The City of Meow~

10:30pm came and I awoke to the screeching of Airasia airbus against concrete runway, which interrupted the long list of Rickdess Top 40 pop songs selection on my Ipod; plugged one headphone to my left ear, and another on Dominic’s right (my MA coursemate).

Kuching’s night is far more exhilarating than I have expected, like a spreadsheet across the milky-way, I never thought this little town (not so little) could be so sparkly from sky view.

For the first time in 23 years, I finally made it to the East of Malaysia, the other part of my own land that had always been a mystery, do people here really live on trees? Pardon my ignorance. What would be installed for me here was an unknown, but I was eager to find out. To be greeted by people of my own nationality but of different blood.

Kuching impressed me in a considerable amount of ways. One of the first few would have to be Kuching Airport, modeled after KLIA, it’s relatively majestic at first glance. Clean, long, bright almost instantly gave me an introduction to the city of Kuching, it’s true when they say first impression counts. Once inside the airport, I realized it’s rather a structure with imposing exteriors but quite humble inner structure, yet first impression over-shadowed the second, I was still impressed.

While all the shops were closed due to the late hours, we quickly dragged our luggage and wiggled ourselves out of the airport passing through custom and luggage claim. Greeted at the exit, was Dominic’s Kuching friends and my dear amazing race companion, Kenny.

We were hurriedly ushered to the host’s house to settle our luggage where dinner was prepared for us. Which introduced my second impression on Kuching, Kuching-nians’ hospitality. Over the next few days, I was torn in half with the host servings of cultural entertainment and tours and Kenny trying his best way to feed me fat to the best food in Kuching. I was overwhelmed, time to roll up my sleeves and loosen my belt.

kung fu
Hai ya!

Kuching, here I come!


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  1. 'The City of Meow': just sooo you :). Someone who heart cats ;)... Glad to hear that u enjoyed the trip.
    'Kuching's night is far more exhilarating than i have expected, like a SPREADSHEET ACROSS THE MILKY-WAY' ... nice line =), and i totally agree on that... such a nice place hidden on the other side of malaysia.
    And the pic... was that a wax model of nicole in... a cave of some sort??? man.... it looks pretty da_n real ;)... izzit?

  2. can't wait to read part two ;)

  3. The only area I've been to in Malaysia are, Penang and Johor (Mainly to Singapore).

    wasnt interested in traveling long ago, but thing has changed, though, haha.

    *eargerly awaits the 2nd part*

  4. the picture look so spastic :P dun flame me pls .... hehe

  5. looks like u had a purring good time

  6. stranger.. from the outside..

  7. stupid people think that sarawakian live on trees