Sagrada Familia - Antoni Gaudí

Sagrada Familia is, without a doubt, the most impressive work of Antoni Gaudí's.

postcard of Sagrada Familia

Not only it is classified a UNESCO World Heritage Site (like many of his works), it has been proclaimed Basilica (by Pope Benedict XVI).

The architectural project was so massive, it was estimated to require one and a half century to complete its construction. And because the project only commenced in 1882,

you guessed it...

Sagrada Familia is STILL an on-going construction project.

sagrada familia under construction

Expected to complete in 2026 (gosh, I would be in my 40s then), it only passed mid-point construction just last year (2010).

Sagrada Familia 2

Indeed, Sagrada Familiar was Antoni Gaudí magnum opus.

Behind every sculpture, design, carving, tower, arch and pillar, there lies a story worth telling. So it's wise to spend a whole day at the Sagrada Familia when you have the chance to visit this grand temple.

entrance sculptures of sagrada familia

font metal door

encrypted code

If you're into architectural history and religious culture; rent a recorded audioguide and immerse yourself in the most amazing piece of art in Spain.

below sagrada familia 2

I began my tour in the market place (in front of the temple), where the Christmas spirit was roving through the city in hot wave.

christmas items at market

Everywhere I turned there was something christmas-y, something red and something jesus christ.


bark for sale, anyone?

If you arrive at the tourist hotspot of Sagrada Familia before 9:30am, you could skip most of the queues that would arrive 2 minutes later and save yourself two hours in the dead cold chills (or hot summer heat, depending on which season you visit) outside the entrance.

Pay your fee (12.50€, save 2€ if you're old, studying or a minor) and enter.

Finally, welcome to Sagrada Familia.
Or more formally known as Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família.

jesus on a pillar


joseph on door

beautiful sagrada familia stained glass

stained glass

colored pillar
colorful refraction within the temple

inside sagrada familia

praying session
magical service

construction inside Sagrada Familia
on-going construction

beautiful interior of Sagrada Familia

beautiful interior of Sagrada Familia 2

The Sagrada Familia was designed to have three grand façades - facing the East (Navity Façade), West (Passion Façade) and South (Glory Façade).

blue print of sagrada familia
blue print of Sagrada Familia

Glory Façade would be the grandest and largest façades of all which began construction in 2002 (view left of photo on the top).

Whereas the Navity Façade was the earliest to finish construction and hence the most heavily influenced of Gaudi's style.

undone entrance of sagrada familia
Navity Façade

And if you ever want to observe Antoni Gaudi at his best, this would be it.


Sagrada Familia high floor view

jesus story

The whole story of Jesus depicted on the arches.

teenage jesus preaching
teenage Jesus preaching

three kings

joseph and son jesus
Joseph and a young jesus

virgin mary and baby jesus
Virgin Mary and baby Jesus

fruits on top of towers
Fruits that symbolize tales


nicole and sagrada familia
And me!!

me in front of sagrada familia

Pay another small fee and take the lift up to the towers (the stairs down).

You can continue with more spiral stairs once you reach mid-way to the top.

narrow stairs
Round and round we go

small gate
mmm... a blocked stair, wonder where that leads to.

You'll be able to see Barcelona city on the way up. Though some argue that the mediocre view is not worth the price up.

view from atop sagrada familia

For me, it's the experience. Not the view.

cross and barcelona city

one tower of sagrada familia

twin towers of sagrada familia

barcelona city from sagrada familia

tired me taking photo on top of sagrada familia

barcelona city view from sagrada familia
you can view larger file here.

Barcelona City
view larger file here.

bullet like building
bullet-like building in the distance

view down the tower core
view down one of the towers

view up the tower core
view up

me climbind down stairs
walking down the stairs

vandalized wall
vandalized wall

dark and light
dark and light

spiral stairs

Finally, let me bring to Anthoni Gaudi's lab.

model entrance of sagrada familia
Model of the Passion Façade entrance.

anthoni gaudi's lab work

model interior of sagrada familia

how his ideas came about
his idea origin

Below are the three pictures of the progress of Sagrada Familia through the years.

year 1889 progress
Year 1889

year 1908 progress


And some of the things built for the temple.


confession rooms
confession room

Finally, the picture portrait of the famous architect.

anthoni gaudi portrait

Before you leave, don't forget to drop by another UNESCO site right in front of the basillica - School of Sagrada Familia.

school of sagrada familia

It's known for its curvy roofs, a modernism in the past.

school of sagrada familia 2

And thus, end the tour of the third work of Anthoni Gaudi - Sagrada Familia.

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  1. The pictures you took are amazing! It gives me a glimpse of the cathederal and its surrounding views.

    I've read the article of the Sagrada Familia in the Nat Geo magazine (Dec 2010 issue). Just that they didn't cover as much pictures as yours.

    If you are into the architecture and why it took so long to complete it, u should go and have a read at the Nat Geo article.

  2. The three men are not disciples lah. They are the Three Kings who paid a visit to Jesus on the day he was born.

  3. Hey DT, do you have a copy of the Nat Geo article? I would love to read it

    Thanks Lea for letting me know. Changed. :)

  4. No wonder everytime I saw my friends took pic with this building behind, I was wondering why keep got those construction behind. Now I know why!