Haul from Hong Kong and HK Disneyland

So I got back from Disneyland over the weekend staying at the spectacular Hollywood hotel. Will be blogging about it soon.

Here are the things I bought from my weekend in HK and HKDL (stands for Hong Kong DisneyLand).

haul from HK Disneyland

I didn't expect I would buy so many!

Things in Hong Kong are so cheap! Max *heart*!

Here's a breakdown of my haul.

haul from disneyland

Four H&M dresses - two maxi dresses, one babydoll and one beach dress.
Have I mentioned how much I just adore H&M already?

Got a Biotherm Cleanser at RM56 ringgit. CHEAP! Though I have a full bottle but there's nothing wrong with stocking up one more since I do use the product. They're selling it here for RM80? RM90?

The sales lady at Sasa also convinced me to buy this Suisse Programme from Switzerland eye gel cream. It's for hydration and anti-wrinkle and comes at a steep price of RM150, should be even more expensive here in Malaysia.

suisse programme hydra solution eye gel cream

I heard a lot about Suisse but never used them before. Anyone can give some feedback on this brand?

Some Hong Kong friends I met told me they've stopped using Japan products because of the radiation, so I'm considering switching to European brand right after finishing my SK-II and Hada Labo.

Bought a Mickey magic hat that lights at night. lol.
And a Minnie sun-cap. I *heart* Minnie, more than any of the princess characters to be honest.

Some Disneyland keychains.


They're so cute! Comes at RM24 - RM40 per set.

I got for myself.

my hk disneyland keychain

And this for my bestie Wendy.

golden keychain

From HKDL I also bought this uber cute Chip & Dale umbrella.

dale umbrella

chip umbrella
two sides.

It's a tiny umbrella that can only fit one person in it, I think it's actually made for children. But who cares, I like it.

Popteen magazine. *love*


A coca-cola can for Wendy again to add to her mountaneous collection of coca-cola drinks all over the world through the time.

125 coke

I should blog about that one day.

Two boxes of Wing Wah's famous wife cakes. Yum.

I think I blogged about these biscuits/cakes before.

Another reason to love Hong Kong.

And lastly,

My Dear Diary Masks.

my dear diary masks

They're so cheap there!

And they're even cheaper in Taiwan.

I got two big boxes with 34 masks inside, and one small box with 10 masks inside. If I use it twice a week, this supply can last me for 10 months~! Muahahaha!

The big box sells for RM60 in HK, whereas they're selling for RM128 in Guardian, Malaysia.
Imagine that, an average of RM1.80 per piece! CHEAP!

Total damage: I rather not calculate. La~la~la~

Remember my Judith Leiber sunnies I bought?

Well I promised to post a photo of me wearing it, so here it is.

my in judith leiber


Nice or not, nice or not, nice or not? Tell me nice else don't say anything.



6 kissed Nicole

  1. u making me more excited on going to HKDL and shopping in HKG =) I am going next month July can't wait

  2. your judith leiber sunnies is really nice and it match you perfectly. =D

  3. Yeah. Things in Hong Kong is quite cheap, especially now that Ringgit is quite strong against USD, which HKD is pegged on. So, Ringgit is much stronger against HKD too now. My HK cousin sis introduced to me this makeup remover brand BioDerma which is very good. I use it to remove the hidden impurities after cleasing. Too bad Malaysia has not distributor of this brand.

  4. I have a question that I was hoping you could answer as it always amazed me!
    It seems that every blog written by a person living in Asia always has A LOT of traveling. And I mean traveling around Asia (also a lot of travelling to London!)
    How are Asians able to travel so much? I see that weekend getaways to other countries like Thailand, etc are really common…
    A lot of Asians have also been to Japan.
    Is traveling a lot cheaper in Asia? Are there any Asian “traveling secrets”?
    Please share! 

  5. becca: our secret is www.airasia.com and www.airasiax.com ;)