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Nihon: Japan

This has GOT to be my longest food review entry EVER! And it took me ONE WHOLE MONTH to do this review. Wanna know why? Continue reading.

Four months ago, my dad went on a trip I would kill your dog for. Hokkaido, Japan.

Before you start bashing me on being a Japanese freak, one who blindly supports Japanization because they build the best gadgets in the world, produce the best drama series, draw and make the best anime, prepare and cook the best food (I love sushi and unagi kabayaki), have the cutest girls and own the coolest, if not weirdest, designs for outfits; NO, I DO NOT love Japan for all those awesome things they have.

Japan is a country so full of culture with beautiful scenic views,

japan view

it is the first country that promoted Cherry Blossom season and festival (Sakura festival – a time when people gather under cherry blossom trees for a picnic while millions of cherry blossom petals falls hence producing a pink-ish snowing effect as your backdrop as you sink your teeth into those delicious Unigai Roll);

cherry blossoms

also it is where my favourite food of all time originated – sashimi (raw fish) and unagi(eel).



Apart from loving Canon camera to death (though I would love to own one of those expensive Nikon DSLRs), and apart from being an anime freak; it is a country where prostitution is HIV-free!! And a country where you get to buy used-panties with yellowish stains from vending machines along the red light district of Tokyo!! (not that it matters to me anyway anyhow)

I mean, there are so many things in Japan that is one of its kinds, there are so many things in Japan that are ahead of its time, its fashion, food, art, technology, etc. Just look at Gwen Stefani,

gwen stefani and harajuku girls

all she did is to adopt *cough*copy*cough* Harajuku style from Japan, import some Japanese chicks to be her backup dancers for an entire album and boom, she’s now the top celebrity fashion designer cum singer cum trend setter in the states, might as well conquer the world now while she can.

So after much naggings about not being able to go along with him to one of the most beautiful place in Japan and taste the best salmon sashimi, my dad felt guilty enough to bring back two luggages full of Japanese titbits for me.

I was a little comforted. I said a little. Don’t push it.

So before I packed my bags and moved into KL, I locked myself in the room and underwent the toughest experiment of all time.

To go through each and every single of those sinful tit bits so I can write this review months ago. It’s a tough task, but someone has got to do it.

Share the love they say.

Share the love I shall.

First, it is this white chocolate covered almond thingy,


I would know the name if I can fully understand Japanese.


The chocolate is lightly coated with powder, or icings, or both.


The almond inside is very crunchy and nicely roasted, the outer chocolate is rather fragrant, though I prefer dark chocolate anytime, this white chocolate is not too sweet.

Nicolekiss rating: 3.5/5

Then the next one is a chocolate covered crunchy corn bite.


I really like this because the corn flavor is really tasteful, and the chocolate really complements it.


Have to be careful when eating this, before you know, you will unwrap one after another and soon the whole box is gone.

Nicolekiss rating: 4/5

Next, my dad bought this because his tour guide went to Japan and bought nothing but this box of 'cookies'.


The reason I put inverted comma on the cookies, because I really do not know how to name it other than, well, cookies.


It's very soft, too soft to be any sort of biscuits, but too biscuit-looking to be a cake.


All I know, it is FREAKING NICE! Serious, it is so soft, when you chew, it just crumble and melt (at the same time!) into your mouth. I reckon the paste is custard mix with raisins.

Nicolekiss rating: 5/5

This next one is chocolate.


The box is drawn to look like cow skin.


The chocolates are wrapped in cow black and white patches design and it shapes like a milk tin.


Design wise, I would give this a 9 out of 10. It's nice to look and has my fav choc - dark choc.


The content taste like milk, even better! Dark chocolate and milk, what better combination. The only problem with this box of chocolate is that it looks so cute, I don't have the heart to eat it. T_T

Nicolekiss rating: 4.5/5

Then comes my favourite titbits of all time!


This is a huge bag. Cost aroundf RM38 and comes with very convenient small packagings.



It is crunchy, a bit salty, a bit sweet, taste like... erm... pistachio? There's peanuts inside (I think it's peanuts). And the best thing! You will never get tired of these little buggers!!! It is so nice you can eat it forever, the best type of titbits for all ages.

Nicolekiss rating: 5/5

Okay, next.



Among all, this is probaly the most boring chocolate. It taste just like any other milk chocolate.


The packaging is cute. But other than that, that's it.

