hour massage!! So I decided to hunt this place down. I took the skytrain to The Nut, and scouted around the row of shops along the 7-11 lane.

5 minutes later, I located the place. My travel buddy, Shawn, paid 100 baht and he was escorted to the second floor for his massage, he chose a lady masseuse of course. Shawn laid down and was eager to start his massage. I had my doubts, afterall, how good can a 100 baht massage be?

I was wrong.


'Where's that male massuer of mine??'


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  1. i have tat magic wallet is niceee
    u can get it from KUCHING too...

  2. i miss bangkok... hey nicole, u want some krispy kreme fr jakarta? arrival 28th July 2007 (approx 6pm)... big smiley face ^_________^

  3. U can get it here in KL as well, Kepong pasar malam... but since it's personally selected by Nicole, i guess it's special..

  4. i would luv that black wallet of yours but unfortunately i wont be able to humour you . however, rest assured that you wont regret having me as ur buddy for the rest of ur life......

  5. wow nicole the 'do u know where ur girlfriend is' t-shirt looks time u go bangkok dun 4get to tell me.i will tumpang yea to get that cool t-shirt for me XD

  6. wah lau.. what a masseuse you find by paying 100 baht. I should have agreed on the 500 masseuse the last time I am in Phuket. Wonder how it will be?

  7. sorry tis 500 baht masseuse not 500 masseuse

  8. Haha. That's a standard move in Thai massage, babe. She's stopping the blood from flowing to the groin when she presses on it. When she releases it, the blood rush feels great.

    I think this works only for guys though. Not girls.

    If you want, I can massage you though. But I only do stepping lah.

  9. kenny, now that's gonna be interesting to watch.

    tough 'competition'........... lets see if i can recall any to write on.....

  10. Hell-O Babe,
    YES! bangkok was awesome place for you to shopping. i was there once for my company trip, and i regrets i did'nt bring more $$$. For me 1K is isnt enuff. Because got a lots of coolest rock, metal, goth & comics thirts (eventot its cap ayam but good qualit).

    And the foods SUPER AWESOME! they have the best foods like tomyam and steambot! Holy s**t me and the clans plan to go again...

    Glad you enjoy urslef there. And i dun mind to wear that 'im gay' tshirt (im not a fag) but funny hahah

  11. hey, the wallet did sell in the market in ur own hometown (melacca) too!! my fren was studying there n did the magic for me few months ago when she's back in kch XD

  12. said hi to you at RWMF '07 when you were with sam. Nice to meet you, hope you had a great time in kch :)

  13. HAHAHA!!! , im laughing at kenny's comment.

    i'll try to squeeze the juice outta my brain to think of something amusing.

    one month *shrug* =P

  14. please tell me you bought that 10pm shirt for me!!! i wan!!

  15. hey, i duwan to write ler about my experience ler...write also i won't win wan...but i wan the wallet..can i have it?

    Erm, here's RM10? :P

  16. virgin t-shirt ?
    you still virgin meh ?

  17. being a Missing-In-Action Sarawakian myself, I miss the Rainforest Music Festival a lot.

    happy 10 months anniversary.

  18. eww.... wonder how does the magic works. By the way, i think those shirt can't be found in Malaysia no?

  19. those wallet are tempted to write 'my story'... hope that mine can be an interesting piece too ;)

  20. send me LV wallet hun!


  21. anon: let the person with no sins cast the first stone.

  22. Ahh.. love the wallet but got no stories, crap=(

  23. sally: Oh~~~ but it’s not bought by ME~~~ lol

    michael song: want.. I want I want. Buy a dozen for me~~~~~

    stephen: haha… of course it’s special! I don’t usually buy souvenirs you know~

    anon: my god, didn’t know anyone would like that shirt…

    doulos: cheap le~~~ keke, only the locals know..

    kennysia: but but but.. I want my jesus to massage like that for me… *blink blink*

    sheon: 18SX

    gothnol: let’s go to Bangkok together! You know Lochy? (guy in photo) he was nearly ‘gribbed’ by a mid age guy in 7-11 just before that photo was taken, LOLOL

    lene: is it? Wow… but but but… it is not bought by me from MY trip! LOL

    a^ben: hihihihi again to you, fun night huh?!

    heather: faster write something for my story, few people send in only, so got good chance

    boss stewie: I I I… did not… I don’t think your client would be happy if they ever spotted you wearing that on the street! Lol…

    innocent^^guy: wa… RM10 so cheap a?! I flew to Bangkok to buy one you know!!!

    Anon: you have no idea how many people are wearing that in RWMF 07 event! LOL, so dodgy it’s cute

    alvin: how can u miss it! It’s their 10 year anniversary there! I wanna see u there next year! Go book ticket now, lol

    kenny: no it’s illegal here. Try wearing that in at the custom, lol

    domhon: just write babe, you gotta try

    xie hung: entertain me first, no short cut! Haha

    ubi: don’t have to be oversea travels, can be just travelling to your nearby beach or a short weekend stowaway. Faster write, coz not many people send it yet. So you stand a VERY HIGH chance, haha

  24. Once upon a time, I went to Bangkok and saw an elephant. I stared and stared.... I stared from morning til night, then I stared from night til morning again. I got bored. So I came back to Malaysia. The End.

