Did you know?

Today I stumbled across a very interesting website. It is about fun facts of science.

It is so interesting till I decided to blog about it. Some of the facts from the site are as below.


A car traveling at 80 km/h uses half its fuel to overcome wind resistance.

From now on, I’m driving below 80km/h.

The largest cave in the world (the Sarawak Chamber in Malaysia) is 2,300 feet (701 meters) long, 980 feet (299 meters) wide, and more than 230 feet (70 meters) high.

Malaysia Boleh!!

The heaviest human brain ever recorded weighed 5 lb. 1.1 oz. (2.3 kg.).

He/she must be either reaalllyyy smart or verrrryyy dumb.

The fastest computer in the world is the CRAY Y-MP C90 supercomputer. It has two gigabytes of central memory and 16 parallel central processor units.

… if only I know what that means.

My body and I

It takes approximately 12 hours for food to entirely digest.

What?!! Is that why I gained weight?!

In your lifetime, you'll shed over 40 pounds of skin.

Why skin?!! Why not fat!!

Seventy percent of the dust in your home consists of shed human skin.

Eww, now I know where those 40 pounds go to.

Oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen make up 90% of the human body.

Lies!! So tell me why do I weigh so much!!

The Skylab astronauts grew 1.5 - 2.25 inches (3.8 - 5.7 centimeters) due to spinal lengthening and straightening as a result of zero gravity.

Sign me up for the next astronaut audition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Travel Made Easy

The planet Saturn has a density lower than water. So, if placed in water it would float.

Now we don’t have to worry if Saturn hits earth one day.

The North Atlantic gets 1 inch wider every year.

So when will it conquer the world?

Hawaii is moving toward Japan 4 inches every year.

Great! 100,000 years later I can visit Japan and walk to Hawaii!!


Sharks are immune to cancer.

Woo hoo, I wanna be a shark!

On average, Elephants sleep for about 2 hours per day.

At times I wish I were an elephant.

A mosquito has 47 teeth.

Mosquito has teeth?! O.O

And the most outrageous thing of all,

Hershey's Kisses are called that because the machine that makes them looks like it's kissing the conveyor belt.

WHAT?!!! You mean I named Nicolekiss (because of my love for kisses) because some dumb machine operated like they’re spitting?

Visit here if you want to read more http://www.hightechscience.org/funfacts.htm


41 kissed Nicole

  1. Nicolekiss.blogspot is a trivia-blog now. ahhahahaaa

    carbon and hydrogen and oxygen are like the building blocks of everything lar....that includes fat and cholestrol. and ya..Chocolates too!

    Mosquito has teeth?!?!...now THAT's new.... thanks for the enlightenment!

  2. Since most of the dust in my room is made up of my skin, I'm going to save it all up and have it buried/cremated with me when I pass on. Alternatively, I could try to glue it all together and make a Des-skin belt ot shoe.

  3. if the hershey's story can be related to you, it means you're a robot? All this time, I was reading a robot's thoughts?

    *I wanna go kill myself*

  4. sheon: it's a multi talented blog ,LOL

    des: ew.... u are more gross than me. High 5!

    iwan c.m.n.: you need help? I have a small carving knife here :p

  5. hahaha... you really getting weight? Do some exercises then, say jogging? It is the most efficient and effective way.

  6. nice diff post for a change haha...from a chun mlk chic too haha

  7. Hi Nicole,
    I've been reading your blog for quite a while but this is my first time commenting.

    To add on the fuel efficiency of the car, people always claim that it's more fuel efficient when you turn off the aircond and wind down the windows. In fact, actually this doesn't work quite well because this would cause the aerodynamic of the car to be worse.

  8. I am SO disappointed. This is more of a trivia than actual science!

  9. You wish you were an elephant. Elephant is a lot a lot heavier than you. Don't worry about weight liao ya :P

  10. Ahahaha, amusing read!! shit.. im late for laboratory pracs!!!

    A car traveling on a highway at speeds of under 80 km/h in Malaysia will also get castrated and condemmed to hell. So please, dont try saving petrol. Hahaha

    The fastest computer in the world is actually my 4 year old laptop. Sometimes i feel like smashing it to bits when it lags when i alt-tab(switch) between my MSN msges and nicolekiss.blogspot.com

    It takes 12hours for food to completely digest but it takes 2 hours for me to get hungry again. Life is unfair.