Nicolekiss rating: 2/5

Mind I remind you all these chocolates and snacks are from Hokkaido, though I don't know whether you can only buy them from Hokkaido or other places in Japan or other countries out of Japan. But I must say, Japanese has the coolest design in chocolates, even when the chocolates are disgusting.




One corn flavor and the other honey melon flavor. Both are my least favorite flavor in a chocolate. I like corn, but not corn by-product, like corn ice-cream, yuck!

Nicolekiss rating: 1/5

Okay, this is plentiful. But I have to go on. Next!


When I first looked at this packaging, the box was a bit torned, and it kinda look dodgy then.


Even the packaging wasn't really impressive, it looked like some dodgy manufacturer trying to create some dodgy designs to sell some dodgy chocolates.


The brand is from MERCI, I have heard of MEIJI, but not MERCI, sounds familiar, maybe someone mentioned to me somewhere before. I can't recall. The chocolate balls looks cute enough, so I just popped one into my mouth.


OMG, this chocolate can kill. It is so NICE can die! The inside is actually dried blueberry, but the flavor of those berries retained and the chocolate outside does not taste like your typical over sweetened white chocolate. I finished this box in two days!

Nicolekiss rating: 4.5/5

This corn thingy might looked similar to the one above.


Well, it is not.


This one is covered in white chocolate!


Don't judge but I never knew switching from milk chocolate to white chocolate over the same corn crunch can make such a difference!

This is absolutely a hit for me and my parents.

Nicolekiss rating: 4.5/5

Finally, the last one.


I like the box, it's unique and cute.


It's meant to be chocolate balls of cappucino flavor with macadamia nuts inside.


Well, I don't really like coffee, and I don't really like macadamias. So personally, I don't like this chocolate. Though I have to say the cappucino flavor is rather strong and maybe a bit too sweet, maybe others might like this more than I do.

Nicolekiss rating: 1.5/5

Now you know why I gained weight.


40 kissed Nicole

  1. finish all the chocolate and for sure cholesterol damn high..
    anyway, nice review.. :D


  2. errr..nicole,u 4got to say japan also produce good adult movies :) tats 1 of the reason y japan is famous

  3. wow thats quite a selection u got there, looks cool. i wanna go japan next year too =D but seeing youre previous post maybe you are a bit like a magellan of the new age too

  4. i blame you for doubling my shopping list for my japan trip this october

  5. Mmmmm....chocolates.

    Wonders why not more posts about chocolates...

    Love reading your blog.

    Keep it up!

  6. Firstly, you're not fat but its good to watch what you eat for health reasons.


    My dad once bought me a packet of black Hacks. Luckily I like black Hacks.

    Nice post.

  7. ?? Woah...all chocolates? Other than the 'cookies' and the Wasabi Nuts, all of them were chocolates.



  9. nicole.. merci is the rectangular box, long sticks de.. u noe, merci, my little way of saying thanks, merci for you and me...

  10. nice review of chocolate.. by the way, u can get the cow skin chocolate in singapore.. japanese food fair..

  11. MMmm chocolates.....My fav too . Also like yr dad I boughtamost 10 diff types during my recent trip to Italy n Germany. My fav is a 80% Dark Chocolate by Cote D'or from Germany ...

  12. your nail polish colour changes in the pics..u are right! you did took a month to this post!

  13. picksickrick29/7/07 1:08 AM

    wow chocs....nice....but i think the harajuku girls that gwen hired aren't really japanese...check it properly

  14. Is there a Royce in KL? They have got lovely chocs too!!! Simply meltz in ur mouth.

  15. Everything looks uber-sweet to me! But nothing beats indian kuih at being sweet!
    And chocos are spoz to be dark, not white.... :{ so i personnaly dun like white choco. despite having said that, i would really wanna try the blueberry choco.
    my fav on the featured list are the dairy-cow-skin choco, and also the green-color-thingy coated snacks. really look like things i would easily get addicted to...
    Nice entry....enjoyed reading it...bravo. have room for improvement :)

  16. Hokkaido is famous with their milk. So a lot of famous dessert.

    In Japan, the cookies thing is generally called Butter Sandwich. One of the most famous product in Hokkaido. You can only get the brand you had in Hokkaido.

    The marusei butter sandwich is one of the most famous Omiyage by Rokkatei (六花亭).

