Disney Character Dim Sum

Staying in Disneyland was so awesome!

I love the feeling of waking up in a theme park!! Nothing beats living in fantasy, except living in fantasy!

A week ago I checked into Disney’s Hollywood Hotel in Hong Kong Disneyland. It’s my first time staying in a Disneyland hotel, was super excited.

me and minnie in disney hotel

One of the best parts of living in Disneyland was to have your meals shaped like Disney characters!!

Mickey Dim Sum! Exclusive lunch only in Cyrstal Lotus.

mickey dim sum

The food was so precious it took every will in my body to take a bite!

Of course I couldn’t resist snapping like a million photos with the dim sums in Crystal Lotus.

piggy and alien pau
Little piggy ‘pao’ and the Alien from Toy Story!
Or as stated in the menu: Little Pig Barbecue Pork Bun & Little Green Men Pork and Vegetable Bun

eating piggy
Nom nom on little piggy

piggy ears
Playing with little piggy’s pink ears

alien pao
Green alien is a vegetable ‘pao’ – didn’t like the taste. But so cute!
Did you notice I pluck out the middle eye? Now it’s a normal two-eye alien.

cyclops alien pao
Now it’s a Cyclops alien!

I literally have to dissect the paos in order to really take a bite into them. It felt a bit carnivorous to eat them straight like that.

eyes and ears
Ears and eyes, and one antenna.

Near the end of the menu I was served a bear bear pao as dessert. It’s red bean paste inside.

bear bear pao
With Mickey jellies!
Menu: “Duffy” Steamed Lotus Red Bean Puree Bun & Chilled “Mickey’s” Red Bean Honey Pudding

bear bear on my head
Bear bear pao FTW!

This bear was so cute I felt like a mad killer eating it.

So I did a shoot imitating a mad killer, complete with crazy eyes.

stabbing bear bear pao

crazy eyes
Mad killer: “Muahahaha!”
Bear bear pao: “Help~!”

More photos of other food served and restaurant:

mickey soup
Double-boiled Chicken and Conpoy Soup in Petite Coconut

caramerilized pear with pork belly
Red-braised Pork Loin stuffed in Whole Chinese Pear

crab fried rice
Fried-rice with Tasmanian Crabmeat stuffed in Whole Crab Shell

golden crab

mickey jellies
Chilled “Mickey’s” Red Bean Honey Pudding

hk disneyland crystal lotus

crystal lotus menu

me in disneyland hotel lotus restaurant

More on my stay at Hong Kong Disneyland next!
Read the previous post here if you haven't. :)


5 kissed Nicole

  1. nice food, haha~
    it's like a collection ad~

  2. The food is so cute! Haih, imagine crafting all those so that people can chew it into mush. lol

  3. The pudding looks enticing.. it's been a long lapse since I last visited your blog.. well, u're still awesome!

  4. all hose cute little characters!!! indeed needed every will to take even a bite....