Flying to Hong Kong Disneyland Tomorrow!

I took this photo some time back. And only looking through my old entries did I remember that I ever had this photo.

Hong Kong Disneyland Wallpaper
I also made this into a wallpaper. You can download it here.

I cannot stress how much I love Disneyland. And even though I have been to ALL the Disneylands in the world; Paris, LA, Tokyo, HK (except for Disney World in Florida); I still make it a point to visit the theme park whenever I land in any of these cities.

And tomorrow I'm flying off to Hong Kong Disneyland, again!

all the hk disneyland tickets

In the mean time, you can read an old post here on HK Disneyland.

This weekend is going to be Magical!

Psst: I'll be staying, for the first time, in one of the Disneyland hotels.

Stay tune!


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