Touring through the Scam City of Bangkok

Small Talk:

We (Shawn, Simon the kiwi and me) were walking along Sala Deung, a street filled with Thai girl shows and go-go bars, when we kept getting approached by usherers.
Thai Guy: Sir sir, thai gurl show, wery cheap, 1000 baht, wery nice.. sex show
Simon: No, We don't want any show
Thai Guy: Sir... weeeerryyyy nice, sex show, werrrry guud
Simon: No, no, we're not interested
Thai Guy: (following us) Sir.... rellly guud.... meny thai gurls..
Simon: *ignore*

(The Thai guy then turn to me)
Thai Guy: Miss, Thai boy show, beerryyy nice....

There are a lot of scams in Bangkok. Don't get me wrong, I love Bangkok. Friendly people, beautiful sculptures, merchandises and great food, oh especially the food,

15 baht

so many varieties,

10 baht

so cheap,

10 baht

so pretty,

30 baht

so cheap,

10 baht

so yummy,

10 baht

so cheap,

15 baht

so delicious,

20 baht, mini eggs

so cheap,

so cute

so good looking,

20 baht

so cheap,

15 baht


cute cute animals,


100 baht, each

so cheap!!

I mean, what’s not to love about Bangkok?

(Siamese cat) Meow~~

Many would ask if Bangkok is a safe city to travel in? My answer to that is: “Hell yea!” I even walked alone in Chatuchak lane in the middle of the lonely night and still came back in one piece.

I am Thai... Yea~~

There are, however, few precautions you need to take heed on. Firstly, let me clarify, it is only human nature to take advantages on tourists originated from first world countries (or tourists who are dead wealthy), simply because they have too much to spend when they visit countries like ours, which is true.

Seriously, one sterling pound is worth 70 baht, and with 70 baht, I can buy myself seven types of snacks from small eateries in Thailand, or a return BTS (skytrain) ticket from one end of Bangkok to the other, heck I can even get a half hour Thai massage with 70 baht. Whereas in England, one pound would probably get me as far as two blocks away in an underground (train).


Back to my point, beware of scams. There’s a lot in Bangkok. Like the Lucky Buddha (they changed the name to Black Buddha now)...

Black Buddha? Not so black to me… (yes, I went to that place, shut up)

the river boat ride or Thai export centre. All of which happened to be opened only once a month or once a year and that particular day you meet these guys is that day of the month or year that place is open.

One particular famous one is the tuk-tuk (a motorbike driven cart that can fit as many people as you can imagine despite its size. We already tried fitting in 5 enormous adults; my last trip here I had 7 people in a tiny tuk-tuk; I’ve seen people with 9 passengers on this puny ride).

I'm the smallest, yea~~

It takes only one day to hear about this scam. It’s pasted everywhere in hostel notice board, people talked about it, Thai people warned you against it. But it takes a genius and an expert to really know it when they see one.

Me? I’m different. I went on the scam ride, on purpose. Really?! I did! >_< IMG_0129
Putting on lipstick

What they do, is they will bring you on a ride, either for a tour around Bangkok or to you destination, but in reality they will bring you to souvenir shops or places that sell fake goods so that these tuk-tuk can get cash vouchers, even if you don’t buy anything, they still get gas coupons from bringing visitors to these shops.

I learnt that in a day when someone offered you a tuk-tuk too cheap to be true; decline.

This guy in the video is trying to offer me 10 baht (RM1) to bring us to a place that is few kilometres away, provided he bring us to stop at one (or a few) place(s).

I love Bangkok!


26 kissed Nicole

  1. u put bangkok to life... nice post and with a lot of nice food... personally i feel bangkok is the best city in the whole thailand... been to pattaya, hadyai & chiangmai... bangkok still the best!!!

  2. nah... bangkok is not the best place .. if want to try typical thai food shd go to smaller towns .. eg if want to try southern thai food (ie more spicy) then shd go to hadyai or yala .. then .you will get the best ..

    bangkok's food is slightly "fusionised" anyway ... thai food still the best :)

  3. great pics of those thai foods!! makes me really hungry right now~ =D
    Btw, those rabbits are damn cute!

  4. one pound won't get you anywhere on the london tube. Even with the oyster card you'll need 1.50.

  5. The foods look yummy!
    but babes, pls dont tell me they are going to eat that bunny's if no one want to buy them :'-(

  6. I was wondering what food you were eating in one of the pic...until I saw the footnote.."Putting on lipstick"..hahaha

  7. "50 baht? no? no, it's alrite, we'll walk.." LOL!!

  8. whoah.. alll those fried-looking food.. just looking at them makes my throat feel sore.. *takes a big gulp of water* dammnn
    meh.. i miss thai spas!! cheap hot girls touching me all over (hahaha)

  9. Ohh gosh..
    I am even hungrier now... Sob...
    Those food look so yummy..
    hoho... And enjoy your trip, leng lui!

  10. nicole, the more i look at u, the more u look thai, do u have thai blood along your heritage?

  11. marky mark13/7/07 8:21 AM

    food! oh glorious food!

  12. Really enjoyed this post, thank you. But you got to enjoy all the snacks/food there and i dont, so i take my 'thank you' back! heheheheheh

  13. oo..been so busy no time to reply here.. sorry guys for ignoring u guys.. :(

    micheal song: yea! agree! but i like beaches.. wanna go to phi phi..

    sc: is it? maybe i shud go chiang mai next

    eve: they are aren't they? so cute.. i wanna smuggle them back?!! the rabbit, not the food

    anon: really? man, i must have been away from england longer than i thought. lol

    gothnol: i tried bunny meat before.. rather hard...

    whisperer: lol.. to distract ppl like u away from food :p

    heather: :)

    wilzc: thai spa? where where?!!

    curryegg: oh i did, i miss bangkok already

    anon: i am not thai!!!

    marky mark: yes... food!!!!

    sheon: but but but.... i want ur thank you.... or i dun feel appreciated putting all those photos up, lol

  14. yeh, SC. You're right. Southern Thailand's food are definately nicer... and cheaper, and more authentic, and more spicy, and ... ok, i made my point. ^.^

    Tho, Bangkok is worth a go. Definately.

  15. nic .. chiang mai.. will cater for different type of thai food .ie nothern part :)

  16. ok lar ok lar....i'm feeling exceptionally generous today... i give you 10 thank you's lar... thank you thank you thank you tha.....(my fingers are tired already...)

    Man! do those meat balls look wicked!

  17. I love Bangkok too. I love Thai culture, Thai food, Thai girl, everything.
    Nicoe seems like enjoying the food the most, haha!

  18. Went to Hatyai with 11 other frens from uni...we managed to fit in 15 people into 1 tuk tuk when we went to the disco...Muahahaha!!! You should see us...

  19. Dammit. now I'm hungry. AGAIN.

  20. OMFG!!! All the food I love!

  21. your photos looks so good ! did you process it again after it's taken ? what camera do u use ?

  22. The bunnies are so cute!!! That is definitely an excellent idea to prepare presentable sunny side up :P Thanks for sharing great pix!

  23. hi nic., how abt showing us some pics of the rooms in the hostel ?

  24. I watched a sex show in Thailand many years ago when I was still underaged =X It was very... amusing.

  25. I would love to have a travel-mate like you who has the patience to bargain! I hate bargaining...

  26. Colorful thai foods,lovel cat and you are very good -looking. Thank for informative blog. By the way,I think that Kaosarn Road is good for young travelers like you. Around the street, there are a number of old buildings and temples, some of which have been transformed into restaurants and even tattoo parlours.