    Fine enough?

    Just want to entertain you. I've already got the wallet from my sis, from Krabi Island. ^.^ CHANEL sumore!! haaa... man lei keng mei.

  25. :P RM10 is base ler...the rest we calculate base on how much I support you, read your blog, etc etc :)

  26. thought i am special!? mm ... traveling stories ...

    When i was in Taiwan this summer. I always see this guy on a bike with a board advertising "call girls" on one of the famous young people hang out place, Xi Men. Not prostitute. Basically you call those numbers and get to chat with a girl and eventually go out on date etc etc.

    On the board, theres also an address. Curious enough to see what is there on that address, was actually hoping to see the kinds of girls picking up the phone. When my friend and i got to the place, it was a very sketchy hideout. The guy was like come on in and check it out and then you can decide if you want to stay. We went in, behind those doors where little shabby cubicle with small curtain protecting it. Inside was a tv, a phone and a worn out sofa.

    That place looked soo sketchy! Looks like a gang hideout or something or some 60 years old perverted old men hide out! Disappointed not to be able to check out girls who pick up phones, we left that place of course and not use their service. lol ...

    There my story ;)


  27. nico, then reply my mail to you yesterday on ur gmail, let me know how can i pass u the krispy

  28. michael wanted to take this opportunity to meet up with leng lui nicole hehehehe

    michael buy 2 dozens ... 1 dozen for a leng lui is not enuff lar

  29. nicolesucks18/7/07 7:54 PM

    Ewwww you can get the freaking wallet in every pasar malam, stupid. Who will want something worth RM5. And what makes it special, your booger on it? eeww.

  30. dear sucker,
    I know where to find absolute stupids. The kind that like to read from people they hate. You came across any?

  31. NICOLE, you can actually get it from JONKER STREET!!! RM10 for one, very irritating gangster looking guy sitting there selling the "magic" wallet... =)

  32. I tried to look in any possible dimension i can think of, but not one gave me the idea that you need to lose weight or eat less chocolate. This might be one of many other female thing I will never understand.

    Anyway, thanks for the rainforest music event coverage ;)

  33. ooo dammmm yesyes....
    ive tried them hot thai masseuse..
    sooo orgasmic!!!!...
    theyre probably better at massaging then.. even... me. :S
    need 2 go there again... too bad i hate sweating

  34. hey ...

    Just playing la, don't send me the wallet :)

    hehe ...


  35. I've figured how the wallet works.

    Basically, anyone can make their own 'magic wallet' with 2 cards and 2 rubber bands.

    First, arrange the 2 cards side by side.

    The first rubber band will be placed located higher than the other and will be twisted clockwise

    Place the other rubber band at the lower part and will be twisted ANTI-CLOCKWISE

    The End

  36. Correction:
    First, arrange the 2 cards side by side.

    When placing the rubber bands, it must hold both the cards with the twisted part between the cards.

    The first rubber band will be placed located higher than the other and will be twisted clockwise

    Place the other rubber band at the lower part and will be twisted ANTI-CLOCKWISE

  37. sucker: you get the booger. so from now are booger-sucker. what a nick!

  38. Here's the first part of my story darling:

    *extend hand* I want the black wan, thank you!

  39. jus sharing a pretty emberassing travel story...
    i was on my way home to msia from us to visit my gf after 6 months apart...
    im the kinda person who sleeps thru out the whole flight..but this was near landing that i woke up n realized i jus had a wet dream and the air stewardess sitting across me(i was sitting at an aisle seat) was blushing and giggling.I think i probably said sumthing naughty while i was dreaming...and i pitched a pretty noticable tent...

  40. I've been working in the surgical department for almost 3 months now. My colleague told me my boss, who is a lady surgeon, is pregnant and is expecting a baby soon as the size of her tummy is getting larger every day.

    While I was assisting her in surgery one day, I decided to ask her when her bundle of joy is due to arrive. This is what she said to me.

    "I am not pregnant. That's just fat you see"

    Yup, as you can imagine the operating theatre was very quiet after that @@ I went to my colleague after the surgery and almost strangled her!

  41. I went for a mission trip in Philippines in 2005. My churchmates and I travelled alot in the mini van our pastor got for us, and it's really squeezy. So on our last day, we're travelling down from Baguio to Manila.

    Apparently, my bf's dad went for the trip as well. And he was siiting next to me. The mission work was really tiring, and so he dozed off. It's also at this time when I realise that my bra seems "loose". I quickly put on my "suitable for 10 degrees and lower" jacket and felt for my bra beneath my t-shirt. And yes, my bra has snapped. And it's not snapped at the back. It's at the front where the 2 cups connect [coz my bra was connected with a plastic strap; one of the ex Pierre Cardin series]! and my bf's dad was nearly leaning to my shoulder already!! The journey continued for almost 4-5 hours and I dun dare to sleep at all! I faster dashed for my hotel room once I reached, in that very thick jacket to bathe. Only my room-mate knew what happened.

    It's very embarrassing as I think back of it. And till now, he never knew what happened! *phew*

  42. I am joining the contest. Count me in! The link to my post is
    My email address is I will be sending an email too.