    Next time if anyone that you know go to Hokkaido again, remember to ask them bring you another better product of Rokkatei - Saku Saku Kapuchino Simodatami which literally mean Crunchy Cappucino Frosty Tatami. It is one of the best mocha dessert I have tried.

  17. Chocolate again..... don't eat too much if not...

    *a few months later after eating too much of chocolate, Da Da Da Dam... let us present to you... +*Poof* Fatty Nicole!!!*

  18. kev: cholesterol... good point, i should do my check ups soon

    -Mel W-: o.... ya hoo.... forgot d

    Paul: Japan Japan Japan, who doesn't wanna go Japan!! I'm so broke from travelling

    Aech: coz..this is meant to be a travel log.. a traveller who happens to like chocolates :p

    Des: thank you but I AM!!! DIET DIET!! Yea, my dad is the greatest!! actually this is the first time he bought me so many things

    Anon: sometimes I get paranoid from receiving comments from anonymous, anyway... that is pistachio flavored nuts i think

    Boss Stewie: good isn't it? It's in Singapore! Let's visit Ming!

    Anon: Merci for informing :D

    Anon: is it? two reasons to go singapore now

    tanalan2: oooo.... next time buy for me!!

    Mr. D: For a moment there I tot u were Dr. M :p

    picksickrick: is it? do tell?

    timtam: timtam is overrated! Royce, I think there is. At the airport?

    sheon: i need a new camera.. seriously! but i dun have 20k :(

    fish fish: ooo.. thanks for telling... will look up to it... anyone up for Japan?!!

    Kenny: CHOI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. there's one canon 30D (or something)...about rm3K+. i find that is quite adequate for a non-pro photographer. well, that is firmly on my to-buy list. but have to wait till my shares hit the roof first! hehehehe........

  20. Willy Wonka should have given you his factory.

  21. i think this is candy review :p

  22. look so delicious.....sliva dipping.......

  23. picksickrick29/7/07 10:13 PM

    one of them is japanese american :)

  24. whoa this woman sure can review/over analyze food... and yes it was that bad, mildly reckless the video thing but glad ur still blogging dear...

  25. isn't that merci is that french chocolate brand? i recalled to have seen those merci chocolates selling at the airports.

  26. Whoah.. the sushi.. and that unagi.... i .. cant take it anymore... im heading to the city for sushi.. lalala

    as for japchocs.. :S
    japan.. somehow doesnt appeal (to me at least) they're just too wacko for real proper chocs hahaha.. though the last time i had japanese choco-banana dips. they taasted pretty awesome.
    theyve got too many chemical additives.. too many weirdo tangy funky colours n shapes.. and somehow i feel they're not even using real cocoa...

  27. Good job for posting such a detailed description on chocolates from Japan. My mom frequently travels too but she usually buys 'muachi'-like items from Japan, sweet, soft coated with flour savoury. Hmm.. I think choccies would be more attractive. ;)

  28. go for manicure, you need it.
    badly~~~ :D

  29. This is the first time I see so many varieties of chocolates in a single minute.
    You really a choco maniac!

  30. Unbelievable sweet tooth you got there. Nice review.

    Maybe the 'junk food' term needs re-branding..hehe

  31. wow... you are so lucky.. you got all the chocolates? so fun le... ^^
    And nice photos.. love the 1st n 2nd photos..

  32. cant u get merci chocs in kl? ive seen them before, like loads of times. theyre the ones in a big white box and the chocs are like in 5cm long, half plastic half paper packaging. im sure uve seen them before. and i think theyre french made. as for meiji? :S that one sounds a lil dodgy to me lol. but this japan merci doesnt look like its french made tho..

  33. too bad... most of the food aren't available in Malaysia... we can never feast on the 'goodness' u described >.<

    the first two pic looks really awesome... might even appear better than the real ;)

  34. lady...u just ruin my sweet impression on ya and my appetite on those chocs...@@!!!...*puking** u need a sponsor for a manicure makeover..?!...get!!!...:D

  35. Geez, check your your chipped nail polished. Might want to get a new coat before taking the pics. Spoiled the good looking chocs la....

  36. It gives me a headache just looking at those pictures..Nicole, good luck on your quest to finish those chocs!..

  37. pukeee anoneh,
    You have been leaving idiotic comments for long time already. All very personal attacks. May I know what is your problem?

  38. Wow i love all of JAPAN!!
    the candys, chocolates, food
    the place ALL i wanna go there
    good blog

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