You know what is Nicolekiss?

Flying back to KL tomorrow. I will so miss the people I have met here in Kuching, that includes Kenny, Su Ann, Faiz, Christy, Andy the photographer,

the bearded Jesus-looking Irish - Angus,

a Venezuelan diplomat,

the weird but filthy rich Baring,

the funny couple at the party,

the luminous stick seller whom I helped sold out his stuff in less than one hour by asking people to buy me one luminous stick,

a very hot Spanish (I think) hunk who gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek cause I gave him a free stick since I was covered in luminous sticks,

all the media and performers I have talked to

and also Gustino - the only helpful Sarawak Toursim Board member who is kind enough to actually talk and help out a small media like me.

Will update tomorrow. SUPER tired now.

Don't frown, come, give you a smooch. Promise to update tomorrow.


You have been Nicole-kissed~


22 kissed Nicole

  1. yikes my face's all slurpy wet now .... okay .. do blog ya ... keep us posted on the latest mini adventures of Malaysia's favourite self declared choco lover.

  2. www.RojakAd.com16/7/07 2:36 PM

    now close your eyes...

  3. Thanks for the slurp :)
    Waiting for your updates .......

  4. Did you manage to eat our Kolok Mee on this trip?

  5. *i thought i'd posted this comment, but it didnt show*

    wow...your face close-up gave me a fright as i scrolled down! yikes. zits.hahaha

    go and rest lar....dun risk yourself in this flu season.

  6. your face looks quite ugly lar .. ie close up

    not pretty at all

  7. Actually, you should kiss all your readers, including me!
    Waiting 4 that!

  8. anon: lets see a closeup of you, see how you compare to nicole. :)

  9. Hey! i saw you in rainfest! =) thought i'll say hi, but you hurried through the crowd.

  10. This will be my wallpaper. No more sleepy monday! hehe

  11. ahha, this is how I define more than meets the eye.

  12. u r having so much fun... I am so jealous!!! lol

  13. Thanks Nicole... Now I am all covered in your slimy saliva... Yucks!!! :P

  14. holy shit!!! look like SHU QI in her xrated movies close-up!!!...LOL

  15. Good to hear you had a great time in kch.

    Kissing static is no fun man! lol

  16. What a frigtening sight! That close up pic is very unattractive. Plus, your nose looks super flat in that picture.

  17. Ah a ghost!!! Zhou... *ZoOommM*

    haha, joking, looking forward for your updates.

  18. hey..i bump into u in the wash room at Santubong but i never dare to greet u coz u seems in rush XD

    u r real tall n u was in pink. happy to c u around hehe...

    Kenny sia taken pic wif us at the middle of stage too ;)

  19. Many would crave to get a peck from ya!

  20. hmmm nice lips

    work that camera! lol

  21. What should I say for this??
    Thanks? Haha... Keep ON write, and i'll keep on read...