    Seventy percent of the dust in your home consists of shed human skin. The other 30% is caused by your smoking housemates and their Dunhill reds.

    The Skylab astronauts grew 1.5 - 2.25 inches (3.8 - 5.7 centimeters) due to spinal lengthening and straightening as a result of zero gravity. So if my spine were to grow 2 inches, my legs would appear soo short and stumpy i'd look retarded. But i'd still like to be listed as 5'9".

    The North Atlantic gets 1 inch wider every year. Soon, Malaysia will have more land then USA!

    Will Malaysia ever move to somewhere that snows? :D

    Sharks are immune to cancer. I'm allergic to bullshit.

    On average, I sleep for about 20hours a day. I may appear to move but im actually still sleeping.

    I thought mosquitos have one blardy long one, thats all.. Regardless, there are no mosquitos in this country and so im glad. WE do get crazy spiders.

  11. biggerthanever31/7/07 9:27 AM

    here let me add to your list of useless trivia...

    factoid #45: kenny sia dreams of bonking nicolekiss 454 times a day...

    a sad, but true fact...

  12. kok: actually that myth is true to a certain extent. Switching off the air-con DOES help in reducing the fuel consumption, therefore increasing efficiency. winding down the window DOES increase wind drag, however, at lesser speed, the drag is too low to counter the benefits of switching off the aircon. Only at higher speeds (dont ask how fast), a wound down window will greatly upset the whole aerodynamic aspect of the car, hence more fuel will be burned to sustain/overcome the wind drag.
    Therefore, switching off the aircon is DEFINITELY contributing to the efficiency of the car. But just keep your windows up. :)

    anon: when is trivia NOT science? trivia is part science, part common sense, part geography, part art, etc etc..... (prove it i heard?) well,Q)why does it take 12 hours to digest food? A)thats the time to let the enzymes/acid and physiology of your guts to 'treat' the food that you eat. now, isnt that chemistry+biology a.k.a SCIENCE.

  13. hey i saw u on tv3! didnt really understand what it was all about tho coz it was in malay :/

  14. not funny

  15. Just stumble upon your blog. Did you know that ... girl who has a blog is just so easy to figure out.

    Like Nicole, love chocolate, love travel and love being kiss. Yeap, man, you got to love the girl who blog.

    Anyway, believe this at your own *risk*.

  16. Hawaii is moving toward Japan 4 inches every year.

    Great! 100,000 years later I can visit Japan and walk to Hawaii!!

    :)Bad mathematics girl... 400000 inches are just slightly more than 10km... about the straight line distance betw Mahkota and MITC

  17. Hmm you love hershey's kisses? No offense but hershey's has substandard chocolates because they use very little cacao butter in their chocolate. In fact, they are currently pushing for the redefinition of chocolate to remove the requirement of cacao butter, only artificial sweeterners. Have you tried Ghirardelli's Chocolate? Those are really good.

    To Ken: wow that's pretty sexist.

  18. Kenny is right.... Try jogging. Just apply what you learn as well. Try jogging at 8kph. Half of your fat will be burn to go against the wind.

    Wahahahaha.... Just kidding. But just in case you like to know where the other half fat is burn for... To carry your weight.

    Ohh... you so gonna hate me.

  19. hey nic, i post something bout u... nice meeting u the other day... keep in touch ya...

  20. biggerthanever said...
    here let me add to your list of useless trivia...

    factoid #45: kenny sia dreams of bonking nicolekiss 454 times a day...

    ((( sadly...i agree )))

    chris said...

    :)Bad mathematics girl... 400000 inches are just slightly more than 10km... about the straight line distance betw Mahkota and MITC

    ((( hahahahahahahaha )))


    factoid #46 :: nicolekiss is totally a dumb-blonde blog...o.O...use ur brains to blog...hun...not ur TTs nor ur pu-C...get ur facts RIGHT before u next start typing...LOL

  21. factoid #47 :: ey, tho its quite generalised, not all blondes are dumb.


