Fa-Fa-Fa Fashion

It's Monday and I'm too sleepy to do a long post right now. So I shall do it when I wake up.

In mean time, I want to share something awesome with you all.

I've been following this channel on Youtube called "type F"; it's mainly about fashion and make ups and tips and stuff.

But there's this special episodes called Fa-Fa-Fa Fashion hosted by Tyra Banks talking about, you know it, fashion.

I'm so totally in love with it since they first started.

Here are some of their videos.

The Little Black Dress:

The Jumpsuit:

The Stiletto:

The Bikini (my fav):

You can see Tyra in bikini again!

Basically Tyra and Andre go on the show to talk about tips to wear a chosen item. Some of the tips are really useful or just fun to listen to. I watched it mainly because Tyra is so funny in all of these videos. LOL.

There are like a total of 8 videos being uploaded now.



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