    Like facts unknown to all, try this book "50 things you're not supposed to know"

    My review on the book available on: http://zulee.wordpress.com/2007/07/24/work-kills-more-people-than-war/

    Psst: its easily BT'ed for free, so why not, right?

  22. i think 1 of the most intriguing fact from the web was the one where u cannot fold a paper more than 7 times...i been trying & really!!! the most i managed was 5 times only...aiyo...hehehe

  23. factoid #48:: yea...besides nicole is NOT a blonde!!!...then she must be a bimbo...:D...cos look below for factoid #49 & #50

    factoid #49:: "brainy" women NEVER comes in pretty faces nor gorgeous bodies...take a look at politicians, lawyers, professors and so on...now u wonder why porn stars always look gorgeous...cos they "think" with their pu-Cs...:D

  24. factoid #50:: u either get famous by being handsome/beautiful OR fugly/bimbo for men/women...ie:: william hung, stephen lim and "hope-to-be-famous" kennny sia & nicole...LOL

  25. factoids' anonehs,
    How not-so-dumb can you be if you keep reading from someone you think is dumb? Well done, you proved yourself here. You are the dumbest!

    You didn't say someone can be famous here for being as dumb as you. So, it must be your horrible looks then.

  26. wah...some ppl so free la. free info. today i am a little bit smarter. hail nicole kiss...

    2 questions:
    a) why you're not having ure own website?
    b) why havent i met you?

    HOT SEXY BLOGGER...got new sexy nicole picture... votes needed!!

  27. dammit.. my brain weights over 60kg... i'm such a freak :(

  28. I NEED to sign up for prolonged astronaut sessions >.<

  29. hey babe. lucky thang! food from Japan! i'm into science myself.

    guys be nice. it's hard to write something entertaining. no such thing as hyperactivity 24/7 being able to smile and sound interesting. well nicole maintains over 20 comments for each post. that's a lot of credit for the woman oi.

  30. SHEON dear, you did not get my point. Nicole did not actually share or explain the "science" behind her trivia, did she? It would have been different if she actually talked about the science behind it like you did above :)

  31. Anon, Its trivia then.. :) but wouldnt this page suddenly turn into a science journal if she did exactly that (explaining every scientific fact) after a trivia?

    Hey...c'mon guys....there's no need for hostility and insults here lar....please?

  32. Dear sheon, samantha, whisperer and zu,

    I think all the anonymouses above are the same person.

  33. just let them/him/her be them/him/her lar then.....i believe you have had a crash course with kenny on how to 'manage' your site from hostility rite? :)

  34. wow...nicole that awesome....original...sweet u....

  35. Nicole, that is incorrect. I've only posted anonymously twice! First, when I said I was disappointed because you've called your trivia science, Second, when I was responding to Sheon.

    I will never post such tasteless comments like those other "anonymous" users.

  36. the fastest computer now is BlueGene/L i think.

  37. the fastest computer now is BlueGene/L i think.

  38. lol, too bad u wont live that long to get to hawaii by foot from japan hahahaha.. all in all quite informative and interesting indded

  39. to all haters...if you don't like her and her blog then stop visiting...no point in bashing her...this is her blog and she can do as she please...

  40. I don't think people hate Nicole. However, I have seen a LOT more negative comments on Nicole's blog than I have seen on Kenny Sia's or Pink Pau/Su Ann's blog.

    I've never "bashed" Nicole and I've never used deragatory comments on her. I have been disappointed a lot of times though.

    Have you guys read Pink Pau / Su Ann's blog? I think Su Ann is a much better blogger/writer than Nicole. She's much younger than Nicole and yet her writing/blogging skills is 50 times better than Nicole's. Love her choice of words! She sounds like a pretty bright young lady and pretty darn cute as well!!

  41. Yes, this was the fastest computer in 1994 with a peak performance of 15.6 Gflop/s. My desktop gets roughly the same speed running in 32 bit integer mode... 64bit would be more.